Saying farewell to Chang He and Cho, Skyler continued exploring the Asian camp.

He noticed Persian wizards with turbans, reminiscent of Professor Quirrell from his first year.

Moving on, he encountered wizards from South Asia and India cooking curry.

The magical spices infused the air with a rich aroma, catching Skyler’s senses from a distance.

Finally, he arrived at Japan’s exclusive camp. A group of teenagers in Muggle attire gathered, creating a fire for cooking.

The boys sported impeccable suits, ties, and black leather shoes, while the girls wore light-colored long dresses and casual high-heeled sandals, adhering meticulously to Muggle dressing rules.

The formal attire juxtaposed with their outdoor activities gave Skyler an odd feeling.

Recognizing the Mahotokuro Magic School badge on the tent, Skyler noted these students’ strict adherence to international secrecy laws.

Their magical uniforms could change size with age and color with academic progress.

However, a white robe indicated a severe violation of Japanese wizarding guidelines or illegal behavior, leading to expulsion and a trial by the Japanese Ministry of Magic.

Skyler’s arrival drew attention as a blond teenager among black-haired and black-eyed wizards.

A tall Japanese girl, Akabane Shirayuki, approached.

Her appearance resembled a female celebrity Skyler had seen in a magazine before crossing.

She greeted him in surprisingly fluent English.

“Are you… Mr. Malfoy?” she inquired.

“Yes, hello, Miss Akabane,” responded Skyler, surprised to encounter Akabane Shirayuki, a pen pal since he was nine years old.

Since becoming pen pals, Skyler has always made time to stay in contact with Akabane Shirayuki every weekend. They exchanged photos at the age of eleven, making it easy to recognize each other.

Skyler was surprised by Shirayuki’s impeccable English, devoid of the heavy accent he associated with Japanese speakers.

Despite their mostly English communication in letters, the transition from writing to speaking impressed him.

Their first meeting was a mix of excitement and awkwardness.

Armed with some basic Japanese, Skyler was relieved that Shirayuki was fluent in English.

She revealed her deep desire for the British magical world, planning to find a job in the UK after graduation, prompting her to learn English and establish British pen pals in advance.

Casually sipping a green tea, Skyler asked, “Shirayuki,” as they began addressing each other by their names, “Do you like Quidditch too?”

“Please, just call me Yuki, Skyler!” Yuki replied with a smile on her face.

Shirayuki playfully expressed her disinterest in Quidditch but explained that her enthusiasm for the UK led her to sign up for the school-organized tour.

Intrigued, Skyler pressed on, asking why the UK held such allure for her, a question she had avoided in previous conversations.

Shirayuki’s eyes revealed a hint of sadness as she shared, “In the wizarding world of Japan, women’s status is still low. Despite hard work and good grades, the career options are limited after graduation. I would likely end up in a traditional life—marriage, children, and housewife duties. I am not resigned to this fate; I want to go abroad and shape my own destiny!”

Skyler’s frame trembled slightly as if glimpsing his reflection in Shirayuki—a shared pursuit of controlling their destinies.

“The UK might not meet your expectations,” Skyler admitted with a bitter smile. “Powerful pure-blood families tightly control the economic and political landscape. As an outsider trying to make a mark, you’d likely encounter numerous challenges.”

Shirayuki playfully teased, “Isn’t that why you’re there, Malfoy’s young master? Would you let a poor little girl face it alone without offering your support?”

Skyler replied with an awkward “Ah.”

“Don’t play innocent. I’ve known about your family background—all about the Malfoy legacy, one of the most influential in Britain. You’re the youngest wizard in history who finished Trial of Merlin, representing the European Wizards Federation’s youth during the Middle Ages. Countless patents and investments are under your name. Why didn’t you mention any of this in your letters? Humph! You didn’t treat me as a friend at all!” Shirayuki’s pout added an unexpectedly cute touch.

“Well, telling you all that would seem like showing off,” Skyler admitted, scratching his head. “Besides, did you want me to write, ‘Dear Miss Akabane, I’m rich, handsome, famous, with status, property, houses, cars, and a bank account with 30,000 Galleons?”

Shirayuki laughed, “You’re funny! But seriously, it’s okay for you to mention it. Does this mean you can help me?”

