The pale moonlight shone in the bedroom, and only Dumbledore’s small but clear voice echoed in Sean’s ears.

“I thought that the curse and Obscurus might be in a ‘competitive state’, which is a kind of conflict between the two. A kind of competition between the two magic powers, but recently I realized that I was wrong.”

Dumbledore took a deep breath, “Aurelius managed to control his Obscurus with my help. I found a way to suppress the Obscurus’ power temporarily, and Aurelius himself is special. He learned how to control it while under that pressure.”

“I’m proud of it. Although not all Obscurial is as special as Aurelius, at least I can give them a helping hand so that they can live a little longer and let them control their Obscurus so that it hurts less. That’s what I thought about it before, and that’s what I did to Daisy.”

Sean saw Dumbledore’s face full of regret.

“However, I was not aware of the nature of the blood curse. It carries the nature of an animal, and the suppressed Obscurus gradually perceives that consciousness as another host.”

Sean showed an expression of disbelief. The Obscurus combined with the blood curse?

Dumbledore’s next words confirmed his conjecture, “The Obscurus on Daisy’s body was divided into two parts, one was entangled in Daisy’s consciousness, and the other was the animal brought by the blood curse.”

“When Daisy transformed into another form, the Obscurus that was uncontrollable became even wilder. That could hurt Daisy herself, and she frantically wanted to destroy everything around her.”

Sean and Dumbledore fell silent together.

Sean said softly, looking at the old man, “Professor, it’s not your fault. If it wasn’t for your spell, her situation might go even worse.”

Dumbledore smiled, “You are very considerate, Sean. Lily said the same thing to me, but I can’t forgive myself. An old man who has studied magic for hundreds of years can’t even save a little girl.”

He lowered his head, “Sean, have I ever told you that I have a sister?”

Sean didn’t speak. He could hear the pain in Dumbledore’s tone.

“Her name is Ariana. Just like Daisy, she suffered some complications, and my brother couldn’t save her.”

Dumbledore looked up, and Sean saw a very complicated through the old man’s eyes, “I’m sorry to hear that, Professor.”

“No, Sean, you don’t need to be sorry,” Dumbledore rubbed his eyes, and he smiled again, “I’ve always thought that we need to learn to look at ourselves, and for mistakes we’ve made, we need to face them and correct them. “

He straightened up, “Before making up for that mistake, I have to fix the latest mistake.”

Dumbledore looked at Sean, “Can you help me?”

“Of course, Professor.”

The flames flared again in the air, and Dumbledore plunged his hand into the flames.

“Sean, let me your hand.”

Sean stretched out his hand, and he was a little confused. Dumbledore’s teleportation ability in Hogwarts obviously came from the Phoenix, but until now, he had never seen Phoenix’s real body.

He’s been to the principal’s office many times, and the perch there is always empty.

His hand grabbed the flame. Sean’s eyes widened and he subconsciously wanted to retract his palm.

“Don’t worry about it, Sean.” said Dumbledore.


“It’s a story for another day. Once Daisy can attend school normally, I might tell you about it.” Dumbledore smiled.

Sean paused. He glanced at the red flames. Just now, what he caught was not a phoenix tail feather but a warm and gentle hand. A warm feeling enveloped Sean, and the flames flashed. He and Dumbledore disappeared on the spot.

They teleported outside the school, and Dumbledore reached out, “Sean, you have never Apparated before, have you?”

“Yes, Professor.” Sean was still looking around. He wanted to see who had teleported them to outside the school.,

Dumbledore smiled, “Then you’d better hold on to me. It won’t be a pleasant experience. I almost threw up the first time I Apparated.”

Sean quickly grabbed Dumbledore’s hand.

After that, the surroundings suddenly became pitch black. It was as if he was being squeezed into a ball by a giant hand. There was intense pressure from all directions, and even his eyeballs seemed to be squishing inside his body.

It’s more inconvenient than the Portkey he experienced.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was already standing in front of a building. It was a tall, classic villa built on a hill. It looked gloomy even below the moonlight.

“St. Mungo won’t accept her because they can’t take care of her anymore. This is a house that Sirius’ uncle gave.” Dumbledore explained.

He knocked twice, and soon someone came to open the door.

“Professor,” Sirius opened the door, his expression serious, “is he here yet?”

Dumbledore moved, revealing Sean behind him.

“Sean, thank you very much for this time.” Sirius shook Sean’s hand firmly.

“Harry is my friend, so I’m just doing my best.” Sean smiled back at him.

Following Sirius into the house, many people were already standing in the living room. James Potter, who had seen him once, was standing by the fireplace, and beside him, a short and burly middle-aged man was talking.

The desk in the living room was used as a dispensing table. Lily was busy in front of the cauldron, and the round-faced couple watched the potion and said something.

Sean recognized them immediately. Both of them must be the Longbottoms.

In the corner of the fireplace, a man with a prosthetic arm was drinking, his face covered in scars, one normal eye small and the other a prosthetic eyeball that was strapped into something.

It must be Mad-Eye Moody.

As soon as a few people entered, Moody’s fake eyes rolled, and he stood with the others.

“Professor, you’re here.” James shook hands with Dumbledore and then said solemnly to Sean, “Sean, thank you very much for your time.”

Lily walked away from the cauldron, her face looked very pale, and her lips were dry from all the talking, “Thank you for coming, Sean.”

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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