Soon, Thursday marked Skyler’s eagerly anticipated Defense Against the Dark Arts class, a joint session for Slytherin and Gryffindor.

The little wizards, filled with enthusiasm, awaited Professor Moody’s arrival. Uncharacteristically, the classroom was exceptionally quiet as everyone retrieved their “Dark Forces: Self-Defense Guide” in anticipation.

Moments later, the distinctive, pounding footsteps of Moody echoed down the corridor. He entered the classroom, maintaining his usual eerie appearance.

The little wizards could catch a glimpse of his claw-like wooden feet protruding from beneath his robe.

“Put away these things,” he gruffly commanded, hobbling to the podium with his crutches. “You don’t need these textbooks. I don’t need these things in class. Put them away. Take out your wands.”

Excitement filled the room as the little wizards stowed their books, anticipating an engaging class as previous experiences had indicated.

Moody retrieved the class roster and, shaking his long gray head from his twisted, scarred face, began calling out names.

His normal eyes scanned the list while his magical eye darted around, scrutinizing each responding student.

Upon reaching Draco’s name, he visibly paused, prompting the little wizards’ attention to focus on Draco.

The conflict between Draco and Moody had become the talk of the school in recent days.

Indifferent to the attention, Draco casually raised his hand to acknowledge the call.

“Alright!” Moody exclaimed after the last student responded. “I’ve received a letter from your former teacher. I’ve assessed your current progress.

It appears you lack knowledge of dealing with dark magical creatures. You’ve covered basics, handling creatures like Boggarts, Red Caps, Hinkypunks, Grindylows, and Kappas.

You’ve also learned about Vampires and Werewolves. However, your understanding of countering spells is inadequate. You haven’t encountered real dark magic, and that’s the most crucial aspect.”

He paused, letting the weight of his words sink in.

“So… who knows which spells wizards are punished most severely for?” he questioned, and a silence gripped the class.

Even Hermione, known for her active participation, chose to withhold her response. All eyes turned to Skyler, hoping he would provide the answer.

“Little Malfoy, you’ll answer!” Moody declared, singling out Skyler when no one else responded.

“Professor, there are countless spells forbidden by the Ministry of Magic. Tens of thousands of legal documents are still in effect, encompassing tens of thousands of spells,” Skyler began his response. “However, the most infamous are undoubtedly dark magic spells—those that summon the undead, curses from the Dark Arts, and spells that tamper with blood composition…”

“In addition, the Ministry strictly regulates space magic, such as the non-marker expansion curse that enlarges internal spaces and the Portkey Spell that transports individuals to distant locations…”

A stunned silence enveloped the classroom as everyone gaped at Skyler, their mouths agape, as if wide enough to swallow an egg.

It dawned on them that Skyler possessed an extensive knowledge. While they knew he was formidable, the extent of his strength and understanding of magical law remained unclear.

Among Slytherin, only those closest to him had a sense of his capabilities. Most students assumed he could hold his own against peers one or two years his senior but never expected him to rival seventh-year students.

Yet, today’s revelations left them breathless, and they regarded Skyler with astonishment.

“Cut the grandstanding,” Ron whispered. “I refuse to believe Hermione isn’t as good as him…”

Hermione observed Skyler with a complex expression. Somewhere along the way, she abandoned the idea of competing with him. His progress was beyond scientific or magical explanation.

Knowledgeable, skilled, and ingenious in his use of magic, he defied the stereotype of a typical scholar.

Despite not participating in sports, he engaged in multiple academic societies, organized magic exchange events, published academic papers, established an alchemy workshop, and advocated for international organizations.

Recognizing the sheer multitude of his achievements, Hermione felt that even with a Time Turner, catching up to him was an insurmountable challenge.

Moody, too, was taken aback by Skyler’s expansive knowledge as he continued to speak.

Skyler’s detailed response wasn’t the answer Moody sought, but he acknowledged the need to redirect the conversation.

It was clear that if Skyler continued, he could delve into an entire class, including a demonstration of dark magic, leaving everyone dizzied.

Moody, therefore, interjected, rewarding Slytherin a point for Skyler’s exceptional performance.

“Mr. Malfoy, excellent as always. However, let’s focus on understanding the three major spells frequently used by dark wizards—the unforgivable spells,” Moody emphasized. “Can anyone tell me the three unforgivable spells?”

Ron, trembling, tentatively spoke up, “Uh, that’s it. My dad told me something… called Imperius or something, right?”

“Yes, Mr. Weasley!” Moody praised. “Your father knows his spells. The Imperius Curse has caused quite a bit of trouble for the Ministry of Magic.”

