As the exam approached, the noise in the castle suddenly calmed down a lot, but there was still a crowded atmosphere.

Because in Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Dumbledore announced something, and the Nurmengard students will take the exam together.

Dumbledore couldn’t find a professor who could temporarily teach in the class. Because of it, he had to teach the rest of the class in person. Fortunately, there were not many sessions left.

However, the students were a little disappointed. Dumbledore’s courses were far less interesting than they thought they would be. The old man could only be said to be quite satisfactory in the course, better than Quirrell, but in terms of expectations, he was not as good as Tom.

Only Sean knew why because Snape had been quieter in the potions class recently, and he wouldn’t even taunt Harry for not correctly holding the silver knife.

During this period of time, Dumbledore and Snape spent almost all their energy on the research. When he came back from the Owl Shack, he happened to meet Professor Dumbledore and learned why they have been so busy lately.

“Good afternoon, Professor.” Sean greeted.

Dumbledore didn’t even notice Sean at first. His face was full of exhaustion, “Oh, Sean. It’s nice to see you here.”

“Professor, have you been too busy recently?” Sean asked with concern.

Dumbledore sighed in distress, “Sean, I have to say, doing two very important things at the same time is tiring, but it never stopped.”

Sean knew that the two things Dumbledore said were the blood curse and Obscurial. Because after he received a letter from Harry’s family, his whole state became a lot more decadent. Many times, he was even anxious about not being able to complete the research.

It seems that Daisy’s condition is getting better lately.

There was a huge package flying in front of Dumbledore. He and Sean walked out of the owl shack with a smile, “I even regret giving Severus this task. He came to my office more than three times a day just for it.”

Although he doesn’t know what happened between them and how Dumbledore persuaded Snape to rescue James and Lily’s daughter, it is clear that Dumbledore had convinced his heart to do so.

“Sean, Severus, and I probably have a solution after the exam. At that time, we still need your help.” Dumbledore said when the two separated.

“Of course, Professor.”

“Thank you, I hope you can achieve your goal.” Leaving this sentence, Dumbledore opened the huge package and left.

Sean stood on the spot and scratched his head. He always felt that the old man had something to say.

After Dumbledore announced that Nurmengard would take the exam at the same time, the atmosphere in Hogwarts became even hotter. Although the results will not be made public, competition is inevitable.

Everyone, even the Gryffindors, did not relax, even more so for the Nurmengard students.

They were all holding their breath. They were beaten at the dueling club. The professor of their school was a dark wizard who tried to steal Hogwarts’ treasures. Even he was defeated by a first-year student.

After such a long academic exchange, the Nurmengards are so in a bad situation. Their pride and self-confidence have been held down lately by the events that are happening throughout the semester.

At least now, they should dominate the ranks in the exams.

The two sides are getting more and more tense. Under such an atmosphere, Sean is probably the most relaxed person.

In addition to studying, he also has time to go to Newt’s suitcase. The Wampus cat has become more and more clingy recently, and there is a tendency for him not to be happy to eat without Sean. After Sean’s warning, the Wampus cat calmed down a bit.

Dave, who has been with Sean, said, “He has a problem with his own mind.”

Its food intake is getting bigger and bigger, from two meals a day to three meals a day. Unlike what Newt said, the growth rate of the Winged Demon was claimed to be extremely slow, but Dave’s size is getting bigger and bigger.

It was less than a year old when he was born, and his body size exceeded the size of the adult Winged Demon recorded in Newt’s notes. Now it can completely cover an adult person after spreading its wings.

Apart from taking care of the magical animals, Sean’s other task is to help Hermione relax because she gets more nervous as the exam gets near.

From Sean’s point of view, her progress was about twice his own, five times than Harry and twenty times than Ron, but Hermione was still worried.

Sean seriously doubts. Does she think that she will be expelled from Hogwarts if she fails to be the first in her grade?

Surrounded by all kinds of things, Sean felt very fulfilled. Maybe he had experienced too many big things lately, so things like final exams really didn’t make him nervous.

But then, the exam week came.

In a large classroom, the professors will give the students brand new quills with anti-cheating spells on them.

In addition to the written test, they also take some practical tests. After Sean turned a mouse into an exquisite box, Professor McGonagall smiled. Sean knew that it meant that he would get the highest score.

The Defence Against the Dark Arts exams brought a little fun because of Dumbledore. They had to fight an enchanted dummy, and your spell must be cast exactly where the target was marked on the dummy.

If you miss too many times, the dummy will raise its hands and make a mocking voice.

The last exam was the History of Magic, and with the notes that Hermione lent him, Sean’s quill didn’t stop at all. When he started to write a lot of stuff regarding magical animals, Professor Binns asked everyone to stop writing.

After a brief noise, everyone couldn’t help cheering.

“Sean, how can you write a bunch of things like that?!” Hermione’s eyes widened when she saw his paper.

“Well….” Sean thought about whether or not to explain it.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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