Skyler possesses the attributes of a gifted high school student, and his mental prowess, memory, and comprehension are further enhanced due to the Brain Enchantment Potion.

He suspects that his IQ has reached the Mensa-level, and he’s likely among the top Mensa members (Mensa’s IQ requirement is at least 140, with the true elites surpassing 200). Without a doubt, he once again secured the first place in his year.

(Note: The top 5 students for this semester are Sherin, Meredith, Morag, Hermione, and Daphne.)

Thanks to Skyler’s exceptional academic performance and Draco’s remarkable performance on the Quidditch pitch, Slytherin accumulated numerous points and claimed victory in the House Cup once more!

Following the announcement of the House Cup, the Slytherins had little time to celebrate as they received a second piece of good news—Skyler was honored with the “Special Contribution Award” for bringing prestige to Hogwarts in the international academic arena during this semester.

This accolade is the highest honor a student can achieve at Hogwarts, with the last known recipient dating back more than fifty years ago.

It carries special significance for students, as those who receive it often go on to become prefects by default.

Furthermore, the names of awardees are engraved in the Hogwarts Hall of Fame, etching their place in the history of Hogwarts alongside the names of the past Headmasters and Headmistresses, such as Dippet and Dumbledore.

Each of these figures is celebrated as a great wizard, and their legacies are preserved through the ages.

(Note: The names of the Hogwarts Headmasters mentioned are official settings, and they are arranged according to official Order.)

This strengthened the Malfoy brothers’ already formidable reputation within Slytherin.

In the next semester, the current Quidditch captain, Marcus Flint, will graduate and leave.

Draco received an advance notification from Professor Snape that he would be the next captain.

Though Draco was elated, Skyler knew that the Quidditch matches would be canceled for the upcoming year due to the Triwizard Tournament, which meant Draco would have to wait until his fifth year to take up the role of captain.

Over the last three weeks of the semester, Skyler led a very busy life.

First, he utilized Sirius’s presence at Hogwarts to help him recover from his injuries and had Dobby Apparate him to 12 Grimmauld Place.

Dumbledore had explained that the black magic used against Sirius and Lupin had a unique property of sapping magical power. Even Dumbledore couldn’t break it directly.

So, the two would need to hide and recuperate for at least three months before making a full recovery.

Skyler arrived at Grimmauld Place and found a way to distract Kreacher, allowing him to access the secret room within the Black House.

This secret room, with its size and layout, resembled the secret chamber at Malfoy Manor.

Skyler quickly proceeded to the corner where the dark magic books were stored. Without inspecting them, he gathered all the books in one fell swoop.

Simultaneously, Skyler retrieved a mask exuding powerful magical energy from the secret room.

Although this mask bore some resemblance to the Ominous Mask, its magical aura far surpassed that of the latter.

Skyler acquired an unnamed mask, as well as the Black family’s privately owned collection of dark magic books.

Grimmauld’s Mask Obtained!

After sealing the secret room, Skyler didn’t forget to visit the studio on the second floor, where he obtained the Slytherin pendant box.

With the imminent return of Sirius to hide there and the future establishment of the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, it was uncertain if Skyler would have another opportunity to return.

Skyler carefully placed all these items into his suitcase’s expanded space, then Apparated away from the Black family’s old house.

He secured the Slytherin Pendant Box within his suitcase space, alongside the wand and sterling silver dagger that he always kept with him, safely stored in the secret pockets on the left and right cuffs of his attire.

Skyler ensured his most precious belongings were well-guarded within the suitcase’s secure compartment, protected by non-disclosure spells.

Without delay, he proceeded to Ravenclaw’s secret room. Skyler had already made thorough preparations, intending to complete the Ravenclaw challenge right before the end of the semester.

In preparation, he reviewed the family curse of the Black family, which leaned towards soul magic, and found a suitable curse for this moment—the “Tormenting Soul Curse.” This curse directly subjected the soul to excruciating agony resembling fiery torment, yet it inflicted no physical harm.

Skyler aimed his wand at the Ravenclaw diadem and cast the Tormenting Soul Curse.

A horrendous, prolonged scream emanated from the diadem, echoing through the room.

Skyler remained vigilant throughout, aware that it was a battle of willpower between him and Voldemort’s remaining soul, testing whether Voldemort’s remnants could endure the pain or if Skyler’s magical power would deplete first.

Ultimately, Voldemort’s remnants couldn’t bear the agony. Skyler tormented the remaining soul for half an hour, exhausting it.

Skyler, though equally drained, was well-prepared and promptly consumed a magic recovery potion he had previously prepared, renewing his assault on Voldemort’s remnants.

After an additional half-hour of torment, Voldemort’s remaining soul was compelled out of the diadem’s surface, forming a dark, spectral sphere.

Skyler seized the opportunity, drawing a pure silver dagger from his cuff with his other hand.

He stabbed the sphere, causing it to dissipate into a grotesque, spectral countenance before unleashing an anguished cry and vanishing.

Skyler took a short rest, consumed another vial of magic recovery potion, and repeated the same process with the Slytherin pendant box.

After driving out Voldemort’s remnants, both artifacts regained their original appearance and emitted a faint magical resonance.

Skyler secured the Slytherin pendant box first, then proceeded to inscribe an intricate magic circle on the secret room’s floor.

Placing the diadem in the circle’s center, he chanted a multitude of complex spells directed towards the circle.