Struggling to stand with his artificial leg, Moody opened the podium drawer, revealing a glass bottle containing three terrified spiders.

He selected one, placing it on his open palm. Pointing his wand, he chanted, “Imperio!”

The spider leaped from Moody’s palm, hung from a thread, and swung like on a high swing.

Performing acrobatics, it rolled somersaults, shedding the thread, and continued spinning on the table. With a flick of Moody’s wand, the spider stood on its hind legs, executing a tap dance.

Laughter erupted from most of the young wizards.

“Do you find it amusing?” Moody gruffly questioned. “Would you still enjoy it if it happened to you?”

The laughter ceased abruptly.

“Fully under my control,” Moody whispered as the spider group rose and began tumbling. “I can make it jump out of the window, drown itself, or plunge into a classmate’s throat… The Imperius Curse can be resisted. I’ll teach you the method, but it demands a strong personality, and not everyone can master it. Best to avoid getting hit. Stay vigilant at all times!” Moody bellowed suddenly, startling everyone.

“Does anyone know the remaining unforgivable spell?” Moody inquired.

Neville stood and mentioned the Cruciatus Curse, and Moody demonstrated it on the spider.

“Alright… Does anyone else know a spell?” Moody prompted.

Draco, devoid of emotion, responded, “It’s a Killing Curse, Professor—the legendary curse that kills with one blow.”

“Ah,” Moody’s gaze fixed on Draco, “Yes, this is the last and most powerful spell. The Avada Kedavra…a spell solely for killing.”

He retrieved the third spider from the bottle, which seemed to sense its impending doom, desperately crawling around the bottom to avoid Moody’s fingers.

Regardless, Moody secured it on the podium.

“Avada Kedavra!” Moody roared.

A dazzling green light pierced, accompanied by the sound of rapid gas flow, as if an invisible behemoth soared through the sky.

Simultaneously, the spider lay motionless on its back on the table. Though unscathed, it was undeniably deceased. Several students restrained shouts; Ron leaned back abruptly as the spider slid towards him.

In Skyler’s eyes, a sharp light flickered. Just as Moody cast the spell, a whistling sound filled the air.

Skyler witnessed death—a creature resembling a Dementor but more like a cloud of indistinct gas. It moved through the air fluidly, passing over the spider like a black wind.

Skyler observed a soul-like energy being harvested and swallowed by the entity.

Is this the essence of the Killing Curse?

Where did the devoured soul energy ultimately go?

Numerous mysteries linger in the world of magic.

“It’s not beautiful,” Moody commented calmly. “It’s unpleasant, and there’s no resisting it without breaking the spell. As far as people know, only one person has survived the spell, and he’s sitting in front of me right now.”

Everyone understood he referred to Harry. Moody’s unwavering gaze rested on Harry, who felt his face flush as the entire class turned their heads to look at him.

“Avada Kedavra requires a powerful magical foundation. Even if you all recited the spell to me right now, I’d likely only get a nosebleed at most,” Moody stated, his magical eyes surveying the class. A tinge of fear appeared on everyone’s face. “But that’s alright. I’m not here to teach you how to use those Unforgivable Curses.”

“So, why demonstrate it if I haven’t cracked the curse? Because you must understand. You need to be fully aware of the worst possible scenario. You don’t want to find yourself facing the situation you just witnessed,” he emphasized, roaring a command for eternal vigilance that startled the entire class.

“These three spells—Avada Kedavra, Imperius Curse, and Cruciatus Curse—are collectively known as the Unforgivable Curses. Using any of them on another human is punishable by life imprisonment. This is what you may have to face. This is what I want to teach you to resist. You need to be prepared. You need knowledge in this area. But most importantly, you must always remain vigilant and never let your guard down. Take it. Grab a quill… and write it down.”

Students diligently took notes for the remainder of the class, documenting these three Unforgivable Curses.

The room remained quiet until the bell rang to signal the end of the class.

As Moody dismissed them, a flood of discussions erupted among the students outside. Many spoke in awe about the demonstrated spells.

“Did you see the spider twitching?”

“He killed the spider in one fell swoop—it’s that simple!”

Draco halted Skyler, who was ready to leave, signaling Daphne to proceed first.

“Skyler, you understand the Unforgivable Curse, don’t you?” Draco asked, studying Skyler intently.

“I grasp some of the theory,” Skyler shrugged. “But I think it’s best not to delve into these Dark Magics. Learning them will only distort our character, making us slaves to power. No matter how potent, that person is no longer us. What do you think?”

Draco fell silent.

“Alright,” Skyler turned and waved. “I have something to attend to. See you.” With that, he departed, leaving Draco deep in contemplation.


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Published On: January 17, 2024

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