“Avada Kedavra.”

The green light hit, it trembled violently, and the black oily substance quickly turned into particles as if it had been boiled. The particles evaporated like water vapor under the blazing sun. However, after unconsciously casting the Killing Curse, Sean finally regained his thought.

Just now, a sudden violent thought surged up, and only killing intent was left in his mind. Under the control of that thought, he cast a Killing Curse as if it were his natural instinct. He is no stranger to this feeling, and he had felt this kind of feeling before in the Ashwinder incident.

He also experienced it twice when dealing with Nagini and Daisy. But Dumbledore was present at the time, and the potion he drank helped him a bit.

But this violent upsurge was different, and he couldn’t even control his actions.

Sean clenched his wand tightly, the scarlet color in his eyes only diminished slightly, and the violence continued to cross his mind.

In the yard, the Obscurus that had spread its body over the entire villa shrank, and its core flashed rapidly. It didn’t wait for Sean to suppress his emotions. It didn’t know what retreating was and rushed towards Sean.

Sean raised his wand again, “Avada Kedavra!”

The green light once again shattered a part of the Obscurus. When the Obscurus became crazier, Sean suppressed it again.

“The lethality of the Killing Curse comes from the caster itself. The violence in my mind had become the ‘fuel’ of the curse’s power.”

Sean narrowed his eyes and looked at the Obscurus. However, he didn’t know where the sudden violent thought came from or was accumulated from the violence he had experienced before. It seemed that it was like he vented out all of his emotions at once.

Before waiting for the Obscurus to gather its form and attack him again, Sean cast another Killing Curse at it, and the Obscurus has broken into parts again.

He could feel that the unreasonable violence was getting less and less violent. Most of the scarlet in Sean’s eyes faded, and he raised his wand again.

After casting several Killing Curses, his eyes turned back, and the negative emotions were used as the ‘fuel’ was no longer there. Only the Obscurus’ core was left, and Sean’s spell had destroyed those black oily substances.

Sean raised his wand and leaned towards the Obscurus carefully. It should be dead right now, but this one that snuck into his body looks very strong. In this short period of time, the black particles began to ooze out from the core slowly.

Sean immediately cast Acupunctinternus to interrupt the Obscurus regeneration.

Walking to the core, Sean saw that there was a transparent barrier like water shrouded outside the core, and the core flickered quickly.

“How did this thing get into my body?” Sean frowned.

The Obscurus and the host don’t create a mutualistic relationship but a parasitic relationship. The uncontrollable force of the Obscurus will continue to hurt the host. After the host dies, the Obscurus will also die.

This Obscurus is obviously the one that Dumbledore separated from Daisy, and he doesn’t seem to be infested directly right now. But Sean has a strange feeling.

He attracted this Obscurus, and he had a thought.

Is it because of his magic power? Moody said that the smell of dark magic in him is very strong but vague. Maybe because of that, the Obscurus was attracted to him.

Now the question is, how to deal with this Obscurus?

Sean looked at the core in front of him. The black particles began to ooze out from it, and it was obviously regenerating again.

Sean cast two Acupunctinterus in a row, but the core just trembled, and there was no sign of being destroyed.

“It has a huge source of magic power. While it sounds promising, it can’t be used.” Sean muttered in distress.

The core flickered quickly, trying to recover itself. Now it stopped, flickered, and slowly floated towards Sean. Without waiting for Sean to think, the Obscurus quickly became smaller and then disappeared in mid-air.

“Where did it g-.” Before he could finish his words, he was frozen in place.

He could feel a huge force entering his body.

“This…” Sean raised his hand in surprise.

He realized that he could actually borrow some of the Obscurus’ power. As if he was born with it, he instantly understood how to use the power of the Obscurus.

Sean raised his hand, and a layer of black particles oozed out from his hand. As he thought about it, the particles turned transparent.

He tried to push it forward, and a huge force spurted out, making a loud crash on a wall.

However, after studying for a while. Sean found that there were only a few he could do at present, and he only borrowed part of the Obscurus’ power. This seemed to be a compromise made between the two because he couldn’t beat him, and the Obscurus didn’t want to be killed by him.

If he wants to control the Obscurus as freely as Aurelius, then he needs to cooperate better with this Obscurus.


In the bedroom, Sean came back to his senses and looked at his watch.

“Not much had been passed.” Sean muttered.

He looked at the mirror again, and his eyes were clear.

Sean tried to summon the Obscurus. He could still control that power, but the power was much smaller. At the same time, at the very center of Sean’s pupils, there was a mass of black matter spun in front of it.

Sean nodded. It seemed that the strength would be greatly enhanced in his own world.

It seems that currently, it wasn’t much of a help from him, knowing that he could only exert the power in a small amount.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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