Sean didn’t panic and was experienced in dealing with this kind of stuff. The potion that he had been holding in his hand was quickly swallowed. This was the potion that Lily had prepared.

This is sweeter than Snape’s potion. However, this thought only lasted momentarily, and Sean’s thinking suddenly slowed.

Most of the animal’s natural instincts are cruel, violent, etc. After that emotion rushed into Sean’s mind, it slowed down along with his thinking. The red core flickered a few times at high speed, and then it became slower.

Opposite him, the trajectory of Dumbledore’s wand was getting faster and faster, and when the red light in the core subsided for a long time and then flickered again, his wand swung down hard.

The runes flickered violently, and a light suddenly appeared on the tip of Dumbledore’s wand. The light was like an extremely sharp sword. The moment it formed, the air around the light began to distort.

The light touched the Obscurus, and the line was instantly separated without any struggle.

Daisy let out a miserable cry and then fell on the bed without moving.

Tears welled up in Lily’s eyes at the corner of the wall. Except for the hand holding the wand, her entire body was shaken. But she didn’t move to hug her daughter. She still remembered Dumbledore’s words before the treatment.

After the line was cut off, the group fell into silence, but Sean still stared at it.

Dumbledore loosened the line and looked at Sean and the Obscurus with all his attention. It was not until the Obscurus completely subsided that he finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Moody walked in with his wand raised, observed it, and said, “Albus, this is just not an Obscurus separation. It has a mind, and we can’t let Wallup stare at it every day. “

Dumbledore glanced at Sean and said softly, “Is it possible that it is a new magical animal?”

Moody shook his head, “I know that Wallup has a natural attraction to magical animals, but this guy is different. The power that comes with an Obscurus will always provide negative emotions to the curse’s wildness.”

“He may be the first wizard in the world to subdue Obscurus, but letting Wallup come into contact with this thing, he will fall for it one day. Because it carries the same influence as using the Killing Curse every day.”

Dumbledore sighed, “Well, Alastor, can you do it?”

Moody nodded, and he took control of it with his wand and went outside.

“Longbottom, can you still move?”

“Of course, Alastor.” The voices of the Longbottoms came from the corridor.

Moody silently brought the mass into the air, and without Sean’s influence, it began to shake again. The three Aurors raised their wands at the same time and cast their spells at the same time.

There were no screams, and it exploded silently. Pieces of black ashes sprinkled throughout the entire area.

Dumbledore cast a barrier against the dazzling light and drifting ashes. He walked over to Daisy to observe and finally gave Lily a smile.

“It’s a success.” He said.

“Thank you…” Lily lay on James’ chest and sobbed.

“Why are you crying at this time?” James opened his eye, raised one hand, and patted his wife’s back.

Sirius just heard this sentence. He was stunned for a moment and then burst out laughing, knowing it had been a success.

A piece of ashes was hidden behind Sean’s back. It seemed to be attracted by him, and it gently pressed against Sean’s back. It drilled into his robe and disappeared without a trace.


“Well, the potion has a bad aftertaste.” Sean felt his throat warm, his thoughts gathered again, and then he opened his eyes with difficulty.

“Sean!” He felt himself being hugged tightly immediately.

“Harry, you’re pressing me like Hagrid.” Sean smiled and patted Harry, who was hugging him tightly.

“Thank you so much, Sean!” Harry let go of him with an irresistible joy on his face.

Seeing Sean wake up, everyone gathered around, and Lily hugged him. Her eyes were still a little red, but she couldn’t hide the joy on her face.

After being hugged by a bunch of people, Sean smiled and looked at the crowd, “How is she?”

“She’s alright. Now she’s resting, and we could celebrate it!” Sirius laughed and punched James, who was lying on the sofa.

“I’ll pass. I’m not feeling up for it.” James coughed, but he couldn’t hide the smile on his lips.

“Sorry, sorry,” Sirius was in a great mood. He walked over to Sean again and handed a glass of butterbeer, “Daisy just needs to keep taking her medicine, and she’ll be fine later.”

Sean took a sip of the butterbeer. He asked curiously, “How often does she need to drink the medicine?”

“Once a month, and there will be no complications,” Sirius said with a smile.

Sean smiled and nodded.

Professor Dumbledore seemed to have left beforehand, and the celebration in the house lasted a whole day. Sean did not return to Hogwarts at night but was staying in a bedroom.

The next day, Dumbledore came to pick him up. When he left, everyone in the Potter family hugged him. When Daisy was feeling okay, it was better not to tell her what had happened that day.

“Sean, you must come to play with me in the summer vacation.”

“If there is a chance, I will come.” Sean turned back and waved his hand with a smile.

He was then brought back to Hogwarts by Dumbledore.

“Sean, this is for you. By the way, Severus asked you to meet him later.” After returning to the castle, Dumbledore smiled after giving him a small pouch.

Sean scratched his head suspiciously as to why Snape was looking for him.

He opened the pouch Dumbledore had given him, and his eyes widened.

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