Sean moved, trying to get up and put some distance between the two. But Snape stood motionless in the middle of the office. He heard something that he shouldn’t know and sighed in his heart.

Snape’s chest gradually subsided, and he slowly turned to look at Sean.

“Wallup,” Snape’s mouth twitched, but Sean could clearly hear the smirk he tucked between his teeth, “something wrong?”

“Professor, the side effects of the potion haven’t ended yet. What do you mean by that?” Sean tried his best to pretend to be confused.

Snape’s eyes turned colder, “Are you questioning my potion-making?”

Sean’s face froze.

“Wallup, you have a keen interest in all kinds of secrets,” Snape looked at him viciously, “but I am sure that Sirius had told you that before.”

Sean’s became more tense.

“I think I can understand why you like hanging out with the Potters. Cocky men always like to pair up.” Snape turned around and shook his robes violently.

Snape sat down, and Sean could even hear the hardwood stools creaking as he sat down.

“Always acted stupid and then claimed to be amazing at it,” Snape looked at him, emphasizing the word ‘stupid’, “so what does our great Mr. Wallup want now?”

He narrowed his eyes, “Continue to test the potion making of a potion professor?”

Sean quickly stood up, “I think I’m okay now.”

“Then leave if you have nothing better to do.” Snape said quietly.

“Very well, Professor.” Sean slid out of the office.

After he left, Snape sat there like a stone statue, and before long, he took a deep breath. Sean left the office, found Neville and Ron, and returned to his common room after telling them not to worry.

He lay on the poster bed, thinking about what happened today. Nagini needed to be calmed, and Snape’s mood also needed to be calmed.

According to Professor Dumbledore, although the curse on Nagini hasn’t completely disappeared, it can eventually be controlled. As long as she continues to take the medicine, she doesn’t have to worry that she will become an animal forever.

This is a good thing, but the situation on Daisy’s side will be more difficult. The coexistence of the curse and Obscurus may cause something unexpected. Professor Dumbledore said that he could only find a way to remove the curse first and then suppress the Obscurus.

The most worrying thing is that the process of removing the curse is inherently dangerous. If the Obscurus breaks at that time, it may cause very serious trouble, and Professor Dumbledore is looking for a better way.

With the condition that Daisy’s condition cannot deteriorate too quickly.

Sean thought for a moment and quickly fell asleep because he was very tired.


Sean woke up and let out a yawn. He looked at his watch. It was only four in the morning.

Someone opened the window in the common room, the cool night breeze caressed the curtains, and Sean subconsciously tugged at his collar. He involuntarily shivered when the wind blew.

Walking over and closing the window, Sean looked through the glass at the night sky. The Ravenclaw Tower is very tall. By just standing here, he felt that he is closer to the moon.

“Moon…” Sean muttered to himself, confusion flashing in his eyes.

He had a dream, and everything in the dream was so blurry that Sean couldn’t see anything clearly. But he could feel immense pressure. He could feel the warm liquid at the corners of his mouth and feel the breaths getting weaker from the creatures around him.

In a dream, only the moon is bright. There was a huge, hazy black shadow passing across the sky. Above him was the clear, bright, full moon that Sean was seeing now.

“What a strange dream.” Sean frowned.

Even though he had an uncomfortable dream and was very hungry, Sean still decided to go back to bed and take a nap. After all, he was tired from the day.

However, as soon as he turned around, he saw a golden red flame leaping in the middle of the common room, and Dumbledore came out of the fire.

“Professor?” Sean said.

“Shh.” Dumbledore put his finger to his lips, gestured, came closer, and said softly, “Sorry to interrupt your night, Sean. But this is urgent, and I wish I don’t have to ask you for it.”

“Like, now?”

Dumbledore had come to him at this time, was it related to Daisy’s condition?

Seeing his expression, Dumbledore nodded, “You guessed right. Daisy’s situation has suddenly worsened. I originally wanted to make more preparations, but now we have to act, and Sean, I need your help.”

“Of course, but isn’t Daisy not in her animal form?” Sean asked.

Nagini had been a snake for decades, so she had to suppress her wild nature, but Daisy shouldn’t be at this level yet.

“Yes, but the wildness brought about by the curse penetrates deep into her soul, not to mention—” Dumbledore showed a serious expression, “There has never been a curse, and Obscurus existed at the same time. As for the curse eroding its soul, I haven’t come to a complete conclusion yet.”

“But—” Dumbledore’s voice grew heavier, “The reason Daisy’s situation is so bad is probably because the curse also erodes the Obscurus.”

“Erosion?” Sean’s eyes widened, “Professor Scamander told me that Obscurus themselves are a form unconscious, and they tend to disappear with the death of the host.”

“But, don’t forget, the curse brings another consciousness, which belongs to an animal.” The moonlight from the window shone on Dumbledore’s face, and Sean could even see his entire face.

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Published On: August 22, 2023

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