Sean was in a happy mood, sorted out his rewards, and comfortably put his hands behind his head. Sean was a little tired and slowly fell asleep.

After he fell asleep, a misty black particle slowly emerged from Sean’s body. It seemed to have life and wanted to escape from Sean. It suddenly retracted into Sean’s body, and Sean opened his eyes quickly.

He hadn’t fallen asleep yet when Dave’s thoughts came to his mind.

“There’s something hidden in your body. It’s dangerous!”

Sean immediately woke up. He looked at his body but found nothing unusual.

“Dave, what happened?”

“Black, like a burnt brain that’s been grounded into a powder. I saw it yesterday.” Dave used his usual thinking analogy.

Yesterday and black powder? Sean’s eyes widened. Isn’t that an Obscurus? The Obscurus is not completely eliminated but got into his body?

Sean quickly stood up from the bed. He took a closer look at himself and closed his eyes to feel it. However, whether it was an Obscurus or anything, Sean couldn’t notice it at all.

“Damn it.” Sean stood in front of a mirror. His face was rosy in the mirror, and everything was the same as before.

“What now?” Sean couldn’t understand at all.

Dave wouldn’t lie to him, but he had never heard that an Obscurus that was destroyed could be parasitic. This kind of parasitism is bad, especially if he didn’t notice it earlier.

Sean took out his wand.

“Lumos.” The tip of the wand glowed faintly, and his spell had not changed.

After the spell ended, Sean’s face became weird. Dave clearly sensed the danger, and it was in his body, but Sean couldn’t feel it at all.

“Huh?” Sean had been standing in front of the mirror and noticed some changes.


He leaned in front of the mirror and cast the spell again, and Sean saw that there seemed to be an extremely tiny vortex in the center of his blue eyes, and in the vortex, there was a mass of black matter twisting itself.

Sean recognized it immediately.

He looked at his pupils in the mirror, and the Obscurus suddenly moved, but darkness enveloped him before he could think about it.

“I’m here again.” Sean opened his eyes.

He returned to the empty island again. The sky here is still blue, and in the center of the empty island, the Wallup household stands quietly there.

Sean stretched out his hands and looked around. This time his attire had changed to his Hogwarts uniform, and his wand had not disappeared. But Dave and Naja aren’t with him.

“Strange…” Sean muttered and took out his wand.

Originally, he always thought this was his soul or spiritual world, but now it seems that there are other secrets here. Sean walked to the villa, he pushed the door in, and immediately raised his wand.

On the side of the yard, a black mass is above the swimming pool.

The moment Sean walked into the yard, the Obscurus’ red core flickered a few times and then rushed straight at him. A huge dark force enveloped the entire villa like a wave.

“Acupunctinternus!” Without any hesitation, Sean waved his wand, and the spell flew out from the tip of the wand.

The curse hit the Obscurus. Its red core flickered violently, and the layer of black matter was smashed away. Sean’s eyes lit up, and the strength of his spell was obviously far greater than before.

“Acupunctinternus!” Another curse was cast and then hit the Obscurus hard.

It trembled violently, and the black matter that wrapped its core swelled and started to attack him.

“Shit!” Sean cursed, and before he had time to utter a spell, he dodged the attack.

The black mass that stretched out hit the wall of the villa, but apart from the dull sound, the wall was unscathed.

Is the Obscurus unable to cause any harm? Or is it something special in this world?

At the same time, below the empty island, the magma boiled violently. In a place that Sean couldn’t see, another Obscurus was also floating in mid-air. But unlike the one he’s facing right now, this one was red, bigger, and crazier.

The red Obscurus is rampaging like a violent beast, but the magma keeps rising. As long as it touches the red Obscurus, it will probably die from it.

The magma slowly rose below the red Obscurus, and a huge figure appeared again. The giant-like Sean’s eyes were red, and magma flowed from his hair like a terrifying and powerful devil.

After the giant Sean appeared, the red Obscurus went crazy. It tried to attack, but after it was not enough to destroy the giant Sean, it trembled in pain instead. Giant Sean’s eyes showed satisfaction. He slowly raised his hand and grabbed it.

His palms seemed to have suction, the red Obscurus trembled constantly, and the power was instantly absorbed. The giant Sean didn’t do anything but hold the red Obscurus, and it shivered like a poor animal.

He squeezed the red Obscurus with some force. Then, the giant Sean opened his hands, took a deep breath, and showed a satisfied look on his face.

There was only one left remaining.

On the empty island, Sean used the buildings. All the buildings here were indestructible. Sean hid behind the wall and kept blocking the Obscurus’ attack.

“Acupunctinternus!” He hit the Obscurus again, but it didn’t seem to do anything other than make it more violent.

At this moment, uncontrollable violence rushed into Sean’s heart. He raised his wand slowly and chanted.

“Avada Kedavra.”

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Published On: August 27, 2023

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