At the end of the experiment, Sean was brought by Dumbledore and thought that he was no use. Dumbledore’s original purpose was to let Sean communicate with the wild side of Nagini and then try to suppress it as much as possible.

But the effect of the potion was not as good as expected, and Sean naturally had no chance to make a move.

After Sean proposed the idea, Dumbledore discussed it with Snape for a long time. After all, the blood curse is not kidney disease, and a blood transfusion alone will not solve the whole problem.

After reaching a preliminary conclusion, the two decided to start storing blood first, during which Snape would continue to improve the formula, and Dumbledore would also look for more ways.

At the door of the office, Dumbledore paused as he was about to leave. He looked at Sean and said softly, “We also need to consider the age and endurance of the person, as well as the strength of her own magic power. Not only that, the curse has magic, but there are other factors.”

Sean immediately understood. He took over the topic, pretended to think,, and said, “You’re right, Professor. If we decide to use this method, we still need to think of other factors tha-“

“When I have time, I will do more research.” Snape dropped a word before he could finish speaking and slammed the door shut.

Dumbledore and Sean looked at each other and smiled.

“Sean, your cooperation with me is getting better and better.” Dumbledore walked in front.

“Professor, what happened to Professor Snape and the Potter family?” Sean is very curious. After all, he only knows one result, and he doesn’t know anything about the specific situation of this era.

“Oh, sorry. It involves their privacy. I think Severus may not want too many people to know his past,” Dumbledore tilted his head, “However, I vaguely remember that when they entered the school, their friendship was really good.”

Snape and James were good friends?

Sean almost couldn’t control his expression. He even wondered if his memory was messed up.

“The world of young people is always colorful and full of variables. When they graduate, they don’t communicate much.” Dumbledore spread his hands.

“Is it because of Mrs Potter?” Sean asked curiously.

Dumbledore winked at him, “Sean, your intuition and curiosity are outstanding, but I suggest that it would be better to be lessened when facing Severus. During his time over the years, there are several things that I would avoid talking about it to him.”

“I’m just a little curious.” Sean laughed dryly.

He should forget about it, as he doesn’t want to lie in the hall one day with foam in his mouth while drinking pumpkin juice.

After saying goodbye to Dumbledore, Sean walked towards Newt’s office. He stayed in the office for a long time today. He hadn’t fed Dave and Naja and wanted to meet Newt.

After arriving at the location, Sean knocked on the door, and the door was opened after a while.

“Professor Scamander?” Sean pushed the door in but didn’t see him.

He felt his trouser legs being pulled.

“Pickett, it’s nice to see you. Did you open the door for me?” Sean squatted down with a smile and put his hands on the ground so that Pickett could climb up effortlessly.

Pickett stood on his palm, stretched out a branch, pointed to the suitcase lying in the corner, and began to gesture again with his hands.

It punched itself and then drooped its tongue out. Sean scratched his head, “Fight? Fainted?”

Pickett nodded. He pointed to Newt’s coat hanging on the hanger, pointed to the wooden door, then spread out his twigs and motioned to lie on all fours.

“You mean, Professor Scamander went outside, come back, lie down on all fours—no? Uh, fighting with a six-legged animal?” It took a while for Sean to understand what Pickett meant.

Pickett danced, then put one hand on his hip and pointed at Sean with the other.

“Am I going to help?”

Although Pickett was silent, the expression on his face probably meant that and then a bud suddenly appeared on his branch-like fingers.

“Alright, I get it now.” Sean smiled and stretched out a finger. Pickett jumped up and gave him a happy slap.

It seems that Newt has a new guest in his little world. Sean turned around to lock the door and picked up the suitcase.

“Let’s see. Professor Scamander told me that if you press it, turn it back and turn it right…” Sean twisted the brass on the suitcase while recalling Newt’s method.

It twisted, and a small brass sign popped out above the keyhole with the words ‘Muggle Mode’ written on it. Twist it again, and a new brass sign popped up with the words ‘Dumbledore Mode’ on it.

After twisting again, Sean put the suitcase on the ground, opened it, and got in. After he got down, the suitcase jumped in place and closed automatically.

“What the hell happened?” Sean was walking down the ladder and widened his eyes.

There was already a mess below. Newt’s shack was crowded with all kinds of animals. They all huddled together and shivered. Not far away, there were bursts of noises and growls.

“Oh, leave it to me.” Sean reached out and picked up a photo frame on the ground: a photo of Newt and his wife.

A few small animals were holding the photo frame with their small heads to prevent it from being shattered. Sean’s voice immediately attracted the attention of all the animals in the shack.

The animals rushed over as if they had seen their relatives.

“Stop!” Sean’s voice was drowned in all kinds of animals before he even landed.

“Hey, hey, guys!” He was thrown directly to the ground, and all the animals scrambled to get into his arms.

“Hey Nick, your butt is on my face! Bert, your tail! Ow! Charles, stop kissing me! I can’t breathe!”

Sean managed to break free, took a deep breath of fresh air, carried a Clabbert on his chest to the ground, and said solemnly, “Sandy, don’t use your tail to get into my robe next time. “

Sandy the Clabbert stuck out her tongue.

“Okay, guys, stay here first. I’ll check on the situation.”

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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