Dumbledore understood that Skyler’s nature made it impossible for him to submit to others and become a lackey for Voldemort.

Pondering this, he redirected his gaze toward Skyler, who was engaged in conversation with the potion master Horace Slughorn.

Sensing Dumbledore’s look, Skyler turned slightly and caught Dumbledore’s eye.

Dumbledore blinked at Skyler, sharing a knowing smile that only the two of them could comprehend.

Slughorn, a Wizengamot member, had been absent from its activities for an extended period. Still, he reappeared to connect with Skyler, adding another notable member to the Slug Club he had established.

Dumbledore had patiently waited for this moment, as there were others who shared his intention.

He observed Skyler chatting with Amelia, then Barty Crouch, followed by Fudge and Gusrda Macchiban.

Seizing the opportunity before others, Dumbledore approached Skyler and initiated an acquaintance with Skyler. Horace Slughorn, a renowned potion master of Dumbledore’s era, belonged to the Sacred 28 pure-blood family but wasn’t a core member.

He had lost his position as Patriarch due to family politics and had since become obsessed with building connections, leading to the creation of the Slug Club.

(Note: Pottermore indicates that Slughorn has no siblings, never married, and has no heirs, but the Slughorn family has other branches and inheritance, aligning with this story’s setting.)

Both families, Skyler’s and Slughorn’s, featured on Skyler’s list, and now, they were willingly forging connections.

Their initial discussion covered campus life, gradually transitioning to sharing experiences in potion-making.

Slughorn, being a seasoned potion master, provided insights that proved beneficial even for someone at Skyler’s level.

Before parting, they exchanged contact information, committing to maintain correspondence.

The honoring ceremony then commenced.

On the elevated stage, the Minister of Magic Fudge delivered an inconsequential speech before being replaced by Dumbledore, the Chief Warlock of Wizengamot.

Amidst the flashlights of numerous reporters, Skyler ascended the stage, receiving the Merlin Medal from Dumbledore and adorning it on his chest.

The golden medal had a white ribbon, signifying a third-class distinction.

All Sir Merlin medals were golden, and the ribbon’s color denoted the rank, with green for the first class, commemorating Slytherin College, and purple for the second class.

Skyler’s third-class medal featured a white ribbon.

The ceremony concluded flawlessly amid applause.

Skyler diligently perused the remaining books in Ravenclaw in the week leading up to the ceremony.

Embarking on his summer vacation plan after the ceremony, Skyler’s top priority was deciphering the Deathly Hallows’ Invisibility Cloak.

With most of it cracked, he experimented with the correct chisel type, eventually succeeding in using the Black Dragon chisel from Nott.

He replicated the invisibility effect onto the Supreme Wizard’s Robe, endowing it with invisibility and concealment capabilities.

When combined with the Invisible Phantom Charm, the dual invisibility effect made it nearly impervious even to Dumbledore’s scrutiny.

(Note: Dumbledore cannot see through the Deathly Hallows’ Invisibility Cloak. The time he saw through Harry was due to finding clues left by the careless Harry, then silently casting the Revealing Charm – from Bloomsbury web chat.)

[The final form of the Supreme Wizard Robe (ten functions) is complete!]

The second task involved a visit to Knockturn Alley, purchasing the Vanishing Cabinet from the Borgin and Burkes store for a hundred Galleons.

Instead of heading straight home after leaving Knockturn Alley, Skyler used the Floo network to reach Burns Manor.

[Vanishing Cabinet obtained! The 2x Vanishing Cabinet link is complete!]

Warmly welcomed by Amelia and Susan, the latter sought Skyler’s advice in mastering the complete Patronus Charm, as she had yet to fully grasp it.

Amelia was astonished upon learning that Skyler could conjure a complete corporeal Patronus. In the Ministry of Magic, over half of the wizards were unfamiliar with this spell, and the remaining portion could only cast an incomplete Patronus, releasing silver-white light fog.

While this fog offered limited resistance against Dementors and Voldebats, it merely provided a brief escape opportunity.

Skyler, humbly seeking legal insights from Amelia about various wizarding circles, received generous guidance.

Amelia selflessly clarified his queries, rapidly enhancing Skyler’s knowledge in this realm.

The fourth task involved delving into the Dark Magic Book of the Black Family.

However, understanding black magic books proved challenging, laden with esoteric content and concealed traps between the lines that could ensnare the reader’s soul.

Despite Skyler’s exceptional talent, progress was slow.

In his leisure, Skyler did not neglect the alchemy book gifted by Nicolas Flamel.

Locked by a rare alchemical mechanism, even Skyler struggled to decipher it, necessitating a patient and gradual study over time.

As mid-July approached, Skyler’s tracking spell on Peter Pettigrew detected an unusual magical disturbance.

It became apparent that Peter had located his old master, Voldemort, confirming Skyler’s expectations.

All previous preparations for Peter aimed at capturing Voldemort’s serpent pet, Nagini.

Nagini, a twelve-foot-long female giant snake with venomous fangs, originated as an Asian witch cursed to transform into a snake. In the magical creature movie, Nagini lived in the Albanian jungle, tamed by Voldemort.

