Skyler was secretly surprised. Despite having abandoned the study of Dark Magic for quite some time, the lingering traces from that period seemed to be more discernible than he anticipated.

He had assumed that Dumbledore, at the very least, hadn’t detected them.

What caught him off guard was that the Dark Magic he had learned comprised predominantly of clandestine spells from pure-blood families.

While these might remain imperceptible to outsiders, they fell under the purview of Vinda Rosier, an adept in the family’s secret Dark Magic. To her discerning eyes, how could he possibly keep it hidden?

“Aunt Vinda, to be honest—yes, before entering Hogwarts, I perused some magical research records of the Rosier family and attempted to learn certain spells from them… However, once I enrolled in school, my focus shifted to the magical teachings within Hogwarts and the ancestral magic of the Malfoy family. Consequently, I became less acquainted with the Rosier family’s magical practices.”

“What a sly child!” Vinda’s lips curled into a slight smile as she spoke, “It’s good to be cautious, but there’s no need to be nervous. My dear nephew, I’m not here to stir up trouble over this matter. I observed the fluctuations in your magical power, and you’ve acquired a proficiency in Dark Magic! Why haven’t I heard anyone mention that Hogwarts is teaching Dark Magic now…”

She paused, then continued, “I won’t beat around the bush. My intentions are entirely benevolent. I’m offering you a substantial gift. On the one hand, I aim to repay the debt of gratitude owed to Druela, and on the other, I’m captivated by your inherent talent. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a young wizard with such potent magical blood. In your case, you are truly deserving of this gift from me!”

With those words, Vinda produced a small, weathered wooden box from her pocket. The magical aura emanating from it hinted at traces of spatial magic.

Skyler could discern that this was a box enchanted with a nearly imperceptible extension spell.

She opened the box in front of Skyler, revealing ten bottles of vibrant potions.

With just a cursory glance, Skyler recognized a variety of rare and controlled substances—two bottles each of Felix Felicis, Veritaserum, Polyjuice, The Draught of Living Death, and Amortentia Love Potion.

Next, his attention was drawn to a peculiar ring shaped like a skull, along with over a dozen thick magical books.

“Don’t let your surprise show too quickly, Skyler,” Vinda spoke slowly. “These represent the entire heritage of my Rosier bloodline. While I understand that you may have acquired some of the Rosier family’s secret magic through Druella, my aunt can guarantee that what I’m giving you here is a more comprehensive and complete collection. After all—”

Her gaze was penetrating, “I am a direct descendant of the core family of that generation… It’s just…sigh…”

Skyler inferred the reason behind her anonymity, likely due to her association with Grindelwald. He chose not to dwell on her somber past, swiftly changing the topic, “Aunt Vinda, what’s the story behind this skull ring?”

Upon hearing this, Vinda momentarily lapsed into a contemplative silence. After a brief pause, she resumed, “This ring… is Gell—” Before she could utter Grindelwald’s name, she halted, “This ring is an inheritance bestowed upon me by a great wizard. When worn, it not only enhances the wearer’s control over magical power but also refines the control over the four elements: fire, water, thunder and lightning, and whirlwind. It harmonizes well with the Rosier family’s core inheritance, which is elemental Dark Magic. Among them, combustion is one aspect, and others include black water, purple thunder, dark clouds, and more, all of which are potent elemental magics. This ring can expedite your mastery of them.”

All these offerings were undeniably valuable!

However, the cautious Skyler wasn’t accustomed to accepting substantial gifts casually. He prudently voiced, “Aunt Vinda, before I accept these items, if you don’t mind, I have a few questions that I hope you can answer.”

Vinda responded composedly, “I know that you are smart, but I wasn’t expecting you to be this cautious, young one. Go ahead, share your questions.”

“These gifts are quite extravagant,” Skyler remarked. “Setting aside the connection between my grandmother and you, what is our relationship? Even if you perceive potential in me, shouldn’t the core inheritances of the Rosier family be reserved for individuals bearing the Rosier name?”

“Suppose, for some reason, you can’t pass it on to the French branch. Still, how come I’ve heard about Uncle Evan privately leaving a bloodline as an illegitimate son? Wouldn’t it be more fitting to bestow these inheritances upon him? I find it hard to believe that such a crucial family legacy would be casually handed over to someone with a different surname, especially when I myself have a quarter of Rosier blood.” Skyler explained.

