After the exam, Hermione said, “It’s easier than I thought. I thought I was going to memorize the “Werewolf Code of Conduct in 1637″.”

They went outside in Black Lake. They lay down lazily under the tree beside them. Sean narrowed his eyes happily while talking with Hermione, who was still reviewing the exam content. The weather in Scotland is the only one that can be considered pleasant.

“Sean, can you do me a favor?” A voice came from behind. It was the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan.

“Huh?” Sean hummed lazily.

He doesn’t know if it was Fred or George who came up to him, his fiery red hair gleaming in the sun, “Sean, we know you have a knack for magical animals. Can you help me tame something?”

“Sorry, it will become mine if I tame it. The little guys in the pet store are all trained. You need to buy it and get along with it,” Sean said.

“But, there’s none in the pet store.” Another red-haired figure came up with a distressed expression.

Sean turned his head suspiciously, and the Weasley twins’ eyes glowed with excitement.

“That guy.” The two stretched out their hands in unison.

Sean turned his head and saw a huge squid basking in the sun in the shallow waters of the Black Lake.

“Sean, don’t you think that guy is cool?!”

“Not at all!” Hermione spoke before Sean, frowning, “That’s dangerous! Besides, squid are not magical animals!”

The Weasley twins spread their hands simultaneously: “Hermione, you’re too easy on Sean.”

“That’s right. Sean is the one who defeated that wizard’s evil plan!”

“Even the Nurmengard students avoided him when they saw him.”

“Some even want to lick his shoes.”

“Come on, Hermione. I know both of you are having a good time right now.”

“That’s right. Do you need us to teach you guys something about dating?”

Fred and George looked at them, which suddenly made Hermione’s face turn red.

“Okay, guys.” Sean stopped the Weasley twins, then smiled at Hermione again, “They’re just joking.”

He looked at the big squid curiously. In fact, Sean was also very curious. Is that one a magical animal?

However, he had just walked to the lake surrounded by the Weasley twins and Jordan. After the big squid swayed its tentacles lazily, it dived into the lake and disappeared.

“Ah.” The other three made a disappointed voice in unison.

Sean shrugged, “Guys, I tried my best, but it looks like this squid is not interested in you guys.”

“Well, alright then, that’s a bummer.”

Hermione looked at them by the lake. The blush on her face had not disappeared. She mumbled, “Childish.”

While they were joking around, Ron and Neville ran over quickly.

“Hey, Sean! Come here.” They greeted.

“What’s the matter? Where’s Harry?” Sean walked to the two of them.

Ron looked a little anxious, “Harry just received a letter, and he went straight to the professor’s office.”

Neville also added, “He didn’t even attend the year-end dinner. He just gone like that.”

“Gone?” Sean frowned, “Is it because of Daisy?”

Neville nodded, “It’s very possible that Harry was the reason, to the point he didn’t even have the time to tell us what happened.”

Judging from the behavior of Snape and Dumbledore, Daisy’s situation may not be good.

“Sean, you are very familiar with Professor Dumbledore. Can you help us to ask how the situation is at Harry’s house?” Ron showed a worried expression, “His expression changed drastically, and both of us were worried.”

Sean pondered for a while, then agreed, “I’ll try.”

However, before he could find him in the principal’s office, Dumbledore took the initiative to find him.

(Sean, come to me later when the exam is over.) Charlotte was the one who brought Dumbledore’s message.

He hurried to Snape’s office. Sean knocked on the door, but there was no response inside. When Sean thought they weren’t there, the wooden door opened itself.

“Come in, Wallup.” Snape’s voice sounded mixed with gloom and anger.

Sean pushed open the door, walked in, and saw the two facing each other in the office.

On one side was Snape, whose face was extremely gloomy, and on the other was a man he had seen before.

It’s Sirius Black.

Neither of them looked at Sean right away. They looked at each other without any hesitation. Sirius turned his head first.

He was much more enthusiastic than last time, “Hello, Sean. It’s nice to see you again. Do you remember me?”

“Of course, sir. You’re Harry’s godfather.” Sean nodded and shook hands with Sirius.

“I’ve heard Professor Dumbledore say this before, I need your help this time.” Sirius’ expression revealed sincerity, and Sean could even see something in his eyes.

Sean shook his head, “It’s nothing. Harry is my good friend. Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape is the one that-“

“Wallup.” Snape interrupted him, “You’re here to complete a task, not—communicate.”

Unexpectedly, what Sean expected was that Sirius would confront Snape. But he just glanced at him and stood aside.

Inside the office, the atmosphere fell silent again.

Sean laughed dryly and broke the silence, “Where’s Professor Dumbledore? He called me here. What do I need to do?”

“Sorry for keeping you all waiting,” Sean’s words were like a summoning spell. Dumbledore pushed open the door and walked in, “Sean, I didn’t expect you to come so quickly.”

He looked at Sirius again, “Sirius, long time no see, but to be honest, I thought Remus would also come over.”

Sirius and Dumbledore hugged, “Long time no see you too, Professor. Remus did plan on coming here, but he had trouble on the way out.”

“Oh, right. I forgot.” Dumbledore replied.

“Obviously, I’m the only one left available, although…” Sirius shrugged and hesitated.

Dumbledore nodded and asked in a deep voice, “How is it?”

Sirius’ expression became serious. He shook his head, “Daisy’s situation is not optimistic now.”

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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