There are still two and a half weeks left before summer vacation.

During this time, Skyler decided to seclude himself. He retreated to Ravenclaw’s secret room, racing against time and studying tirelessly.

Utilizing expensive nutritious potions instead of regular meals, invigorating draughts in place of sleep, and donning the Crown of Wisdom to enhance his intelligence, coupled with the extended time granted by the hourglass, he delved into the books within Ravenclaw’s secret room one by one.

Skyler’s exceptional intellect and mental prowess became evident during this period.

After consuming the Brain Enchantment Potion, his reading speed nearly tripled, allowing him to devour at least 30 books a day.

One could say he read a line and comprehended ten.

The most remarkable aspect was not just his ability to recall all the information but also his immediate organization and summarization of the complex data in his mind.

He analyzed and edited, transforming it into coherent knowledge, even developing his own insights.

Although Skyler read 30 books a day in the public library area during his first year, the Ravenclaw collection is evidently more esoteric and challenging.

This proves how great of a knowledge Rowena Ravenclaw herself had amassed throughout her entire life.

That’s probably the reason why Ravenclaw is associated with cleverness and wisdom.

Ravenclaw, known for her wisdom and thirst for knowledge among the Hogwarts founders, amassed the most precious collection of the time.

Her books covered various fields of magical research, providing unique insights. Among the numerous volumes, Skyler discovered a significant surprise!

“Abatel Vol. 2” acquired!

Abatel is a comprehensive magical book divided into eight fragments due to a Middle Ages conflict, each corresponding to a magical field.

The Malfoy family obtained the first volume on spiritual magic, propelling their rise and glory.

The Malfoy family’s emphasis on spiritual magic in their Secret Charm underscores the importance of this book in their lineage.

Ravenclaw’s collection of Abatel Fragments focuses on curse magic.

This form of curse magic doesn’t align with the malevolent curses often associated with dark arts but involves placing magic on something at a distance through an invisible link.

Dark arts include the malevolent Jinx, Hex, and Curse, categorized by the strength of the curse, although distinctions are often blurry, depending on the user’s magical abilities and control.

For instance, the curse Voldemort placed on a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor’s position is a type of curse magic.

Similarly, the curse on the Gaunt family ring falls under this category.

Yet, these pale in comparison to the most sinister curse—the bloodline curse.

The bloodline curse persists beyond the host’s death, passing a malevolent legacy through generations.

Just like how many curses dating back to the ancient Egypt, they demanded sacrifices as fuel to break the curse away.

Skyler discovered from Ravenclaw’s research note that Ravenclaw herself bore the burden of a blood curse.

Her blood curse was “absolute reason,” stripping her of normal emotions—no anger, sorrow, or joy, only unwavering rationality.

Ravenclaw dedicated her life to researching ways to break the blood curse.

Although she eventually found a theoretically feasible solution, her grief over her husband’s death (Mr. Ravenclaw, not the other founders) prevented her from implementing the cure.

Thus, her idea to break the curse remained a theoretical concept on paper and was never confirmed in practice.

Of course, this was an unrepeatable coincidence.

Ravenclaw’s formidable strength allowed her to resist most of the curse’s power, making it successfully solvable only once under intense emotional stimulation.

One could say her curse was actually a blessing for her at the time…

Ravenclaw had the perfect curse of not caring about anything emotionally, which drove her to drown with research and lots of experiments without being affected by internal or external emotions.

The cursed person’s strength is a factor affecting the curse’s power, preventing Voldemort from directly cursing the position of Headmaster Hogwarts and concluding the entire story.

Even though Ravenclaw ultimately lifted the curse, the heart curse planted by the blood curse had taken shape during her adulthood.

This heart demon left an invisible magical crack in her mind, meaning that when faced with her daughter’s betrayal (when her daughter Helena stole her crown), she would succumb to “Broken Heart” due to a momentary loss of emotional control and depression.

Sometimes in life, perhaps our curse is meant to be a gift after all…

(Note: Ravenclaw’s blood curse is an author’s creation. Despite not feeling “love and happiness,” she still tried hard, exemplified by her marriage to Mr. Ravenclaw.)

The densely packed notes contain various research and thoughts on the blood curse.

Ravenclaw repeatedly mentioned that many of her ideas and inspirations originated from “Abatel Volume 2.”

She emphasized in her notes that her heirs must carefully study Abatel, as it contains crucial theoretical knowledge that could deepen their understanding of her ideas.

