Since Skyler inadvertently triggered a magical incident, Lucius had been keen on nurturing Skyler’s magical education.

The entire family was thrilled and astonished by the fact that Skyler’s exceptional aptitude extended seamlessly into the realm of magic.

Skyler showcased remarkable talent in the study of magic, absorbing various magical concepts effortlessly.

He would even pose questions that stumped Lucius himself from time to time.

Before long, Lucius realized that Skyler’s independent research outpaced his personal guidance.

As a scholar in his previous life, Skyler had already skipped the stages of learning language and writing.

From age 4, he embarked on a relentless quest for knowledge, immersing himself in the family library’s vast collection of books.

Over centuries, the Malfoy family had accumulated a wide array of literature spanning history, spells, transfiguration, herbology, warfare, and even obscure ancient magical texts and alchemical works.

The library contained rare and priceless tomes, with some out-of-print magical books that defied valuation.

These were the core legacy of pure-blood wizarding families, safeguarded with utmost care and only revealed as a last resort.

Skyler’s passion lay with the history books. Through the family’s historical archives, he delved deep into the magical world, gaining a more profound understanding than what was conveyed in the original works.

He recognized that this world was a rich tapestry of life, inhabited not only by the heroic Harry and his companions but also the malevolent Voldemort and his followers, as well as countless other individuals, each with their unique stories.

The magical world brimmed with diverse characters, from pyramid-exploring wizards to globe-trotting magical biologists and creators of enchanted artifacts.

Yet, one perplexing omission in the family’s library left Skyler intrigued.

Given their allegiance to Voldemort in the original story, the absence of dark magic texts raised questions.

Did his parents withhold such texts due to their inherent danger, fearing Skyler or his brother might inadvertently stumble upon them?

The legacy of pure-blood families, particularly the revered Sacred 28, was steeped in ancient history.

These families wielded immense influence not through brute force but by controlling key industries in the wizarding world, thereby dominating its economic lifelines.

What allowed them to accomplish this was not merely inherited wealth but closely guarded magical secrets.

For instance, the Ollivander family, boasting a lineage of over two millennia, controlled the magical wand market by safeguarding the secret of wand crafting.

Skyler was fully aware that these precious family documents contained the keys to their enduring power.

Skyler understood that Voldemort had only recently returned to power.

He needed to constantly enhance his magical abilities to protect himself and his family.

His insatiable thirst for knowledge prompted him to tirelessly explore the family library.

Through years of perseverance, Skyler finally convinced Dobby, at age 5, to secretly help him access the family’s hidden chamber while everyone was away.

The chamber was protected by formidable magical barriers, rendering entry impossible without the correct unlocking spell.

Yet, such protective magic conveniently overlooked magical creatures, including House-elves like Dobby.

Thus, Skyler relied on Dobby’s unique abilities to infiltrate the secret chamber.

Inside the chamber, the ceiling was adorned with fluorescent skulls that cast an eerie glow, faintly illuminating the dark confines.

The four walls were lined with shelves, crammed with eerie objects bearing traces of dark magic.

These objects ranged from blackened skulls and blood-stained daggers to peculiar masks and rusted chains.

None were labeled, leaving Skyler in the dark about their names or purposes.

Caution guided his every move; even esteemed wizards like Dumbledore had met dire consequences when inadvertently encountering Voldemort’s curses.

Among the unsettling items, Skyler recognized one—a worn diary with a black cover bearing the name Tom Riddle.

It was the very first Horcrux in Voldemort’s dark journey, but Skyler wisely refrained from handling it, given his current abilities.

However, Skyler’s journey was far from over.

Skyler swiftly bypassed the unsettling black magic relics and approached a dimly lit corner exclusively dedicated to storing books.

The ancient tomes here bore the weight of ages, their covers so weathered that the words upon them had become nearly illegible.

Among this treasure trove, Skyler selected three volumes of magic knowledge: “Dark Potion,” “Fallen Creatures,” and “Abatel Volume One.” While outwardly ancient, these books bore extensive content inscribed with intricate Guruni magical runes.

Skyler chanced upon the family’s private grimoire within a hidden compartment—a compendium of concealed curses passed down solely to the family’s direct heirs.

He entrusted Dobby with the task of copying this invaluable document, as young wizards in the British wizarding world were prohibited from owning wands before age 11.

Consequently, Skyler could merely transcribe the spell principles and incantations, unable to practice them firsthand.

With a triumphant spirit, he celebrated his acquisitions: “Dark Potion” secured! “Fallen Creatures” obtained! “Abatel Volume One” successfully added to his collection!

Furthermore, Skyler managed to secure the Malfoy family’s exclusive curse lore.

As he prepared to depart, an unassuming, dust-covered hourglass in the corner caught his attention.

Without Skyler’s keen magical eye detecting faint energy fluctuations emanating from the hourglass, its unremarkable appearance would have gone unnoticed.

In the world of magic, items like hourglasses and pocket watches that emitted mystical energies typically signified one thing—they possessed time-altering enchantments.

Overflowing with excitement, Skyler carefully stored the hourglass and called for Dobby’s presence.

Together, they concealed it alongside the magical books and the replica of the hourglass imbued with the elf’s unique enchantments.

After meticulously erasing all traces, they discreetly retreated from the chamber, ensuring no signs of their presence remained.

He uncovered a secret compartment containing books with cryptic Gurunis runes, an authentic family curse manual detailing exclusive spells inherited solely by direct descendants. He even acquired a hidden hourglass that emitted subtle magical vibrations.

This hourglass was a time-turner, the earliest known version from the Middle Ages.

Lucius, in the postscript of the original book, allowed Theodore Nott to craft two new time turners after all known existing ones had been destroyed.

However, Skyler harbored doubts about Nott’s ability to craft a time turner without any prior samples or schematics.

This discovery confirmed Skyler’s suspicion—Lucius had possessed one of the oldest time turners all along, serving as a model for Nott’s modifications.

Time magic remained one of the most enigmatic facets of wizardry, and Skyler understood that it came with a multitude of rules.

He had no desire to manipulate time recklessly and risk dire consequences.

The ancient time turner he’d obtained could only turn back one hour at a time, but it held incredible potential for Skyler.

His purpose was simple: more time for reading and learning. Hermione, in the original book, had benefited greatly from her time turner, and Skyler aimed to emulate her disciplined approach, carefully using the time turner only four times a day to extend his hours of study.

Although the time turner had no set limit on its use, excessive and frequent activation could strain the user’s body, as Hermione experienced in the original story.

Consequently, Skyler judiciously limited himself to four hourly turns daily, allocating the extra four hours solely for studying.

With this methodical approach, he devoured the library’s contents by the age of 9, accumulating a wealth of knowledge that surpassed ordinary expectations.

As for the three ominous black magic books, Skyler refrained from delving into them for now.

They carried inherent dangers, and it would be reckless for Skyler to engage with them, given his current capabilities.

Regarding the Malfoy family magic, Skyler had memorized the steps and details of the spells, although he hadn’t yet put them into practice.

In his moments of contemplation, Skyler’s mind remained as sharp and curious as ever.

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Published On: November 8, 2023

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