After neutralizing Gallup, the remaining seven wizards proceeded with utmost caution, swimming toward Hector, aiming to converge and establish a defensive formation.

Once they formed a united front and shielded themselves like a tortoise, Skyler would be akin to a fox confronting a tightly huddled hedgehog, making any swift moves impossible.

He considered incapacitating another foe while they were still mobile and assembling, a tactical move to alleviate the subsequent pressure. As he raised his wand to cast a curse, he suddenly furrowed his brow, swiftly flipped his wrist, and quelled the curse he had intended to unleash.

“Damn it! What are you doing!” Hector bellowed angrily. This time, alongside anger, a tremor wavered in his voice, indicating that fear was beginning to grip him.

Skyler observed the entire sequence with keen eyes.

Draco skillfully rendered Irina unconscious using a potent, dazzling stun spell.

Eleanor joined her palms and hurled an alchemy bracelet. Emitting a soft sound, the bracelet instantaneously transformed into five golden rings, entwining Miles’s hands, feet, and neck, rendering him immobile despite being fully conscious.

Catalina’s eyes blazed with anger. “You two… Are you planning to betray me?”

“What a group of hopeless fools…” Draco looked down at Catalina with contempt in his eyes. Though his voice was low, Hector carried an air of utmost calmness. “It’s one thing to be foolish on your own, but don’t assume everyone else is on the same level as you.”

“Don’t think I’m oblivious…” He sneered coldly. “Your intentions were far from noble when you invited me to join the Ghost Society. You saw the division between my brother and me during the opening ceremony and sought to exploit it, hoping to fracture the strength of the Malfoy family from within.”

“To be honest, I do resonate with the ideals of the Ghost Society. Purebloods deserve recognition…” His tone abruptly turned icy. “But if you plan to use me as your tool to keep Skyler in check, then you’re sorely mistaken -“

“Skyler and I might have ideological disagreements, but that’s an internal family matter… At other times -“

“The Malfoy family,” his eyes ignited with an unprecedented intensity, and his aura surged suddenly, “will always present a united front to the outside world!”

It seemed as if he sensed the resolution of the master’s internal conflicts. The connection between his mind and wand, resonating in unison, triggered a simultaneous evolution. His hawthorn unicorn wand emitted a distinct sound, creating tiny ripples in the water.

The wand’s tip erupted with an unprecedented dazzling light, propelling a water column. The trajectory of the column was not straight; it swirled underwater, transforming into the head of a Giant lizard, lunging towards the immobilized Miles and rendering him unconscious with a swift impact.

Skyler who was aware of Draco’s intention, never even doubted Draco’s intention from the beginning. Though he is on the opposite side, but a proud Malfoy would never bow their head down to a mere outsider!

Looking at Draco with a somehow satisfied look, Skyler smiled at him, “Brother, so that you know, I would never even fight you for the position at the top of the Malfoy Family.”

Draco stared at Skyler with a bitter look, “Let’s just finish this first, brother.”

“Oh, dear Catalina,” Eleanor chimed in with a playful smile, “don’t blame me for betrayal!”

“I embarked on this mission to uphold the agreement between my family and Walpurgis Knights, ultimately prioritizing the family’s interests. I genuinely intended to assist you -“

Eleanor’s countenance gradually turned cold, her voice carrying a hint of frostiness. “But your performance has truly let me down. On the night of the Yule Ball, you pledged not to miss the opportunity to capture Skyler Malfoy during the dance. What was the outcome? You were unaware of the details, and your lack of foresight is evident.”

“You can’t even grasp of a bit of his strength at all! With his mysterious allure, I have been charmed instead of trying to uphold the deal that you’ve broken first!”

“During the initial task, witnessing Mr. Malfoy’s approach to facing the fire dragon and the strength he displayed were enough to give me second thoughts. Nonetheless, I chose to stand by your side, giving you another chance.”

“On the night of the Yule Ball, your careless mistake allowed Mr. Malfoy to unveil the hidden power he’d kept concealed. This revelation painfully solidified my decision to change allegiances. Frankly, Mr. Malfoy harbors too many undisclosed cards, and my regard for your capabilities is way too low at this point. Don’t blame me; if you seek fault, blame your own shortcomings!”

The sudden revelation from Eleanor’s mouth left them speechless…

How could she dare to take a daring move in such a situation like this?

Perhaps there is something more to the family Eleanor represents rather than what can be seen on the surface.

Draco’s voice turned cold once more. “Three against three, and you stand no chance! Capturing you will be effortless!”

“Hahahaha!!!.” Hector burst into maniacal laughter, as if he had heard a tremendous joke. “You acknowledge it’s three against three, yet you claim we have no chance? Arrogant bastard, if it weren’t for the family you were born into and your own popularity, you wouldn’t have earned a place in the Ghost Society! Do you truly take yourselves seriously?”

“What can you do as the less fortunate twins? You are not Skyler. Stop babbling!” Hector continued taunting.

“That’s a lot of nonsense!” Draco retorted coldly. “In that case, I’ll deliver a message on behalf of my brother first!” Draco’s pupils slowly darkened, and an eerie black energy began emanating from his body.

Hector seized the moment to take the initiative, unleashing three successive offensive spells with spell-free incantations. These spells transformed into three robust water pillars, heading straight for Draco.

A sinister black light permeated the water pillars, indicating their infusion with Dark magic. With a swift movement of his fish tail, Hector positioned himself behind Draco.

His strategy was to engage swiftly. Skyler, the true leader of the opposing side, had yet to reveal himself and was observing from the sidelines.

If Hector couldn’t swiftly overpower Draco and instead became entangled in a prolonged battle, he would find himself in a precarious situation. Besides confronting Draco head-on, he needed to remain vigilant against potential dark attacks.

Hence, he didn’t hold back upon initiating the encounter, unleashing the most potent black magic at his disposal.

He was confident that even if Draco couldn’t evade and resorted to using the Shield Charm to withstand these attacks—even if it was just employed against one of the assaults—it would suffice to put Draco at a significant disadvantage.

However, Draco surprised everyone by simply drawing a circle with his wand, causing the three incoming spells to be absorbed directly into his wand.

Hector, in the midst of preparing to approach Draco from behind, was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events. His wand paused in his hand, and his eyes widened unnaturally as he muttered, “What!”

Quickly turning around, Draco revealed an evil grin, with a faint red light flashing in his pupils. He remarked, “Let me see how far you can run that mouth of yours!”

Draco’s wand unleashed three simultaneous magic spells, the same ones that had been absorbed by the wand moments ago. However, the trajectories of these spells differed significantly. They traced three graceful arcs, positioning themselves on the left, center, and right, effectively blocking any escape route for Hector.

“Heavenly Armor!” Hector invoked the Foley family’s unique rendition of the Protego Charm. A looming shadow of silver armor manifested on his body, adorned with intricate magical markings. This protective magic successfully withstood one of the attacks, leading to an unexpected outcome.


In unrelated news, recent findings by the “Daily Prophet” suggest that Hagrid, long believed to be a pure-blood wizard, is not, in fact, of pureblood descent. Exclusive reports reveal that his mother is the Giant Fridwulfa, whose current whereabouts remain unknown.

Giants, known for their inherent cruelty and bloodthirstiness, faced near-extinction due to cannibalism in the last century. The surviving few Giants joined the command of a mysterious man, engaging in some of the most brutal Muggle massacres during his tyrannical rule.

Although many Giants affiliated with You-Know-Who perished in conflicts with Aurors combating the Dark Forces, Fridwulfa was not among them.


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Published On: February 29, 2024

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