After roaming for three or four hours, the girls felt a bit weary, prompting Astoria to suggest returning to the tent for some rest.

A sizable group of unfamiliar teenagers caught everyone’s attention at that moment.

Curious, Astoria inquired, “Who are they?”

Several, being from pure-blood families, recognized the names of the top 11 magic schools globally. However, identifying the origin of foreign students from appearance alone wasn’t a universal skill.

“They’re from Beauxbaton,” Skyler whispered. “It’s one of the top 11 schools, not far from us in France. You can spot Beauxbaton’s school badge on their robes—I saw it in the ‘European Magic Education Evaluation’: two golden, crisscrossed wands with three stars on each wand.”

“Is Beauxbaton impressive?” Astoria queried.

“Well, it’s quite remarkable…” Skyler recalled an interesting fact. “Your parents might have mentioned it. A few centuries ago, there was a competition called the Triwizard Tournament involving three magic schools. They took turns hosting it every five years. In history, Hogwarts won the championship 63 times, while Beauxbaton won 62 times, giving a glimpse of their strength.”

Observing the girls’ reactions, Skyler realized they were unaware that the Triwizard Tournament was about to restart.

He felt relieved that the Greengrass family wasn’t overly interested in power, and their information network within the Ministry of Magic wasn’t extensive.

Unlike the Malfoy family, where Lucius had mentioned the Triwizard Tournament to Skyler and Draco at the start of summer vacation.

However, since Lucius lacked details, Draco assumed it was just a one-day match like “Trial of Merlin.”

“Another magic school is Durmstrang on a secret island in Northern Europe. They only admit pure-blood students and have a more indulgent attitude towards dark magic…”

“I know this school,” Daphne chimed in. “It’s said that Grindelwald was a student there.”

“Yes,” Skyler nodded, “but even Durmstrang couldn’t tolerate Grindelwald’s dark magic experiments in the end, so they expelled him.”

“There’s also a school in North America called Ifamoni, situated in Graylock Mountain in the western United States. It has a deep connection with Hogwarts and was founded by one of Slytherin’s descendants. They excel in blending magic with local traditions, particularly skilled in herbology and potions. They’ve performed exceptionally well in the ‘Witcher Inter-School Potions Championship’ involving magic schools worldwide.”

“There’s also a magic school in South America, Brazil, called Castelobruxo, and there used to be an exchange program with Hogwarts!”

“Uganda in Africa has the world’s most numerous magic schools. They excel in wandless spellcasting and polymorphism. You can find them at every Animagus International Symposium.”

“The rest, one in Japan, one in Russia, and one in…”

This group of teenagers clearly came to the UK with a school-organized tour group to witness this year’s Quidditch World Cup.

Observing students from a foreign magic school, Skyler had an idea – could there be a group from the Mahoutokoro Wizarding School in Japan?

With this in mind, Skyler suggested the three girls head back first. He also wanted to try his luck in the Asian camp, hoping to encounter his pen pal.

Thus, Skyler and the girls temporarily parted ways.

Upon reaching the Asian camp, the number of tents was noticeably sparse. The spacing between tents was loose, not as densely packed, reflecting the lesser popularity of Quidditch in Asia.

Asian wizards tended to prefer flying on magic carpets rather than broomsticks.

His first encounter was with an unexpected individual—the transfiguration master Chang He.

Having communicated with Chang He throughout the past semester about transfiguration, Skyler was deeply grateful for the guidance. Recognizing Chang He from a picture in “Transfiguration Today,” Skyler approached him respectfully.

“Hello, Mr. Chang. I am the Malfoy who frequently communicates with you. Thank you very much for your advice.”

Chang He was slightly surprised but quickly recognized Skyler. “Oh, it’s you! Good lad, no need to be so polite. Just call me Grandpa Chang,” he said, twisting his long beard. “Indeed, you’re a talent. I envy that old fellow Dumbledore for having such a fine disciple like you.”

“Grandpa Chang, your praise is too kind,” Skyler replied modestly. “I am just fortunate and have received guidance from many skilled individuals, including you, Grandpa Chang.”

“Hehe, you truly have a way with words,” Chang He chuckled.

“Grandpa Chang, do you also like Quidditch? I’ve traveled quite a distance to be here,” Skyler inquired, as he had the impression that Quidditch wasn’t very popular in Asia.

“I have a fondness for Quidditch, and the timing of my visit is just right,” Chang He replied. “My main reason for coming is to visit relatives.”

“Relatives?” Skyler was taken aback. “Grandpa Chang, do you have relatives in the UK?”

