“The Obscurus broke out uncontrollably yesterday,” Sirius rubbed his sleeves heavily, “This is the first time she doesn’t know me anymore. “


Dumbledore’s expression became more solemn.


“Professor, although no one wants this to happen, the fact is that the blood curse and the Obscurus’ coexistence caused all of this.” Sirius put down his sleeves, his voice solemn and sad.


“When both are not under Daisy’s control, The Obscurus becomes an irrational dark force. The spell you left behind can only hinder its outbreak, but the blood curse itself suppresses Daisy.”


Snape’s breathing became much more rapid, and his eyes became more gloomy.


Dumbledore thought for a while and finally said, “It’s earlier than I expected. We must not waste any more time.”


He looked at Sean, “We’ll have to try it. I need you to influence Nagini later.”


Sean nodded first and then said, “Professor, I can only appease the souls that belong to animals. But you said that while Nagini’s soul is cursed, she is still a human being in essence.”


“That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t influence Nagini in some way,” Dumbledore explained, “when the potion works, the wildness of the curse will explode in full force, like a beast that was about to die. It will struggle, and at that time, you will be needed.”


Snape took a step forward and handed over a bottle of medicine.


“That wildness may have an impact on your heart, and you need to drink this potion.” His voice did not change, and he even frowned slightly.


When Sean took the potion, he found that the bottle was a little damp.


Snape’s hand was quickly retracted into his robe, and he squeezed his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his hand. He walked towards the dispensing room.


A few people walked into the dispensing room, and Sean saw that Nagini had already woken up, but she seemed to be fed something. She looked a little weak, and her consciousness was not very clear.


In the middle of the room is a huge mirror, the Mirror of Erised. Dumbledore walked to the magic mirror and took out something which contained golden powder.


Snape handed over a test tube containing blood, “The blood has just been drawn, and the magic power of the blood curse has been completely emptied.”


Dumbledore nodded. He put his little finger into the test tube and then quickly smeared a layer of gold dust on his fingertips. Sean saw that the gold powder on his fingers was peeling off layer by layer, and the blood mushed together with the dust.


A symbol appeared in the air. It flashed for a moment and then disappeared.


It seems like a rune. The appearance of that symbol looked familiar, and Sean seemed to have seen it in a copy of the “Explanation of Ancient Runes” that Hermione bought.


Dumbledore repeated the action and stopped when the seventh symbol flashed and disappeared.


The old man sighed lightly and then explained to Sean, “Sean, your idea of ​​changing blood is very good. Although the magic in the blood curse is not so easy to solve, I still find a way to do so.”


“I will draw out the blood from Nagini’s body, which will weaken the power of the blood curse. Then, the potion prepared by Severus will shock the remaining magic.”


He pointed to the Mirror of Erised, “At the same time, the mirror will help Nagini to see what is in her heart, which may help her resist her wildness. At this time, the runes below are about to start working. It’s an ancient magic. While it may seem cumbersome, I think this should work now.”


“It can maintain the vitality of Nagini’s blood and simultaneously suppress all the magic power, including the magic of the blood curse.”


Sean nodded, is the ancient magic learned through runes that powerful?


Looking at Sean’s curious eyes, Dumbledore smiled gently, “Runes is a bit difficult for you now, but I can teach you a little bit of basic knowledge when I have the time.”


“I can’t thank you enough, Professor.” Sean replied quickly as if he was worried that Dumbledore would be distracted now.


He looked at Snape and Sirius, “Severus, we will start with the predetermined dose, and then you need to decide how much to increase.”


“Sirius, Nagini needs you to input magic power to maintain her state.”


Snape and Sirius nodded at the same time. Snape’s face froze, he seemed to be very annoyed by the two, and Sirius spread his hands.


“Professor, what about me?” Sean asked.


Dumbledore pulled a chair and sat down. The chair in Snape’s office seemed to make him a little uncomfortable. He moved his hips and said, “I’ll tell you when it’s time. Oh, Severus, you should really change your chair. I could give you some money to buy a new one.”


“Don’t worry about it, Principal.” Snape replied bluntly, turned, and returned to the dispensing table, where the potion was still bubbling in the cauldron.


Dumbledore and Sean looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. After Snape filled the potions in tubes of different sizes, Dumbledore waved his wand. Nagini slowly floated in front of the Mirror of Erised.


Although consciousness and action were slow, Nagini became irritable until she saw the Mirror of Erised. The scene in the mirror is very strange. It is a huge snake. Its belly is bulging. It is lying in a cave.


Above the snake, a figure appeared that was Nagini’s true appearance. A beautiful woman, she stood there quietly with a smile on her face. The picture in the mirror began to twist, and the snake moved, and it was crawling toward Nagini.


“Sirius.” Dumbledore said quickly with a heavy expression on his face.


Sean saw that he had raised his wand. The red and black blood was drawn from Nagini’s body, and she trembled wildly.

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Published On: August 21, 2023

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