Sean didn’t expect that he would receive such a big greeting. He bowed and said softly, “I’m just doing my part, Mr and Mrs Potter.”

Dumbledore looked up and asked gently, “What should we do now?”

James looked serious, “After the last outbreak, Daisy was stable. Moody said, ” don’t worry for now, and Harry is talking to her.”

Moody took another gulp of wine, “Albus! Your approach is risky, and I have to do it if it doesn’t work. James, Lily, even in front of you, I must remind you that it’s my job.”

Both of their expressions darkened slightly, but they didn’t speak.

Dumbledore shook his head, “Alastor, I will not allow Daisy to become an animal. But if the plan succeeds, the Obscurus that comes from her body might run wild. It will not be like the others, and you must take action at that time.”

He looked at the others, “Including both of you.”

The Longbottoms nodded.

“Now, prepare according to the plan we made earlier. We will start when Daisy is most stable.”

As everyone was getting ready, Moody walked over to Sean, ​​”You’re Wallup?”

“Yes, sir.” Sean smiled politely at him.

Moody’s fake eyes rolled twice, and he showed a sinister smile, “Kid, you are exactly what Albus said.”

“What did Professor Dumbledore say?” Sean asked curiously.

“Having a scent of dark magic. I know one when I see one, Wallup.” Moody licked his lips, “If Albus hadn’t told me you received Riddle’s ‘gift’, I would have to stun you and send you to Azkaban instantly.”

“Well, I wouldn’t blame you as you’re just doing your job.” Sean laughed dryly.

Moody sniffed his nose and shook his face at Sean, saying, “This smell is familiar. I doubt it will like you even if it is harmless and quiet. Do you naturally attract dark forces?”

Sean was confused. He was only attracted to magical animals but never to dark magic.

“I don’t understand what you mean, sir.”

Moody sniffed hard again. The fake eyes moved in their sockets and had a confused expression.

“Hm.” He took a sip of wine, then patted him, “Maybe I’m just overthinking it, Wallup. But I sense the scent of dark magic within you. Of course, that’s because Riddle left something on you.”

“Sir, you mean I smell like an evil wizard?” Sean was a little confused.

“Yes,” Moody tried to give a smile, but the scars made it hideous, “I sent half of the prisoners to Azkaban myself, and those who continue to use those dark magic always have a scent on their bodies. I can always smell one.”

Sean was a little nervous. He absorbed Tom Riddle’s soul fragment. Even if Dumbledore and Grindelwald didn’t say it, would he be affected by it?

“Will this affect me in some way?”

Moody waved his hand, “No, while the smell is very strong, nothing’s going to happen. It will usually happen if you use it continuously. Riddle’s soul was smeared on you.”

Sean relieved.

After a few words with Moody, Dumbledore came over and said to Sean, “You could go and see Daisy first. It might help you later. Maybe she will develop some trust in you.”

“I understand, Professor.” Sean answered with a smile, then walked up to the second floor.

The corridor had no lights, and the long row of windows was firmly closed. All the curtains were put out, and the moonlight shone down the corridor.

In the end, Sean knocked on the door.

“Are you going to start?” It was Harry who opened the door. He was a bit shocked to see Sean at this moment.

“Sean, you here?!” Harry looked excited, but his voice remained low.

“I’m here just to give the others some emotional support,” Sean said with a smile.

“You can. By the way, are you here to see Daisy?”

“Yeah, is it okay for me to do that?”

“Of course. But Daisy is a little scared right now. I hope you don’t mind.”

Sean followed Harry inside, which was a large and crowded bedroom.

A room that was half the size of a living room was filled with all kinds of things. There were dolls she liked, fairy tale books, small toys, and candy that can be seen everywhere. A large bed was placed against the wall, and a girl was leaning on the head of the bed.

Her face was very pale, and her skin was so white that it was a bit transparent, and Sean could even see the veins in her arm. Her long, red hair was draped behind her, and her green eyes were clear and translucent.

Daisy Potter is a miniature version of her mother.

She looked at Sean curiously, shrank back at the same time, and her arms were also tugged into the blanket.

He said firmly and softly, “Daisy, this is a friend of mine, and his name is Sean.”

Sean smiled and gestured to her, “Nice to meet you, Miss Potter. I’m Sean Wallup.”

Daisy’s eyes flashed curiously. She didn’t speak, and she was a bit shy.

Sean came closer, keeping a distance that wasn’t rude or embarrassing, and smiled, “Are you going to school next year? I’m in the Ravenclaw house. If you join Ravenclaw, I will show you around the great things that are in Hogwarts.”

“Hey, Potters are meant to be Gryffindor.” Harry pretended to be irritated.

“Well, that’s up to her choice.” Sean smiled at her.

“Can I choose where I want to go?” Daisy finally spoke, and her voice was very weak.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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