The pouch seemed to be made of some fur, and when Sean opened it, there was much more space inside than it looked. Obviously, this is because of the Extension Charm.

What surprised Sean was that there were dozens of potions in it. Sean had never seen most of them. He took out a bottle and found that there were notes on the bottle.

Brain Refreshing Potion: It can greatly improve your brain stimulation, but it is not recommended to take it frequently. You can drink half a spoonful when you are studying. The next dose should be taken one week after you use it.

The writing was obviously handwritten, a slender and graceful font that Sean had never seen before. The same is true for other potions. Each bottle is written with detailed effects and how to use them. For potions that need special preservation, special instructions are also written.

Not only that but also all kinds of antidotes and healing potions are available. Each type is a big bottle full. At the very end of the bag, there was a dazzling phoenix tail feather, which was even brighter than what he had seen in Grindelwald’s office, and a card was placed under the feather.

(Dear Sean:

This is a gift to you from the Potters, the couple I am familiar with. Daisy’s life is the most precious thing to them, so precious that they are even worried about it. You don’t seem like someone who lacks Galleon. So, instead of giving you the gift in person, they asked me to pass it on.

Lily originally wanted to give you a bottle of Felix Felicis, but since it takes a long time to make one, she needed more time to make it. I think you can get it in the second semester.

Sirius’ gift will be sent to you tomorrow.

Not only that but there is also a card in the bag. As long as you bring the card, you can use all Potter’s hair care products on the market for the entirety of your lifetime for free. P.S.: I also got one. Should I consider dyeing my eyebrows a little darker?

You should be able to recognize that feather. This is a little gift from me. After all, you have always been so generous and kind, even though you’re a first-year student.

With this, you can summon a Dumbledore Family’s phoenix. While it may not be a lot, it should be useful. In addition, that feather can also be used as a core of a wand. According to Mr. Ollivander, it should have an amazing effect.

Oh, I’ve written so much without realizing it. Sorry if it gets smaller and smaller about my writing, Sean.)

Sean showed a smile, Dumbledore wrote all of his words in just one card, and the next few words seemed extremely small to the point it was barely unreadable.

(I’ll be busier when the Daisy thing is settled, not just because of that prophecy, but because of Hogwarts. Grindelwald and I both put half our legs into the grave, we fought for almost a century, and now it seems that Hogwarts is about to change.

It’s been a long and difficult process. Hopefully, I can make it.

Finally, Sean, you can trust Grindelwald as much as you trust me. But keep your secrets and don’t overstep yourself. Who knows that there are other things you cannot expect to happen.)

After reading this, Sean’s smile disappeared.

What does Dumbledore mean? Will Grindelwald do things that he did not intend to do? Or are there other dark wizards?

Sean turned it over and found that there were two more lines.

(I forgot that cards have two sides. I should’ve just written the other ones on this side rather than shrinking my quill to get my writing smaller and smaller. Perhaps I need that brain-stimulating potion that Lily made.

By the way, Sean, the Extension Charm needs approval from the Ministry of Magic to use. I suggest keeping it a secret or maybe changing it up to something else. You know what to do, right?

-Albus Dumbledore)

That’s all there is to it on the card. Sean glanced at the pouch and finally had a smile on his face.

He put everything away and looked at the main building of the castle. Dumbledore should have returned to his office.

Sean walked into the castle. He was suddenly looking forward to what would happen in the future. He also pondered what exactly did Dumbledore want him to do. What does it mean by Grindelwald’s behavior, and how should he get along with each other?

He can only sum it up as ‘Trust him, but not to trust him completely’.

Maybe act towards Grindelwald as he would act in front of Dumbledore?

Sean walked through the castle for a while and finally came to the basement level, not knowing what Snape was trying to do to him.

He knocked on the wooden door twice. The window above the wooden door was pulled open, Snape’s eyes flashed past, and the door was opened.

Sean stood at the door and didn’t go in, “Uh, Professor Dumbledore said that you’re looking for me.”

Snape still looked gloomy, and he looked down at Sean without speaking.

“Uh, professor?” Sean asked cautiously.

Snape turned quickly and walked into the office, “Come in.”

Sean reluctantly followed. He closed the wooden door and watched Snape lean over to look for something after he reached the desk.

He glanced at the entire office casually and found that the wooden shelves here seemed to have been moved. In the previous punishment, Sean picked the bad Flobberworm for most of the day and was impressed by Snape’s arrangement of his office.

Now, those specimens are gone, and the remaining glass jars are also some specimens that don’t look so bad.

“Wallup,” Snape straightened and said coldly, “Have you had any thoughts on the final exam?”

“Nothing, I guess? I thought I could do alright later.” Sean thought for a moment and replied uncertainly.

The potion exam is practical, but in Sean’s opinion, the requirement to pass the exam is to make a standard-quality potion. There is no way to fail the exam if he carefully studies it well later.

“You thought you could do alright later?” Snape narrowed his eyes, “Wallup, you seemed to be really laid-back about the things you have to face later on.”

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Published On: August 26, 2023

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