The Wampus is lying on a branch, where the branches and leaves are abundant, and he can hide his body well. The area around him was dimly lit, making it harder for anyone to see. However, the Wampus cat is still in a state of vigilance. After all, this is an unfamiliar place.

He recalled what brought him here. He was wandering in its own territory. Eating the wild boar in the Appalachian Mountains bored him. He wants to try another one. When hunting a bird, he saw a strange thing. When he touched the thing, the mountains and woods that were familiar to him disappeared.

He went to a strange village, where the people were very afraid of him, but the strange environment made him very wary about it, and the gray-haired person smelled good. But the light coming out of his stick seemed powerful, which made him feel threatened.

The Wampus cat moved his front paws. There was an invisible obstacle in the air, and his front paws were a little hurt when hitting it.

It made him a little bit mad because he won’t allow him to kill the shorter person. His smell was even better than the old person’s. At most, he just wanted to remove the threat and stun them so they won’t eat him.

However, the Wampus cat was a little puzzled that his natural ability to see through his mind was useless to those two. Fortunately, his ability to hypnotize was still useful.

At this moment, the two humans left, but he did not relax. He licked its front paws again and involuntarily put its gaze on the food in the open space.

He is hungry. He grabbed a few pieces of food just now, but that was not enough to fill his huge belly. His appetite has always been huge. The Wampus cat misses those wild boars in the Appalachian Mountains.

Suddenly, it smelled those two familiar humans again, the Wampus cat’s long tail flicked, and its tongue licked.

On the way back to the mountain area, Sean stretched out his head and shouted, “Professor, does this really work?”

He rode on a Runespoor.

“Of course, Sean,” Newt threw a piece of food into each of the Runespoor’s three heads, “Wampus cat’s hypnotic ability is generally used to deal with enemies weaker than himself, and when faced with strong enemies, it has no effect. It will make them switch back to their flight or fight response, and then you will be able to look at it normally.”

“I hope it works.” Sean patted the snake’s head under him.

He didn’t even know that the spikes on the Runespoor’s body could be retracted, making him not worry about his robe being damaged.

The snake heads on the left and right are a little dissatisfied with Sean’s actions.  They also came over and motioned for Sean to touch him.

Sean smiled and rubbed their heads. Out of the three heads, the one on the left is the decision maker, the one in the middle is the idealist, and the one on the right is the critic. Because of bad breath, the other two heads often bite the right head off.

Newt would put a cover on the right head from time to time. After Sean came here often, he didn’t even need the cover because he helped them.

Behind them, the Nundu was lightly jumping over a few small cliffs. Since the breath would bring out the poisonous gas, it couldn’t always follow Sean’s side, which made the Nundu a little sad that he couldn’t get near Sean.

The Nundu let out a smile. It could already imagine the beautiful scene of Sean oiling his hard barbed mane.

“I’ll take care of you when it’s the right time, alright?” Sean heard the movement of the Nundu and turned around.

The Nundu nodded earnestly.

“Where’s the Wampus cat?”

Newt looked around seriously and then pointed to the middle of a tall tree, “It should be there. It’s a little difficult for that little guy to hide in my suitcase.”

Sean narrowed his eyes and looked at it. Sure enough, the soft fur of the Wampus cat can be seen among the branches.

“When they confront each other, you will come forward, and I will be behind you.” Newt said.

Sean nodded, the Runespoor got their signal, and their huge body moved.

The Wampus cat roared angrily. It jumped down the tall tree and made a roar at them. Sean wanted to step forward and saw the Wampus cat’s eyes turn pitch black again.

He turned his head quickly, “Professor, doesn’t he feel threatened?”

“We need to add more food.” Newt said while throwing a large piece of food onto the open space.

The Wampus cat startled and then stared at the Runespoor. They got Sean’s signal, and their heads shook without even looking at the Wampus cat.

The Wampus cat’s pupils suddenly turned to dark blue and felt threatened. However, the left head stretched forward suddenly, directly swallowing the food into its stomach.

The Wampus cat was angry.

Sean couldn’t help but to shook his head that one of the heads just took the food that was supposed to be for the Wampus cat.

The Wampus cat jumped up instantly. The Runespoor hissed at the same time, and it twisted its body without fear. It was originally much larger than before. The Runespoor itself was not scared of the Wampus cat’s attack, given that they had fought a Nundu before.

The two animals scuffled frantically, and Newt drew out his wand.

“Protego!” The speed of the Wampus cat was too fast, and the spell was difficult to hit him, so he used it to protect the Runespoor.

The Wampus cat made a dull roar. The Runespoor on the opposite side is untouchable, and the transparent wall often hinders its sharp claws.

The Wampus cat was getting angrier.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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