A radiant white light surged, illuminating the entire circle, and various small objects hanging from the ceiling appeared to be affected by some force, each emitting a myriad of vibrant colors.

The brilliant radiance bathed Ravenclaw’s crown as if it had received a sacred blessing.

An ancient, pure, and sacred song resonated within the void. The magical energy surrounding the crown grew increasingly active, and a subtle feeling of reverence seemed to emanate from it, pressing down upon Skyler.

Aquila’s phantom emerged hurriedly, expressing disbelief, “What an astonishing young wizard you are. The secret room opened not long ago, and yet you’ve already completed the test. I’m genuinely astounded.”

Skyler comprehended that he had successfully activated Ravenclaw’s crown and passed the test and couldn’t wait to place the crown upon his head.

His already potent mental power experienced a significant boost, and he closed his eyes, attentively sensing the spiritual transformation.

It felt as though his spirit had expanded in a tangible manner, continually extending until it encountered an imperceptible barrier.

Just when Skyler couldn’t discern any further, the crown above his head emitted a brilliant radiance.

In response, Skyler’s spirit experienced a potent surge, breaking through the confines of the barrier with a burst of energy.

Within the void, there was a soft, echoing sound akin to the cracking of an eggshell, and Skyler’s spirit appeared to have freed itself from the limitations of the human body, soaring freely and uninhibited.

His sensation was comparable to the legendary concept of an out-of-body experience as if his consciousness had detached itself from his physical form and was roaming freely throughout the secret room.

It was an indescribable sensation, a unity with his surroundings where everything was subject to his perception.

Aquila’s voice seemed to originate from a distant place, exclaiming, “Unbelievable, truly unbelievable!”

Gradually, Aquila’s voice became more distinct, “Young man, the crown holds Ravenclaw’s Wisdom Crystals, a unique substance Ravenclaw condensed his consciousness with before her death. This crystal greatly augments a wizard’s mental power. You, a fortunate youth, are unaware of how to tap into this blessing. Before absorbing the Wisdom Crystals, your mental power was already nearing the human body’s limitations, on the verge of reaching the spiritual shackles!”

Skyler recognized that this was a result of his awakened bloodline power, the unlocking of magical sight, and the inherent spiritual power that far exceeded that of an ordinary individual.

Furthermore, after the Easter holiday, he had even consumed an Enchantment Potion for his brain, so it was unsurprising that his mental power had been previously constrained.

Aquila continued to explain, “With the aid of the Wisdom Crystals, you’ve shattered the spiritual shackles… young man, you might not realize the magnitude of this. Can you sense the ability to emanate your mental power now? Throughout history, there have been exceedingly few individuals capable of releasing their mental power, and they were all the most exceptional figures of their time. You, young one, are truly fortunate…”

Skyler abruptly opened his eyes, and as he did, a brilliant flash burst forth from his pupils, akin to lightning illuminating a dark, rainy night.

This single gaze illuminated the entire secret room, exposing every detail within.

Each particle of dust in the room’s farthest corners was rendered visible.

The power of the Magic Eye abruptly surged, and Skyler’s eyes tingled with an intense sensation.

Aquila distinctly observed Skyler’s pupils oscillating among the four colors: orange, turquoise, azure blue, and milky white.

A faint trace of the Gellert Grindelwald’s magical talisman was also discernible, leaving Aquila astounded.

Sensing the remarkable transformation in his mental power, Skyler inquired nonchalantly, “Aquila, are you referring to an enhancement in perception?”

Aquila donned a complex, almost human-like expression and conveyed to Skyler, “Perception is but a facet of it. With dedicated practice, you can master Ravenclaw’s ancient skills, including the Luminous Insight.”

Aquila proceeded to expound on the principles and methodologies of the Luminous Insight.

In simpler terms, it involved using high-frequency mental power to observe comprehensively, integrating all the elements in one’s surroundings into one’s observation.

This enabled the practitioner to anticipate their opponent’s actions and intentions through their various behaviors, effectively gaining insight into potential opportunities during battles.

Skyler meticulously absorbed all the information Aquila imparted. If what Aquila explained was accurate, this newfound knowledge was invaluable.

The Luminous Insight could be a formidable asset during group battles.

Skyler obtained Ravenclaw’s Exclusive Secret—Learned the Luminous Insight!

Subsequently, Aquila lowered its head and, in a solemn, almost sacred tone, declared, “As Ravenclaw’s heir, you are officially acknowledged. From this day forward, both this secret room and I belong to you. We shall accompany you until the end of one of our lives.”

Aquila’s phantom then circled around Skyler’s head before transforming into a beam of light that pierced the back of Skyler’s neck.

On the skin above, an intricate black eagle with outspread wings materialized, resembling a lifelike tattoo.

Aquila’s voice resonated in Skyler’s thoughts, “Master, I shall exist by virtue of your magical power. When you require my presence, be it for research or battle, a mere thought will summon me. Nevertheless, it is imperative that I caution you, despite being Ravenclaw’s heir, that you should peruse the books within this secret room. Upon completing this task, I shall reward you with a momentous secret…”

Ravenclaw’s beast, Aquilla, has been obtained!

(Note: The eagle-shaped door knocker can still function via the preset activation spell mode. However, it has lost the ability to update its riddle database without Aquila, and as a result, the likelihood of encountering repeated riddles has increased.)

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Published On: January 3, 2024

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