After comforting the animals around, Sean walked towards the source of the sound.

It was a huge roar similar to a lion or a leopard. It was somewhat similar to the Nundu. It was obviously a powerful creature. When Sean passed by the Nundu, he was restlessly digging the hard soil with his front claws.

Seeing that the tumor on the Nundu’s head glowed slightly red, Sean hurried up to comfort him. Since then, he has had a close relationship with the animals in Newt’s suitcase. Many times, Newt is even a little jealous.

After the Nundu regained calm, Sean continued to set off. After arriving at the mountain area, he finally saw Newt. He is a little embarrassed now. His body is covered with mud, and his short vest has been torn open.

Newt had a wand in his mouth, a bucket in one hand, and food in the other. After a deafening roar, Sean only saw a huge gray shadow stealing the food from Newt’s hand and overturning Newt on the soil.

Newt spat out the dirt in his mouth and then saw Sean not far away, “Hey, Sean, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, Professor.” Sean raised his hands and waved vigorously, then widened his eyes again, “Behind you!”

The huge shadow reappeared and charged toward Newt.

However, a wizard who can tame a Nundu and a Runespoor and even befriend an Obscurial is obviously a pro at such things. Newt nimbly avoided the attack with his agile reflexes and then picked up the wand on the ground to cast a Protego Charm.

The shadow turned and hit the transparent barrier, and it jumped back to the tree trunk, staring at Newt.

Only then could Sean see the whole picture of the animal. It was a creature that looked like a leopard and a cat, but its body was like a lion. Its brown fur was soft like silk, and the dark blue circle was round. A peculiar magic power can be seen by just looking at it.

On its abdomen, its six legs clinging tightly to the tree trunk, its back raised high, and a threatening low-pitched roar kept coming out of its mouth. Sean had carefully read Newt’s notes and immediately recalled the animal: A Wampus Cat.

The name may seem uncharacteristic, but it has a rating of XXXXX on the Ministry of Magic’s Rating, meaning it is a very dangerous animal and hard to tame.

This animal is native to the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. It is agile, strong, and it is almost impossible to kill them. The famous American wand maker Johannes Jonker used Wampus cat hair as the core of his wand.

“Professor, where did this guy come from?” Sean was dumbfounded. Why are there more and more dangerous animals in Newt’s suitcase?

Newt hunched over, facing the Wampus cat, who was still growling, and then slowly backed up to Sean’s side.

“Sean, it’s nice to see you now.” He wiped his dirty face and smiled at Sean.

“Professor, what’s happening?”

Newt took a piece of food from the iron bucket, threw it in the open space in front of him, and said quickly, “It’s unclear how it got here. I don’t know if he was smuggled or touched an illegal Portkey by mistake, and part of Hogsmeade was destroyed by it. Fortunately, today is not a holiday. I brought it back before anyone else was injured.”

The Wampus cat let out a dull growl. It looked hungry, but the Protego Charm made him very wary about Newt, so he wouldn’t dare to approach the food.

“Our new guest is very sensitive now,” Newt sighed. “When he first came in, he made a big ruckus. The other animals must be terrified. The environment here is a little bit different than the usual one where he used to live.”

Sean set his sights on the Wampus cat. This one is not like the Nundu. This is obviously an adult, and his size is so big.

“Professor, are Wampus cats usually this big?”

“I don’t know if I’m lucky or not,” Newt shrugged. “I always meet these kinds of breed.”

“Do you need my help?” Sean asked.

“This is exactly my request. It’s too sensitive now. He won’t listen to anything I say. I need you to help me calm him first.”

“No problem.” Sean took a step forward.

The Wampus cat’s attention immediately turned to Sean. Sean stared at its dark blue round pupils and wanted to get closer. Then he saw that the cat’s pupils were illusory for a moment, and the dark blue suddenly turned to pitch black.

“Sean, turn your head! Don’t look at it too long!” Newt’s voice sounded from behind.

After hearing this, Sean immediately turned around, but he already felt sleepy and drowsy before he finally cut his eye contact.

The Wampus cat stood up and rushed in Sean’s direction. His sharp claws didn’t hit Sean’s head because Newt cast a Protego Charm to stop the Wampus cat.

Its pupils changed from pure black to dark blue again, and the Wampus cat roared and returned to the tree trunk.

Sean was frightened, and his sleepiness disappeared immediately. He retreated to Newt’s side and said in shock, “What happened?”

“Sean, you must know one thing about the Wampus cat,” Newt slowly stepped back to protect him and explained as he moved, “Its eyes have a magical power to hypnotize, and it could do Legillimency. It would change its pupils to know whether or not they’re trying to use one of that.”

Sean was a little bit shocked. His ability has been unstoppable until now, but The Wampus cat seems to be resisting his influence.

“Because of this, they tend to be sensitive. When they hunt, they will hypnotize their prey and then use their claws to strike them. When facing an enemy, they will change it to Legilimency. Although it is difficult to understand how humans think, they can predict our next move.”

Sean took a peek at the Wampus cat, but he was still staring at the two of them.

“This one seemed to be a feisty one,” Newt looked at the cliff in the distance, “Sean, we have to find you a helper.”

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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