Sean frowned. While he will get it a wrong scent or color, at least Snape would let him pass, right? He was confident with the written test, but if it’s a real brewing session, he has his own doubts.

Snape said coldly, “I must remind you that when brewing the swelling potion, you must turn off the heat three times and each time for more than a minute. Wallup, you will never get the perfect result if the things you do are not done correctly.”

Sean’s expression froze, and no one told him about this before.

Seeing his expression, Snape snorted disdainfully, “If the school hadn’t stopped me from lowering the bar, you’d never have gotten an O from me.”

Sean’s expression suddenly became strange. O is outstanding, which belongs to the best result in the grading. In Sean’s expectations, he’ll be fine if he can get an E, which is exceeding expectations.

Would someone like Snape really give an O to someone who always gives him punishment?

Snape said coldly, “Wallup, you’re lucky. But don’t think that a merciful O can make save you all the time.”

“I understand, Professor. I will study harder in the future.” Sean raised his head and replied quickly.

Snape slowly got up from behind the desk and he walked up to Sean. He slammed a notebook onto Sean’s chest.

“Professor?” Sean didn’t react for a while.

Snape put the book against Sean and said reluctance, “Take it.”

Sean flipped through it suspiciously and was surprised to find that this was actually a note. It’s filled with various tips for potion making and a more detailed analysis of various potions that are more detailed than the books he read.

Sean looked at him in disbelief.

Snape was obviously extremely dissatisfied with his expression, “Wallup, are you going to tell me that you can’t understand what’s inside?”

“No, professor. Are these your notes, Professor?”

Snape replied, “It’s yours now.”

Sean’s eyes light up.

“Don’t look like you’ve never seen the world, Wallup,” Snape said dismissively, “For some idiot who doesn’t understand the beauty of potions, you can read this and study them properly.”

He added, “That’s something I wrote in my early years, useless for me now. However, maybe you can find some knowledge in it to fill your brain.”

Sean has just glanced at the system panel.

[Snape’s Potions Notes (Gold).]

Snape was very displeased with Sean’s expression, put his hands behind his waist, and his robe flew quickly in the air.

“Is this for me, professor?” Sean asked cautiously.

“It’s not a gift. I’m lending you this.” Snape corrected his sentence.

“Is there any more? Like for the final exam. After all, I have no talent.”

“You fool.” Snape replied angrily, “If, with this note, the potion you brewed still doesn’t satisfy me, you should be drowned inside the cauldron.”

“I see, Professor.” Sean replied quickly.

He glanced at Snape and added, “Professor, Dai-. My friend’s sister is doing well now and has improved in the morning.”

However, Snape retorted, “I’m not your and your friend’s nanny. I don’t care about that. Now—get out of my office.”

“Okay, professor.” Sean grabbed the notebook and walked out.

After Sean left, Snape stood there for a long time until the wound on his arm was aching. He frowned and walked to the door. Pushing the wooden door hard, Snape took out his wand and chanted a spell to ensure that the door would not be pushed open.

Snape didn’t straighten his back anymore. He seemed to be completely relaxed and leaned back in the chair.

He let out a long breath.

After a while, Snape frowned again. He looked at the hardwood chair behind him, thought about it, took out a piece of paper, and wrote something on it.

(Ordering List: Velvet Upholstered Chair.)


Sean returned to his common room in a very good mood. He wanted to share his joy with others but couldn’t find Hermione after looking around for some time.

Sean went back to his room, changed his clothes, and lay on the bed.

Sean grinned, knowing this day he had gotten a lot of gifts. Not only potions with a wide range of uses. The phoenix feather that Dumbledore sent was a good thing, although he was a little puzzled about the experience of reaching into the flames that day and grabbing someone’s hand.

Sean can be sure that it must be a human hand. Could it be someone, a Maledictus in the form of a phoenix? But that doesn’t seem to make sense.

Sean did not forget that Dumbledore mentioned his sister Ariana. Dumbledore said that he couldn’t rescue her even until now. So this puts the possibility that Ariana is not dead but in some precarious situation.

No wonder Dumbledore was able to reconcile with Grindelwald. If Ariana had died, Dumbledore would have never contacted Grindelwald in the first place.

It’s just that Sean couldn’t know the situation Ariana was in, but he always felt that it had something to do with the Phoenix. Thinking about it carefully, he has never seen the real body of the Phoenix.

In addition to the Phoenix feather displayed by the system as golden quality, the other is Snape’s potion notes. Snape’s notes would be of great help to him in future studies.

Sean even felt that Snape had changed his emotion a bit.

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