Sean lay on the bed, and he shouldn’t be worrying about anything. He has not become an Obscurial but has reached a wonderful cooperative relationship with the Obscurus.

“Is it a blessing in disguise?” Sean muttered.

However, in the face of these things related to controlling this Obscurus’ power, learning dark magic quickly, absorbing negative thoughts, or attracting magical animals. Isn’t his ability getting more and more out of control?

His dark magic talent does give him the most useful benefit.

However, using dark magic frequently doesn’t benefit him in the long run. The sudden surge of violence made Sean be more careful about it. He can’t rely on his talent to constantly absorb negative emotions, and he definitely doesn’t want to become evil in the future.

After lying down for a while, Sean turned over again. He rummaged through the potions that Lily gave him and then took out a bottle. There is a light blue liquid in it. No matter how he shakes it, the bottle has no splash or fluctuation.

Mind Tranquilizer: It can effectively calm your restless thoughts and negative emotions. Take no more than one spoon and use it once every two weeks. Too much dose will cause the person to be too calm and suffer from memory loss.

Lily carefully marked the appropriate dosage for each potion. Sean glanced at it and then chose the smallest spoon in the bag, which she also prepared.

After carefully pouring out half a spoonful, Sean put it into his mouth.

It has a familiar sweet taste. This is something that Lily was able to do when brewing a potion. She will find a way to improve the taste of the potion without affecting the potion’s effect.

After consuming the potion, it quickly had an effect. Sean’s mind calmed down, and his body’s flow of magic power became calmer.

“This is nice.” Sean showed a satisfied smile.

Sean slept peacefully after taking the potion. After waking up, Dave told him there was no change in the Obscurus, which relieved Sean.

Looking out the window, it was already evening, and Sean walked out of the bedroom to go to the hall for dinner. As soon as he walked out of his room, he saw that Hermione was sitting alone in a chair.

“Good evening, Hermione.”

“Sean?” She stood up suddenly, “I haven’t seen you for two days. Where have you been?”

“Oh, Professor Dumbledore asked me to do something and I went out with him.” Sean replied with a smile.

Hearing that Dumbledore was with him, Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced at Sean helplessly and said angrily, “I thought you went out in the middle of the night to do something against the school rules again.”

“Please, Hermione. I’m a good student.” Sean spread his hands.

“By a good student, you mean to sneak out during the night to the point you were given a punishment that almost killed you?” Hermione sat back in her chair again.

“It was just an accident,” Sean sat next to her, “besides, I got a lot of points.”

“You also got a lot of deduction from Professor Snape.” Hermione replied.

“Snape’s deduction only depends on his mood. Harry deducted more than me.” Sean replied back.

Hermione glanced at him and finally decided to stop arguing with Sean. He didn’t talk much about it and changed the topic immediately.

She can now understand that Sean’s characteristic is partly due to the way he talks.

Sean casually leaned and asked, “Why are you confused?”

Hermione became gloomy, “Although I got an O in Potions, it’s not a perfect score. I misremembered such a simple thing, and there is something wrong in the preparation phase.”

Seeing that she was about to complain again, Sean interrupted her, “What about other subjects?”

Hermione glanced at him, “I got O on all of it.”

He suddenly stopped talking.

When the final exam results came out, Hermione took first place in her grade, followed by Sean.

The Nurmengard students stole first place in all grades except for the first year. They were obviously quite satisfied with the result, but Sean came out on top for the first year grade.

But at least he was in the second place.

But the Weasley twins did something to stir up the situation. It was rumored that Hermione Granger, who was ranked first, was Sean’s girlfriend.

Sean wanted to object, but Hermione said don’t bother with it. She has seen those Nurmengards unhappy for a long time. She doesn’t care about it as long as they can make them unhappy with rumors.

Sean could only shrug about the whole situation.

In the next morning, the Nurmengard students were even more unhappy when Sean received a package. It is an extremely beautiful broomstick, and Sean is being watched by everyone in the great hall while opening the package.

“Nimbus 2001?” Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team captain, Roger Davies, immediately came to him. His eyes were full of envy and admiration.

“Wallup, where did you get it? According to the Nimbus company announcement, the broom would only be available for the public next month!” Draco looked at Sean in disbelief, and he was jealous.

Sean shrugged. He picked up the card and glanced at it.

(Dear Sean, I think you still need a broom, even if you don’t play Quidditch. Like a wand, broomsticks are one of the things you should have in the wizarding world. So I decided to give you this broom, and I hope you like it.

Best regards, Sirius Black.)

Sirius’ connection seems quite big, and he can obtain a broom that has not been officially released to the public. Sean suspects that he paid a lot of money to get one.

The news that Sean received The Nimbus 2001 broomstick spread quickly. Sean was not very interested in Quidditch and did not expect everyone around him to be so enthusiastic about it. Throughout the day, people kept finding him, hoping to see what the Nimbus 2001 looked like.

Sean got a little bored and simply put the broom in the common room. Roger Davies stood on the side all the time. Even others who wanted to take a look had to stand behind a line. If they wanted to touch it, it should be no more than five seconds. If it’s more than that, Davies would scold them.

He got a promise from Sean that he could lend him the broom for a test flight next semester, which is why he would protect the Nimbus 2001 with his own life.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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