Sean saw that Nagini’s original body was visibly withered, and her brown-black body changed as if deflated. Nagini let out a sharp and painful hiss, and she tried frantically to twist her body, but she was completely immobile under Dumbledore’s spell.

Her breath is getting weaker and weaker, and her pupils are also covered with a misty pale. Sirius immediately took out his wand. Dumbledore seemed to have told him the method before. He used the tip of his wand to outline a trace, and the rune symbols flickered.

Nagini’s rapidly dissipating vitality was forcibly restrained. Dumbledore nodded, and Snape stepped forward and poured the potion into Nagini’s mouth.

Sean held his breath involuntarily.

The potion seemed to have something. Almost instantly, Nagini’s shriveled skin and body suddenly rose up. No matter how smooth it was, irregular bumps appeared on the snake skin everywhere.

Nagini screamed in pain. The hissing sound was like a red-hot iron put into cold water, and she kept on screaming. Everyone looked nervously at what was happening in front of them. For the first time, Snape’s eyes lost their ruthlessness.

The bulging bubbles on the snake skin continued to appear and subside. Nagini’s body began to exude a mist slowly. The mist left the body and was immediately closed under Dumbledore’s wand and then put into a crystal container.

Nagini is still struggling in pain. After the rune symbol was activated, Dumbledore’s spell to suppress Nagini lost its effect. She was rolling frantically, and the bubbles bulging were a lot. She kept moving, but no blood flowed out of it.

As more and more mist came out, Nagini’s movements became slower and slower, and finally, it lay on the ground as if dead, and she turned into a tattered sack.

Snape looked serious. He brought another glass tube slightly smaller than before and continued to pour the potion into Nagini’s mouth.

Nagini struggled again in pain. The glass tube Snape brought got smaller and smaller, and he poured Nagini the potion again and again.

“The curse is still there, but she may not be able to hold it.” Snape took the potion for the last time and then looked at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore nodded, and Snape started to hold down Nagini’s head. She was struggling with pain, and Snape put a few drops of potion into her with a dropper.

Unexpectedly, as the potion dripped in, Nagini used her last strength to turn her head and bite Snape’s arm fiercely.

“Severus!” To Sean’s surprise, it was Sirius who shouted first.

“Focus, Sirius!” Snape shouted back at Sirius.

His brows trembled, and his lips turned white. Snape withdrew from her. Then he cast a spell on himself, took out another bottle of antidote, and drank it.

After this time, Nagini struggled less and less until she lost her strength. She lay on the ground. Her eyes were pale as if she had completely lost her life. Sirius still maintains his spell, but he shows a concerned look.

Sirius glanced at Snape and then at Dumbledore, who had been silent for a while. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he closed his mouth. Dumbledore has been watching all this quietly. The bottle beside him has been filled with mist.

After Nagini finally stopped moving, he seemed to be exhausted.

Snape briefly dealt with his wound and then turned his attention back to Nagini. His breathing became increasingly rapid, and the look in his eyes became increasingly dim.

Sean lowered his head with a heavy heart.

An extremely weak voice suddenly sounded in the room, and Nagini, who was originally motionless, tried to hiss.

Snape immediately shouted, “It works!”

Dumbledore waved his wand without waiting anymore, and the clean blood that had been kept in Snape’s office rose into the air and plunged into Nagini’s body at once. Her shriveled body and skin gradually became plump.

“Sean, now!” Dumbledore shouted.

Sean immediately approached Nagini, and as soon as he entered the line of vision, he felt a bit scared. A surge of energy surged and fell into a state of focus. Thoughts flashed in his mind. He squatted down and met Nagini’s confused eyes.

“Calm down, calm down.” he kept thinking in his heart.

Sean was surprised to find that he felt emotions in Nagini. They are entangled together and seem to be fighting for something.

An emotion is a sadness and pain, which seems to come from Nagini’s human soul, entangled with that wildness and felt by Sean simultaneously. Another emotion carries the wildness and brutality of animals. Sean immediately focused his attention on the wildness.

He succeeded, just like how he calmed the animals affected at the Forbidden Forest. The violence was transferred to Sean’s heart.

He doesn’t know if it was the influence of the blood curse or Nagini’s characteristics. Just as the mood shifted, Sean’s eyes instantly turned blood red, and the anger emanating from her heart that she once felt flooded into his heart.

“Drink your potion, Wallup!” Snape’s voice can be heard.

With a trace of clarity left, Sean immediately drank the potion he had been holding in his hand. The potion had no smell. After sliding down his throat, the red in Sean’s eyes disappeared, and he calmed down.

He felt that his thinking seemed to be slow, and his mind became empty. He turned his head unconsciously and happened to be in front of the Mirror of Erised.

In the mirror, the grown-up Sean’s eyes were still red, the corners of his mouth were stained with blood, and he showed a smile.

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Published On: August 21, 2023

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