As a traverser well-versed in the plot, Skyler was acutely aware that Voldemort’s disappearance at this time was only a brief respite, with his remaining soul concealed in an Albanian forest, biding its time.

Lucius’s current wise protection was effectively shielding Voldemort.

Skyler also knew that soon, Lucius would commit a foolish act, leading to the loss of one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Consequently, after Voldemort’s resurrection, Lucius would lose favor among the Death Eaters and face severe consequences for his family.

Malfoy Manor would be confiscated, Lucius’s wand taken away, and even young Draco would be assigned a life-threatening mission.

Following Voldemort’s temporary downfall in the original plot, Lucius would end up in Azkaban Prison, leaving the Malfoy family in shambles and irreparably weakened.

However, Skyler had a sense of optimism.

He was a Traverser familiar with the plot and believed that he might be able to alter the family’s fate.

He was determined to leverage this unique opportunity.

Skyler did not intend to let his future be dictated solely by an invisible destiny, especially since he now had the chance to change the course of the Malfoy family’s destiny.

He aimed to protect the family’s honor, elevate their status, and secure their future.

Skyler took pride in his second chance at life in the Malfoy family.

His new existence came with newfound family bonds that he cherished deeply.

He had affection for his mother, Narcissa, who doted on him, and Draco, his proud and showy younger brother.

Even Lucius, who concealed his emotions behind a cold facade, cared for his family in his own way.

Draco, emulating his father, was fiercely loyal to the principles of pure-blooded wizardry.

Skyler appreciated the warmth of his family from the bottom of his heart.

Kakaro, the family butler, was a competent middle-aged man and his father’s confidant.

However, Skyler had mixed feelings about him. Kakaro was overly obsessed with the family’s stringent rules and etiquette, frequently reprimanding Skyler for minor infractions.

In contrast, Draco received preferential treatment from Kakaro due to his adherence to the Malfoy family’s prideful traditions.

Draco’s meticulously groomed appearance and haughty demeanor pleased Kakaro, even though his behavior bordered on arrogance.

Dobby, the House elf, shared a unique bond with Skyler.

Whenever Skyler made mistakes, such as accidentally damaging precious items in the manor, Dobby would discreetly help cover them up, sparing Skyler from Kakaro’s wrath.

When Skyler felt hungry late at night, Dobby secretly delivered food to his room.

Skyler reciprocated Dobby’s kindness, reserving a portion of delicious treats Narcissa provided for them to enjoy together, delighting in their secret late-night feasts.

The Malfoy family staunchly believed in the concept of “pure-blood supremacy,” an ideology deeply ingrained in the wizarding world’s history.

However, Skyler, as a modern traveler, held a firm belief in the equality of all individuals, leading to a direct clash with the family’s core principle of “pure-blood supremacy.”

In his youth, Skyler exhibited behaviors that occasionally challenged these beliefs.

Lucius, who staunchly adhered to pure-blooded principles, chastised Skyler for his friendlier interactions with Muggles.

To avoid agitating Lucius further, Skyler reduced overt contact with Muggles, at least in Lucius’s presence.

However, when out of Lucius’s sight, Skyler continued to explore the Muggle world and experiment with Muggle’s inventions, much to his delight.

Narcissa, despite her allegiance to pure-blood ideology, took a more lenient stance due to her love for her sons.

She believed that Skyler, as the younger son, had a right to his own opinions, chalking up his actions to youthful naivety.

Her support and advocacy allowed Skyler to maintain his freedom, even though Lucius, true to his nature, could have pressured him more aggressively to embrace pure-blood principles.

Skyler’s exceptional abilities became apparent early in life.

He displayed a remarkable aptitude for languages, surpassing even his brother Draco.

By the age of four, he demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for learning.

Lucius provided him with an array of educational materials, but Skyler’s innate intelligence enabled him to absorb knowledge independently, mirroring his past life’s academic excellence.