“We’ve known each other for a while, and helping you won’t be an issue,” Skyler assured her. “However, I must warn you that the UK might face significant turmoil in the coming years. Maybe you should reconsider coming here later.”

Shirayuki, with a skeptical look, remarked, “Are you lying to me? I’ve read every issue of the ‘Daily Prophet.’ You’ve had peace in the UK for decades. Why suddenly talk about such things now?”

Skyler sighed, “It’s not the doing of those pure-blood families. Ancestry discrimination is deeply ingrained in the UK. Unfortunately, no one seems willing to change.”

Shirayuki, puzzled, asked, “But you’re a direct descendant of a powerful pure-blood family. Why do you seem so opposed to the pure-blood theory?”

Skyler’s demeanor turned serious. “The purity of blood isn’t derived from the blood spilled but from our ancestors’ countless contributions to the wizarding world’s development. However, fixating on someone’s lineage can bury the talents of many skilled wizards, hindering the wizarding world’s growth—self-reliance, brain drain, and self-sufficiency. These issues might not manifest immediately, but they’ll impede the wizarding world’s progress in the long run, even regress.”

His gaze intensified. “I’ve heard that in North America and Japan, they’ve already discarded the pedigree theory and embraced meritocracy. I dare say, in a few more years, the British wizarding world is on the brink of losing its status as the strongest magical nation. It’s likely to be surpassed by the United States or even Asian countries.”

Shirayuki’s eyes held unmasked admiration, and she softly remarked, “Do you know? What you just said, both in content and tone, resembles a person…”

Skyler inquired, “Oh? Who might that be?” with a smile.

“In our Japanese wizarding world, there was an era when pure-blood supremacy prevailed, in the tenth century. With their strong family magic knowledge, families like Kichiro, Toshiro, and Kouji firmly controlled power and resources. Ordinary wizards had no means to resist…”

“This persisted until a great wizard emerged, the greatest in our Japanese wizarding history—Shinichi Kuro. Growing up in the grassroots class, he faced numerous challenges but never wavered. Ultimately, Mahotokuro was established under his reform, breaking the monopoly of magical knowledge, and pure-blood ideologies ceased to dominate.”

Shirayuki’s eyes sparkled. “Your words echoed Sensei Shinichi…”

Skyler blushed, dismissing it, “Oh, I was just rambling. No need for such praise.”

“Really?” Shirayuki locked eyes with Skyler, a smile playing on her lips. “Your expression didn’t seem like mere banter.”

She then took Skyler on a tour of the camp, introducing him to unique magical creatures in Japan and treating him to Japanese barbecue snacks, which he found delicious.

Amidst green tea and snacks, they chatted, exchanging intriguing insights. Skyler openly shared his studies on invisibility magic, greatly inspiring Shirayuki and strengthening their bond as pen pals.

As time passed with casual conversations, Skyler lingered before leaving.

Before parting, he extended an invitation for Shirayuki to visit the UK, promising to show her a good time. Shirayuki, with a cryptic smile, nodded in agreement.

As they continued their conversation, Skyler couldn’t help but express his fascination with the diverse magical creatures in Japan.

Shirayuki animatedly shared anecdotes about the mischievous Tanuki spirits and the serene Kitsune foxes, adding a touch of cultural richness to their exchange.

Skyler, in turn, shared tales of the majestic Hippogriffs and the elusive Thestrals native to the British wizarding world.

Their conversation effortlessly flowed between the magical realms of their respective cultures, bridging the gap between their worlds.

The topic shifted to magical traditions, with Shirayuki explaining the significance of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

Intrigued, Skyler described the grandeur of the Yule Ball at Hogwarts, vividly recounting the enchanting atmosphere and the dazzling array of magical dance partners.

Amidst their magical exchanges, the duo delved into personal interests.

Shirayuki revealed her passion for magical artifacts and ancient spells, expressing her desire to explore the mysteries of the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts.

As the sun began to set over the Asian camp, casting a warm glow on their surroundings, Skyler felt a genuine connection with Shirayuki.

Their pen-pal friendship had transcended mere correspondence, blossoming into a shared appreciation for the magical wonders each of their worlds held.

With a promise to keep in touch and continue their magical exchanges, Skyler bid farewell to

Shirayuki, leaving the Japanese camp with a newfound appreciation for cultural diversity within the wizarding community.

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