The Wampus cat stood up straight again, the two legs between the waist and abdomen moved back, and more sharp claws slightly curved between the fleshy palms emerged.

Before, his pounce was not as fast as usual, focusing on the strength of the attack rather than the speed.

The Runespoor is huge, and hard for them to avoid his attack. Although Newt’s spell has excellent defensive effect, as long as he is fast enough, his claws will pierce through the Runespoor’s body.

The snake scales couldn’t stand the sharp claws of the Wampus cat. With just one scratch, a palm-sized scale could be ripped off.

The Runespoor’s heads suddenly hissed. It swung its tail violently, and the spikes on the skin started to appear.

The Wampus cat wanted to back off because Newt cast it perfectly, and a spell prevented him from moving on. Its Legilimency ability is somewhat insufficient when facing the snake and these people.

The snake’s tail slapped the Wampus cat. Under the pain, it bent down and tried to escape, but the transparent barrier appeared again. The snake moved over, and the sturdy body suddenly entangled the Wampus cat.

“Hey, come on, your spikes!” Sean shouted quickly.

Although they were a little reluctant, they still had to listen to what Sean said. The Runespoor tightened its spikes and wrapped the Wampus cat tightly.

The Nundu had been watching them all the time, he sighed and let out a poisonous gas, and it immediately subconsciously held its own breath.

“What a grumpy kid.” Newt put away his wand and smiled at Sean.

The Runespoor he raised has passed down some of Newt’s characteristics. While they had different ways of thinking, they were able to restrain the Legilimency from the Wampus cat.

Sean rubbed the Runespoor’s head and then climbed over its curled body, where only the head of the Wampus cat could be seen.

Seeing Sean approaching, the Wampus cat immediately let out a threatening roar, struggling even more violently.

“Relax.” Sean sat down and looked directly at the Wampus cat.

As Newt said, the pupils of the Wampus cat no longer change if it was in this situation. Sean slowly smiled at the pair of pupils that shone with cold light.

Newt held his breath.

If you look closely at the pupils of the Wampus cat, you will find that there is no linear sclera like other creatures. Those pupils are like pure sapphire, and there seems to be an illusory fog lingering in the center.

Sean felt the Wampus cat’s emotions. It was uneasy and angry, and he could even feel a small grievance in his heart.

As the mood shifted, the Wampus cat struggled less and less, and finally, the muffled low roar in its throat disappeared.

It called out aggrievedly at Sean.

Newt couldn’t help shaking his head and praised him, “Amazing, this is amazing.”

Sean rubbed the head of the Wampus cat, and he let the Runespoor let go of him. Feeling the release of the restraint, the Wampus cat jumped. It glanced at the Runespoor and Newt vigilantly and then walked cautiously to Sean’s side.

It rubbed against Sean’s chest like a big cat.

“Relax, no one here will hurt you.” Sean rubbed his head and scratched his chin.

“Are you hungry? Come on, let’s eat.” Sean took the iron bucket and put it in front of him.

Looking at the Wampus cat that was gobbling down, Newt walked over with a smile, “Well done, Sean.”

“I’m just doing what I need to do, Professor.”

“Well, you’re just as important as dealing with this situation.”

After the Runespoor and the Wampus cat calmed down, Sean looked at Newt, “Professor Scamander, what are we going to do with it?”

“Take care of it for a while” There is a book floating in front of Newt, and he is using a wand to use a quill to describe the appearance of a Wampus cat.

In his career, he has not come into contact with a Wampus cat this close and has only watched from a distance.

Newt was never a person who brought animals to study them. All kinds of animals in his suitcase came from various unexpected sources, which was what Sean admired the most about him.

The book was turned over, the quill moved again by itself, and Newt stood up straight, “What a beautiful animal.”

“Professor, does the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ book has to be reprinted again?” Sean said with a smile.

“It’s a possibility,” Newt said, “but until then, we might need to send this little guy back to where he was supposed to be.”

Sean looked down at the Wampus cat, and under his hand, the Wampus cat narrowed his eyes very comfortably.

Although a little reluctant, Sean nodded.

Newt smiled, “I’m so proud of you.”

“You are too much, Professor.” Sean moved his eyes, feeling a little embarrassed.

He really likes magical animals, and Sean thinks the same way as Newt, hoping these animals can live where they should be.

After helping Newt tidy up the shack and comforting the Wampus cat for a while, Sean and Newt said goodbye, and he returned to the common room.

It was already nighttime, but the lights in Ravenclaw’s common room were brightly lit, and many people were leaning on their chairs and reading books seriously, discussing something with their classmates from time to time.

Sean blinked, knowing that the final exam was coming.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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