At that moment, a glint of intrigue sparkled in Vinda’s eyes, and she spoke deliberately, “Who told you Evan has blood descendants? That’s just hearsay!”

“Auntie,” Skyler grinned, “You’ve acknowledged it yourself – we’re both intelligent individuals, so why beat around the bush? It’s a waste of our time. If you’re unwilling to address that question, let’s move on to the next one.”

Hearing the words from Skyler’s mouth slowly made the facade Vinda was using gone. Even a slight smirk could be seen on her face as she acknowledged Skyler’s way of dealing with things in front of him.

Skyler’s gaze turned icy, and he fixed Vinda with a stern look. “The next question is crucial; it determines whether I can trust you or not. I expect an honest answer.”

“Just tell me! After I receive these items from you, will you suddenly remember the tasks you need my help with? If so, what are those tasks?”

Vinda’s eyes began to waver. She hesitated for a prolonged moment before sighing, “Listen here Skyler, it seems like I can’t keep anything from you, huh? Originally, my intention was not to disclose this, but if I don’t tell you the truth, I’m afraid you won’t accept this gift anyway.”

“Aunt Vinda, just speak the truth. I understand that there might be some personal motives behind you giving me these gifts, but you don’t need to ask for anything specific in return.” Vinda sighed once more, “The reason I hesitated earlier is because it involves some unsavory secrets…”

“Evan indeed had a child, but it wasn’t an illegitimate son; rather, he had a daughter through a disgraceful act. He had resorted to the Imperius Curse to forcefully possess a woman, bringing great shame to the family. It’s truly deplorable that a noble pure-blood descendant had to resort to such methods to obtain a woman…”

“Initially, the family had no intention of acknowledging this blood descendant. The incident remained hidden from public view, and the daughter could not pass on the family name to future generations. However, when both Evan and his father participated in the Death Eater camp and lost their lives during the First Wizarding War, the British branch of the Rosier family dwindled.”

“Suddenly, the status of having a daughter became significant. Despite the disgraceful circumstances, she was now the last pure descendant of the Rosier bloodline.” Vinda continued with each word said, leaving her with a bitter expression.

Skyler furrowed his brows. “What do you mean? Are you asking me to assist in caring for this descendant? Do I know her?”

Vinda smiled, “Not only do you know her, but she is your girlfriend.” She paused for a moment, looking at Skyler in the eyes while smiling mischievously, “Morag McDougal.”

“What?! Skyler exclaimed in shock.

Last summer, Skyler had met Morag’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. McDougal when he accompanied her home after a date at an art exhibition.

The revelation left Skyler bewildered.

Was Mr. McDougal deceived, or did he know about this?

Anticipating Skyler’s doubts, Vinda clarified, “McDougal is aware of the situation, and the family has compensated him. It wasn’t his wife’s fault, and the child was innocent. He accepted both mother and son. You can rest assured of this.”

“Then, I understand. Thank you, Aunt Vinda!” Skyler realized he didn’t need to exert any extra effort for these gifts. Regardless of the gifts, he would take good care of Morag.

But then, a peculiar thought crossed his mind—adding Meredith, all four of his girlfriends belonged to the Holy Pure Blood 28 families.

What struck him as even more bizarre was that they all had the core blood of their respective families.

Consequently, Skyler found himself contemplating the idea of having at least three children to continue the bloodline of these families. A strange notion dawned upon him – he felt as if he had turned into a stallion…

[Ten Bottles of Magical Potions have been obtained! ]

[The Ancient Magic of the Rosier Bloodline has been learned! ]

[Gellert Grindelwald’s Skull Ring has been obtained! ]

After stowing the newfound treasures into the suitcase space, Skyler summoned the house-elf, Sasha—now under his command—to take charge of cleaning Druella’s cottage.

Druella’s cottage harbored a hidden room, concealing several Dark Magic books. Druella had kept them from Skyler, deeming him too young for exposure to such magic.

These books were now in Skyler’s possession. Additionally, Druella had substantial savings in Gringotts’ treasury. According to Sasha’s account book, the sum amounted to approximately seven thousand galleons, all belonging to Skyler.

[ Druella’s Cottage ownership has been obtained! ]

[House-elf Sasha has been obtained! ]

[A library of Dark Magic Books has been obtained! ]

[Seven thousand galleons obtained! ]


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