On the last page of the notes, Skyler saw Ravenclaw expressing regret that she could only peek at a scroll throughout her life despite her eagerness to glimpse all eight volumes of Abatel.

Ravenclaw’s bloodline research notes are now in Skyler’s possession.

In the wizarding world, research on bloodline power is rare.

Skyler first read Merlin’s research notes in the library’s restricted area, followed by the research notes of the Greengrass family.

With the addition of Ravenclaw’s research notes, his knowledge in the field of bloodline power has reached an astonishing height.

While he currently lacks ideas on how to stimulate the bloodline power hidden in his body in the short term, Skyler has numerous concepts on how to modify the bloodline of species and break bloodline curses.

Another surprising book for Skyler was “The Mystery of Space.”

While the magic world primarily knows space magic for the “Extension Charm” and three types of magical shifting, Skyler recognizes that space magic goes beyond these basics.

Books like The Room of Requirements, Vanishing Cabinet, and Peeping Glass showcase more complex and advanced principles of space magic.

“The Mystery of Space” delves directly into the essence of space magic.

Space magic delves into a realm considered one of the top secrets in the magical world—the Limbo.

The only mention of this space in the original book occurs when Graham Monty is forcibly stuffed into the broken Vanishing Cabinet while attempting to deduct points from the Weasley twins.

During this incident, the vanishing cabinet, which was broken by Pippi, couldn’t send Monty to the other one, trapping him in a dark void space.

In this space, his body was immobilized, but his consciousness remained awake, allowing him to hear the movements of Hogwarts and the voices from the Borgin and Burkes shop.

The author addresses the lack of knowledge about the Vanishing Cabinet’s use at Hogwarts.

The cabinets were not simultaneously in good condition due to historical events, with the one in the Borgin and Burkes store being lost to the original owner, sold to the Borgin and Burkes shop, and repaired by Professor Borgin around 1992.

Pippi broke the Hogwarts cabinet in the same year.

Realizing his escape was unlikely, Monty resorted to Apparating the next day.

Despite not passing the Apparition Test, he ended up stuck in a toilet on the fifth floor of the castle.

In the following weeks, Monty remained in a trance, unable to recover from the fright of being trapped in the toilet.

Void space, the gap between spaces, lacks light, sound, and the flow of time.

Magical transportation utilizes this space to link two teleportation points. The transmission route can be determined through thoughts (Apparating), pre-linked magical pathways (Floo Networks, Vanishing Cabinet), or the guidance of anchored object locations (port keys).

Apparition’s advantage lies in its convenience, available anytime and anywhere.

However, its distance is limited, and bringing others during the movement is perilous.

Floo Powder overcomes this limitation but can only travel between connected stoves in the Floo network, making it less convenient than Apparition.

The door key addresses Floo Powder’s limitations and safely transports multiple people simultaneously.

However, it requires touching an object to initiate the shapeshift, leading to stringent Ministry of Magic control.

The potential misuse of port keys, transporting unsuspecting individuals into unexpected situations, is a significant concern.

Having grasped the essence of void space, Skyler recognized that wizards’ use of space magic was still at a rudimentary stage, neglecting its potential in battles.

Contemplating the possibilities, even against the seemingly unstoppable Avada Kedavra, which boasts no counter-curse, wouldn’t that offer a solution if space magic could be employed to redirect the curse to another location?

With precise control, it might even be possible to teleport the life-threatening spell back to its caster.

“The Mystery of Space” was a triumphant acquisition, and considering the vastness of the Ravenclaw collection containing around 500 books, Skyler strategically selected volumes he deemed most useful for immediate study.

Despite time constraints, he didn’t forget Aquila’s promised rewards for perusing all the books.

After two weeks of intense reading, Skyler had covered the majority of the collection.

Before departing, he employed a Doubling Charm to duplicate all the books, storing them in his private library for future exploration during the summer vacation.

His private library now boasted contributions from the Malfoy family, the Black family, the Druela family, professors, and girlfriends, exceeding a count of 1,000 books.

As a dedicated bookworm reveling in his love for literature, Skyler surveyed the shelves adorned with a plethora of books.

A profound sense of satisfaction and accomplishment filled his heart.

The journey of Ravenclaw’s trial and error, which resulted in her own unique thoughts on tackling the magical problems, along with the rare books that she referenced, is at the touch of Skyler’s fingertips.

Not to count Aquila, who had already turned into his Magical Beast, the presence of the Ravenclaw’s Diadem paired with her knowledge is taking Skyler to a new level.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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