Hearing Daisy speak, Sean smiled, “Of course, you can.”

“However, I heard Harry say that Hogwarts sorts are based on each person’s character and talent.” Daisy spoke again, her voice was like a whisper, and there was a sense of weakness in it.

“It is, but I have some tips that can help you make your own choices during the sorting.” Sean walked a little closer to the bed.

In the wizarding world, their parents or older brothers and sisters will not tell them the specific situation of the sorting ceremony. Like Dumbledore said, he hopes every new student will remain curious.

However, Daisy’s situation is special, and Sean feels that it’s okay to tell her and deepen her expectations for the school.

Harry sat beside his sister’s bed, and he shook his eyebrows in a fuss, “Is there such a way? Sean, you didn’t tell me about it before.”

Sean winked at Daisy, “Your brother nearly fell nervously when he was in the sorting ceremony.”

“Hey, can you keep it a secret in front of her?!” Harry blushed a little.

Obviously, Daisy and Harry have a very close relationship. Seeing her brother’s deliberately funny look, she laughed, “You lied to me. You said you fought a troll.”

“I almost knocked out when I was fighting the troll. They are not easy to mess with,” Harry said solemnly.

They talked and laughed for a while, and Daisy looked at Sean again. She felt that the person in front of her was slightly better than her own brother.

“Mr Wallup.”

“Just call me Sean.” Sean said with a smile.

“Okay, Sean,” Daisy’s face flushed a little. Obviously, she rarely had contact with strangers, “What’s the secret?”

Sean folded his arms on her chest, “Let’s wait until the right moment, Daisy. I’ll tell you later when you really manage to go to school.”

“Really?” Daisy’s eyes sparkled.

“Of course.” Sean responded with a smile.

Daisy raised her eyebrows, but soon, she frowned again and said in a somber tone, “But knowing my situation. It’s difficult for me to enter school, you know. I could harm the others.”

“Daisy, you’re just ill. You’ll be fine when you’re cured.” Harry tucked one hand into his sleeve tighter.

Daisy noticed Harry’s movements keenly and curled up, “I didn’t even know you at that time.”

Sean thought silently about the moment when Daisy accidentally hurt Harry.

He smiled again, and then he walked to Harry’s side, “Well, that is indeed going to be a problem.”

“Sean!” Harry kicked him anxiously from under the bed.

Daisy lowered her head.

“Daisy, look at me.” Sean motioned to Harry not to worry, then looked at Daisy.

She hesitated for a moment and finally raised her head slowly. Her eyes were full of tears.

“What do you think of Professor Dumbledore?” He asked.

“Professor Dumbledore is very powerful,” Daisy sobbed, “He is also nice. Mom said that I must thank him well after I get better.”

Sean opened his hands, “Very powerful? He’s far more than that. Dumbledore is far beyond your imagination.”

Daisy is a little confused. She knows that Dumbledore is a very powerful person, but looking at Sean’s response, he seems to be even more powerful.

“You haven’t seen everything, Daisy! I’ll tell you more about it.” Sean looked solemn.

Sean’s storytelling skills have always been good. In his narration, Harry and Daisy were taken aback for a moment.

“In the end, Dumbledore rode a big bird burning with fire, trapping the evil wizard with a spell. Hogwarts Castle was shaking, and the armor and stone statues were moving under his spell. They bravely advanced and finally defeated the evil wizard. Dumbledore was soaring in the air with a faint smile on his face. His hands were dazzling in a light.”

By the time the story was told, Daisy was amazed, “That’s amazing!”

“Yeah, it was amazing.” Harry was also dumbfounded. He stayed behind the flame barrier for a long time that night. Did these things really happen outside?

Daisy looked back at him, “Harry, you’re so brave. I’m so proud of you.”

Harry scratched his head a little embarrassedly, smiled, and after enjoying his sister’s praise, he looked grateful to Sean. Looking at his response, Sean smiled back.

“Daisy, don’t worry. You just need to trust Professor Dumbledore later. I’ll be waiting for you on the Hogwarts Express.” He stretched out his hand to her.

Daisy took a deep breath, and the hope in her eyes grew more and more.

“Alright then!” She gave Sean a high-five with her cold and weak hand.

When Sean said goodbye to Daisy and walked out of the room, he saw that in the corridor outside, Dumbledore was standing by the window looking at the moon.

“The door is not closed. I heard your story, Sean.” Dumbledore looked a little embarrassed and spread his hands, “I didn’t even know I was that amazing.”

Sean smiled, “Professor Dumbledore, that’s how I saw you back then.”

“Thank you very much, but this kind of lie should be done less in the future.” Dumbledore smiled and shook his head.

“Well, it’s all just for her.” Sean resumed his serious expression.

“Of course, you did a good job. We’ll take care of the rest.”

Everyone else came up from the living room and pulled out their wands.

“Protego Horribilis”

After that, a transparent barrier gradually formed.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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