“How are you, Sean?”

Sean felt his throat heat up, and the thoughts that had come from her returned to his head again. He opened his eyes and found Sirius looking at him with concern. Beside him, Snape’s hands were still slightly shaking, and he was plugging a bottle with a cork.

“Sean, how does that potion taste?” Sirius laughed when he saw that he had regained consciousness.

Snape said sarcastically, “You’re too slow, Wallup.”

“Enough, Severus. Sean’s reaction was quite fast. I dare say. When James faced the Golden Snitch back then…”

Snape suddenly became angry. He interrupted Sirius harshly, “Shut up, I’m talking to my student.”

Sirius showed a dissatisfied expression. He wanted to say something strange, but his expression softened after looking at Snape’s arm, and he finally pouted, “Forget it, let’s not talk about it now.”

Sean shook his head and noticed that Sirius and Snape looked to have some chemistry. It seems that twenty years ago, what happened between them was different from what he thought.

However, he should talk about this later. He looked at the center of the room, where Dumbledore was crouching.

“How is Nagini?”

Sirius had a smile all over his face, “Oh, Professor Dumbledore said that lifting the blood curse worked, but I don’t know.”

“I just don’t know when she’s going to wake up. But good job, Sean.” Dumbledore’s voice sounded.

He straightened up, and Sean saw that Nagini was still in snake form at his feet.

“Then what about her?” Sean asked suspiciously.

“As long as she’s awake, she can change back on her own.”

Just as Dumbledore’s words finished, Nagini slowly moved her tail. Soon after, Sean saw her spun from the center, and a woman wearing a broken corset dress appeared.

“Welcome back, Nagini.” Dumbledore turned around and showed a smile.

Nagini still had confusion in her eyes. She knelt down on the ground and raised her hands tremblingly. She looked at her hands carefully, and her lips trembled.

“I—” Nagini looked at Dumbledore, “Are you, Dumbledore?”

“Even though I’m old right now, you still remember me, Nagini.” Dumbledore crouched down, and with a flick of his wand, Nagini’s dress returned to its original shape.

“I don’t remember anything…” Nagini looked very weak and emotionally unstable.

Once the Maledictus turned into an animal, they would have no memory of their transformation.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Nagini. What matters is that you are back.” Dumbledore helps Nagini.

“Now, you need to rest.”

Nagini shook her head. Her pale lips only had an unhealthy tint of red and black in the middle.

“Even when I became a snake in all these years, Dumbledore. I still remember how you looked when you were young.”

Dumbledore looked at her and finally nodded slightly.

Nagini showed an expression of pain. She grabbed her head and kept shaking, “I don’t want to…”

Dumbledore moved his wand, Nagini’s hand fell, and she immediately fell asleep.

“Poor her. She needs to calm down first.” Dumbledore waved his hand in the air, and a flash of fire flashed, “We have to get her to the hospital.”

Soon, Nagini was taken to the hospital by Professor McGonagall, and in Snape’s office, Sean was looking at Sirius and Snape. Professor Dumbledore said that Nagini’s curse had not completely disappeared, and they still needed to take some further action.

In the office, only Sirius, Snape, and Sean were left. The potion’s effect had not completely disappeared, and he had to drink one again.

“Severus, I have to admit. You really are a potions genius, you know. Lily took a long time…”

Snape glanced at him angrily and said bluntly, “She has better things to do in life, and why do you even bring this up?”

Sirius leaned lazily against the wall, tapped the large glass jar in which the specimens were soaked, and said casually, “We haven’t seen each other in years since you and James parted.”

Snape’s lips trembled even more, and he even took out his wand, “Sirius, are you now pretending to be the good person again? Your filthy and disgusting posture has never changed one bit.”

Sirius had just flicked the tip of Snape’s wand with his fingers, and he shrugged, “I still haven’t changed my opinion. You made a mistake, and so does him, but he…”

“But he what?” Snape’s voice was cold.

Sirius continued, “Originally—they wanted you to be Daisy’s godfather. Have you seen her? You don’t even know how beautiful she is.”

Snape’s wand tip sent a spell directly, hitting Sirius hard.

“That’s a shame.” Sirius was slammed hard against the wall. He uttered a curse word, immediately took out his staff, and attacked back.

Fortunately, the two of them still had some sanity, and the spells they used were not lethal. But even so, when the two started quarreling, something sparks between the two.

Sirius looked really annoyed. He raised his voice, “Severus, you’re acting like a child. James and Lily—”

“Shut your mouth. You’re not in charge of teaching me what’s right or wrong.” Snape interrupted him. His face was devoid of any expression.

His wand raised even higher, “Sirius, you don’t have the qualifications to teach to me. Now zip your mouth and go back and tell him, that arrogant person, that my debt to him has been paid.”

Snape lifted his chin slightly, his injured arm still shaking slightly.

A complicated look flashed across Sirius’ eyes. After taking a deep breath, he nodded at Sean, then walked out. Silence returned to the office, and Snape stood there, his wand slowly lowered.

He seemed to be talking to Sirius, who was leaving and also seemed to be talking to himself.

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Published On: August 22, 2023

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