Skyler was equipped to excel with a double doctorate in archaeology and ancient anthropological linguistics from the University of Cambridge, proficiency in multiple languages, and a perfect memory from his previous life.

Skyler’s genius extended beyond academics, which he found somewhat dull.

He had been an academic prodigy in his past life, topping national examinations in the United Kingdom.

Following his rebirth, he noticed that his memory and comprehension had grown even stronger.

He could remember and understand anything he read or learned, an advantage that left him pondering if his rebirth had granted him a unique edge.

At age four, Skyler inadvertently triggered a magical incident that left the stern butler Kakaro incapacitated, confirming his potential as a wizard.

By the time he turned eleven, Skyler would have his own wand and enroll in a magic school to receive a formal wizarding education.

This development alleviated Skyler’s initial concerns about his magical abilities, ensuring he wouldn’t end up as a Squib, which was a stigma in the wizarding world.

On the day of his magical outburst, Narcissa celebrated with hugs and kisses, while Lucius maintained his usual stoic demeanor, though his slightly upturned lips betrayed his underlying joy.

Draco, watching it all, couldn’t help but feel envious.

After being attended to by the House-elf, the bewildered butler was promptly forgotten.

Skyler’s magical awakening was accompanied by a unique secret—his “Eye of Magic,” a power exclusive to him.

This ability allowed him to perceive the magical power of those around him.

When observing wizards, magical creatures, or enchanted objects, it appeared as a faint white light.

Skyler suspected this white light represented magical power, akin to the power he had read about in legends.

His family remained oblivious to this unique ability, as Skyler chose to keep it to himself, recognizing its potential value in unforeseen circumstances.

Through the Eye of Magic, Skyler could gauge the magical strength of individuals within his field of vision.

He understood that a wizard’s power significantly depended on their magical prowess.

This fact was evident when Professor Snape taught the Killing Curse, emphasizing that it required a substantial amount of magical power to be lethal.

While Skyler was unable to precisely measure his family’s magical strength, he had an approximate sense of it.

In the wizarding world, the notion of “pure-blood supremacy” had historical roots.

During the Middle Ages, Muggles persecuted wizards, and the pure-blood wizards, led by Salazar Slytherin, sought to protect their kind.

They espoused the concept of safeguarding pure-blooded wizardry through intermarriage within their own community.

However, as time passed, Muggles’ witch hunts led to a decline in the wizard population.

Pure-blood families turned to intermarriage with other wizarding families, diluting the purity of their bloodlines.

While they retained the title of “pure-blood,” their bloodline power had waned.

The Malfoy family, as one of the oldest families from the Middle Ages, harbored the remnants of their bloodline’s mysterious power.

This power, referred to as the “Eye of Magic” in family records, allowed Skyler to see the flow of magical energy within himself and others.

In the family’s history, One of Malfoy’s ancestors used this unique ability to communicate with magic, creating an exclusive magical incantation.

Unfortunately, records of this legendary Malfoy wizard were vague and limited.

Skyler regarded his awakened “Eye of Magic” as a personal secret.

It wasn’t a matter of distrust toward his family but rather an understanding of the importance of discretion and adaptability.

This ability might prove invaluable in unforeseen situations.

With his “Eye of Magic,” Skyler could discern the magical potential of those around him.

He noted variations in their magical strength as he examined his family members.

Skyler could discern the magical potential of those within his field of vision through his “Eye of Magic.”

It was well-known that a significant portion of a wizard’s strength derived from their magical power.

An illustration from the original book emphasized this point: when Professor Snape demonstrated the Killing Curse in class, he emphasized that it was a highly demanding spell.

If cast with insufficient magical power, it could, at best, result in minor harm.

Skyler discreetly assessed his family members using this ability. Lucius’s magical power appeared as a curious blend of gray and black hues, indicating considerable strength within the family.

However, without a point of reference to external wizards, Skyler found it challenging to pinpoint the exact magnitude of Lucius’s magical prowess.

In contrast, both Narcissa and the butler, Kakaro, exhibited notably modest magical potential.

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