“Hehe, speaking of relatives, you might be familiar with them!” Chang He sighed deeply, then slowly explained, “My brother and I had a disagreement over a family matter. In a fit of anger, he left home and never returned.” A subtle tremor crept into Chang He’s voice.

“It wasn’t until much later, after he passed away, that I discovered he had moved to the UK. He deliberately kept it from me until his death. It’s evident how much he disliked and resented me…” Though Chang He maintained a stoic expression, the grief in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

“Grandpa Chang…”

“Allow me to share this jest with you, Skyler,” Chang He sighed. “I want to say, if time could be rewound, I would certainly alter my original decision. There’s nothing like genuine family affection.”

Skyler couldn’t fathom why, but it felt as though his heart had been struck by a heavy hammer.

He took a deep breath, and Draco’s face unexpectedly flashed through his mind.

“No, Draco and I may have different views, but it’s always for the family. Impossible… impossible…” Skyler forcefully comforted himself, banishing these intrusive thoughts from his mind.

“My brother married a girl in the UK, settled down, and had his own child, my nephew. Later, my nephew also got married. He has a daughter—perhaps you know her! Her name is Chang Cho, and she’s at Hogwarts, just a year older than you.”

What! It’s Chang Cho!

While Skyler and Chang Cho weren’t very acquainted, they did know each other.

Chang Cho and her friends had attended the Patronus Mantra exchange event he organized.

Surprisingly, Chang Cho had such a significant background!

Chang He’s standing in the field of transfiguration in Asia equated to that of Professor McGonagall in Europe. He was the top expert in transfiguration and an honorary consultant at the Animagus International Symposium, much like McGonagall.

At that moment, Chang Cho emerged from the tent and spotted Skyler, her eyes lighting up. She greeted him with a sweet smile, “Hey, Skyler! What brings you here?”

“Just leisurely wandering around, and unexpectedly ran into Mr. Chang,” Skyler replied honestly.

“Ah! You know my uncle?” Chang Cho was genuinely surprised.

While Skyler’s name was well-known throughout Great Britain, suggesting it might have reached nearby European countries, the idea that it had reached the far east seemed a bit exaggerated.

“Hehe, Skyler and I are pen pals, frequently exchanging insights on transfiguration in our letters,” Chang He said affectionately, gazing at Chang Cho.

With no children of his own, he treated Chang Cho as if she were his daughter, carrying a touch of guilt toward his brother.

“Skyler, are you alone?!” Cho hesitated for a moment, her face flushed. “Would you like to come inside and join us in the tent for a while? I want to ask you about the Patronus Charm. Is there a trick to it? No matter how hard I try, I can only produce mist.”

Chang Cho was indeed very beautiful, explaining why even slow-reacting guys like Harry found her captivating.

However, Skyler was already surrounded by many girls, and he had no intention of complicating his emotional world further.

He accepted Cho’s invitation, but only because he wanted to express gratitude to Chang He for his guidance.

Skyler didn’t linger in the tent for too long. He reiterated his experience with the Patronus Charm and then demonstrated a successful Patronus for Cho, bringing a smile to her face.

“Is this… a Cheering Charm?” Cho felt a sweet warmth in her heart, flooded with scenes of joyful memories.

Even the corners of her mouth involuntarily lifted.

“Yes, This is my enhanced Cheering Charm. It aids in learning the Patronus Charm and can even amplify its power. How do you feel now?” Skyler asked, genuinely concerned.

“I feel… so relaxed, as if all my worries have vanished, and then… so happy, as if I’m the luckiest girl in the world…” Cho closed her eyes, savoring the emotions of the moment, and whispered.

“Okay, now freeze the image of your happiest moment in your mind and then say out loud, Expecto Patronum!”

“Expecto Patronum!” Cho’s wand emitted a brilliant light, conjuring a swan Patronus.

“It’s amazing!” Chang He’s eyes gleamed. “Creating a new Cheering Charm that enables someone to master the Patronus Charm in such a short time. Skyler, you’ve surprised me!”

Though Chang He wasn’t a spell study expert, he still appreciated the craft.

This young one is like a dragon in its early stages, dormant but with the potential to rise mightily in the future.

He gazed at Cho, acknowledging her considerable talent.

Yet, her stunning appearance tempted her away from focusing on magic.

The Chang family’s secret transfiguration technique might be lost unless… he suddenly had a brilliant idea.

“Skyler, I’ll be heading to China in a few days. Since you’re close to Cho, I hope you can look out for her at Hogwarts and offer some advice. Don’t worry; it won’t take much of your time. In return, my Chang family has some secret transfiguration techniques that I can share with you.”

Skyler readily agreed, partly motivated by gratitude and partly enticed by the prospect of learning Chang’s Transfiguration Art.

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