Sean spends the rest of his time in the library and the Room of Requirements. Because when he returns for the summer vacation, he will not be able to use his wand. He wanted to use his remaining time to practice.

The dummy was smashed into the wall in the room by a transparent force.

Sean withdrew his hand with satisfaction, and the process of borrowing the Obscurus’ power was faster than he had imagined. Although he could only borrow part of its power, the strength was not that bad.

Even if he is disarmed, he can still fight back with the Obscurus. In addition, he also has Dave and Naja.

Sean walked out of the Room of Requirement. Today is the end of the semester dinner, and the House Cup will be decided at that time. Before that, Sean had to make a trip to Newt’s office.

The pouch that Dumbledore gave him had limited space, and Sean was envious of Newt’s suitcase. When he carefully asked if he could help him with it, Newt agreed to it. Apparently, the Ministry of Magic’s ban on the Extension Charm didn’t work for Newt at all.

“Take this, Sean.” Newt handed a ring to Sean.

Sean took the ring suspiciously, which seemed to be made of silver with a blue gem in the middle.

Looking at Sean’s expression, Newt smiled, “Sean, you know. I have always regretted one thing.”

“Professor Scamander?”

Newt sighed and put his suitcase on the table. “I always regret it. Why didn’t I choose an eyeglasses case for it?”

Sean was dumbfounded.

“The Extension Charm Spell is much more magical than you might think. It can determine the object that was cast upon.” Newt spread his hands regretfully.

“I couldn’t cast a spell on items at that time, and I didn’t know how to change it. So, I found a suitcase and tried something with it. You can probably imagine what happened after that. There are more and more magical animals, and I put them here to allow me to take care of them easily. But, I kind of regretted that I didn’t pick something that’s easier to carry.”

Newt smiled at Sean, “Put it on, then rub the inside of the ring with your thumb and say, ‘Where are the Fantastic Beasts?'”

Sean put the ring on his index finger and rubbed it with his thumb, “Where are Fantastic Beasts?”

Sean saw that the gem on the ring moved like a mechanical part, and it became a big funnel. Sean didn’t even feel the weight of the funnel.

“I put some alchemy elements in it.” Newt looked very happy.

“That’s so cool.” He wanted to observe it fully but was hit on the head by something.


“Oh, watch out, Sean.” Newt pressed the funnel down, and the funnel became smaller.

“You can put it on the ground.” Newt squatted down and put the funnel on the ground. Sean rubbed his head and stretched out to take a look. “It would make a hole for you to go down, and there was a ladder inside for you to descend.”

“It’s great, Professor Scamander,” Sean couldn’t hold back his grin, then said embarrassedly, “but this is too much, Professor. I can’t just take this.”

Newt waved his hand, “It’s just something I have lying around since it was made by an alchemist I know. Might as well give it to you.”

He turned the funnel back into a ring again and handed it to Sean, “Take this as your pay for being my assistant; next semester, you still have to come to me once a week. When you’re away for the summer vacation, those guys are going to fight again, and I’ll have to find a way to calm them down without you.”

Looking at Newt, Sean couldn’t help laughing, and he finally took the ring, “Professor Scamander, thank you.”

Newt waved his hand and pointed again, “You have to prepare the contents inside by yourself, and when you get in, it will turn back into a ring by itself, so be careful with it.”

“I will, Professor.”

Sean was in a good mood, and at the dinner party at the end of the semester, he was even happier.

Dumbledore tapped the goblet with a smile on his face, and the noise in the hall calmed down.

“I am truly delighted to see your guys’ faces this year,” Dumbledore stood up, wearing a bright red robe today, “but before enjoying the dinner, I have something to say.”

Dumbledore continued, “First of all, let us thank the guests who have come from afar. The students of Nurmengard, the exchange program shows students’ ability contributes to the progression and learning process from two schools.”

The Nurmengard student stood up and bowed expressionlessly. Except for Dumbledore’s particularly warm applause, the applause from Hogwarts students was weak.

“As for the Hogwarts students, all of you have done well. This year, everyone has been doing well. Enjoy your summer vacation, as all of you deserve it. But remember that the new semester will start after that, and you’ll have to prepare for it.”

“And the next one is the House Cup.”

“In fourth place is Gryffindor with 392 points. The third is Hufflepuff, with 415 points. The second—” Dumbledore paused deliberately, seeing the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students tensed up, and he continued, “Is Slytherin with 439 points. And finally, the first place goes to Ravenclaw with 477 points.”

Ravenclaw students’ cheers rang through the hall at once; Sean was patted on the shoulder by many people. Hermione also received warm cheers, some were proud of what she had done lately.

Around the hall, blue and bronze ribbons fell, and the Ravenclaw flag fluttered. Professor Flitwick stood on the stool and shook hands with all the professors with a smile on his face. Snape, who had taken over as the Slytherin head of the house for half a semester, stood to show a reluctant smile.

Sean was celebrating with everyone and looked at the teachers’ table. Professor Dumbledore and Newt smiled at him simultaneously, while Snape didn’t even look at him but was looking coldly at Harry.

Under the giant flag, Sean and Hermione looked at each other and smiled even more happily.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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