In the original work, after Peter Pettigrew found Voldemort, he deceived Bertha Jorkins, vacationing in Albania, into killing Voldemort in his presence.

Subsequently, Nagini became Voldemort’s final Horcrux.

(Note: The victim of the last Horcrux is controversial. Rowling mentioned Bertha Jorkins, while Dumbledore suggested Frank Bryce. Considering Dumbledore may not have known about Bertha, the author finds Rowling’s argument more reasonable.)

Catching Nagini offered two distinct advantages:

Firstly, before his resurrection, Voldemort existed as a weakened remnant soul.

Discovered by Peter Pettigrew, he used a rudimentary body to create a crude vessel for his soul.

Though considered a subpar body, it still allowed him to cast lethal spells, increasing the threat significantly.

The main ingredients for the Potion of Resurrection were the unicorn blood and Nagini’s venom.

Taking Nagini away would impede Voldemort’s plans, delaying his return.

Secondly, Nagini, the known host of the blood curse, held immense research value.

While Skyler had an unparalleled understanding of blood curses, he lacked an experimental sample to verify theoretical assumptions.

The timing was crucial, as Nagini would soon become Voldemort’s Horcrux. Once this happened, Skyler’s research would be complicated by the addition of the Horcrux.

To avoid complications, Skyler promptly left after sensing the feedback from the tracking technique on Peter Pettigrew.

The disadvantage was evident: by taking Nagini away, Voldemort lost the container for making the seventh Horcrux.

The last one would remain unknown if he insisted on creating another Horcrux. Yet, compared to the benefits gained, Skyler wasn’t overly concerned, trusting that the savior and Dumbledore would deal with destroying the Horcrux.

Skyler adorned the Supreme Wizard’s robe, transforming it into a mysterious black cloak at his whim.

He then donned the “Grimmauld Mask” he had studied.

The mask concealed his identity, emitting a cold and fierce aura.

His magic became shrouded in a protective veil, appearing cryptic and peculiar.

Even close relatives would fail to recognize him; to them, he resembled a formidable black wizard.

With a snap of his fingers, Dobby appeared beside him. Startled by Skyler’s altered appearance and demeanor, Dobby trembled and cowered on the ground, asking in a quivering voice, “Who are you? I – my master, what?”

Skyler’s voice echoed ethereally, “Dobby… it’s me, Skyler.”

“M—master, are you the master?” questioned Dobby with skepticism, struggling to accept the sudden and terrifying transformation of his once little master.

Skyler’s voice carried an invisible, penetrating power.

Dobby felt each word not entering through his ears but resonating directly within his heart. “This is my secret disguise. Don’t tell anyone… Now, take me to Dwarf Star.” Dobby sensed the influence of soul magic in Skyler’s voice, rendering him unable to resist.

In this moment, Skyler’s mastery of Black family soul magic and “Abatel Vol. 2” had completely ensnared Dobby’s mind.

Spirit and body surrendered entirely, making Dobby Skyler’s most loyal servant.

To prevent Dobby from being recognized, Skyler applied a transformation technique, turning Dobby into an elf with a boar-like head.

Together, they journeyed to the Albanian jungle, shocking both Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew.

Finally encountering the boss as described in the original book, Voldemort appeared as a deformed humanoid creature.

Tightly wrapped in a blanket, it resembled a baby at first glance, albeit an unimaginably grotesque one.

Dark red scales covered its surface, and a snake-like head with flickering red eyes, and a protruding spine on its back.

This deformed figure was the result of Voldemort reshaping himself with the Potion.

Far from his peak state, silent Voldemort attempted to cast a life-killing curse, but Skyler skillfully evaded it, mocking, “Hey hey, poor Dark Lord, weak as a baby, with only one follower around. Weak.”

After Voldemort cast the Killing Curse, his magical power depleted instantly, prompting him to refrain from further aggression. Aware of his immortality, he maintained a composed demeanor, cautiously inquiring, “Who are you? What is your purpose here?”

Skyler’s cold voice cut through the air, “It matters not who I am; I’m here for you, seeking only the snake by your side.”

“This snake is crucial to me. Why do you want it?” Voldemort inquired.

“It’s none of your concern. I simply ask, will you give it or not?” Skyler heightened the magic within the nameless mask, intensifying the brutal and terrifying aura surrounding him.

Voldemort hesitated but ultimately resisted the urge to attack.

While Nagini’s venom held importance, substitutes were available, albeit time-consuming.

Trapped in his weakened state for too long, he yearned for a swift return to power.

The dark wizard before him exuded a malevolent and potent black magic aura, a threat even in Voldemort’s prime, let alone in his current condition.

Furthermore, it was evident that the stranger was no benevolent figure but a dark wizard akin to himself.

Unbeknownst to Voldemort, Skyler’s magical prowess still lingered at the level of a senior student.

The nameless mask merely created a visual illusion of a potent black magic atmosphere, essentially a disguise.

Yet, it served its purpose well in intimidating Voldemort.

Reluctantly nodding, Voldemort yielded.

Without wasting words, Skyler rendered Nagini unconscious with a sharp Stunning Spell, seized her, Apparated with Dobby, and vanished.

The Basilisk “Nagini” has been captured!

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