Skyler emerged as the vanguard among the Champions, boldly stepping onto the field as the piercing whistle signaled the commencement of the challenge.

As he ventured through the tent entrance and into the open, he meticulously adjusted his robe, elevated his gaze, and gracefully made his way into the arena.

The stadium’s architecture resembled the ancient Roman Colosseum—a circular expanse with a spacious field at its core. Varied terrains featuring trees, rocks, and ponds adorned the landscape, while newly constructed spectator stands surrounded the arena.

The stands were teeming with spectators, their gazes fixed upon Skyler as he took center stage. Bathed in the afternoon sunlight, the golden rays cast a radiant glow upon him, trailing a shadow behind his lithe figure, enhancing the illusion of his slender form.

Under the brilliant sunlight, the vibrant and handsome countenance of the young man became a spectacle. The golden halo, accentuated by the Supreme Wizard’s robe, bestowed an air of solemnity upon him.

As the sacred golden light permeated his being, his entire demeanor transformed into something regal, akin to a mountainous presence, exuding majesty and distinction.

In the audience, many young wizards found themselves mesmerized, almost deluding themselves into perceiving Skyler not as a mere fourth-grade wizard but as a majestic battle mage adorned in golden armor.

On the opposing end of the arena, a striking silver-blue fire Dragon assumed a commanding stance. Perched upon a lofty rock, its wings gently fluttered, as if warding off bothersome intruders.

Adjacent to the fire Dragon lay a conspicuous golden egg, adding an enigmatic touch to the unfolding spectacle.

Skyler found himself in a stroke of luck as the initial contestant, with the Swedish Short Snout already present on the field, indulging in a tranquil nap with closed eyes.

This particular competition event posed no significant challenge for Skyler. Dealing with a dormant fire Dragon, granting him ample time to strategize, proved to be a far cry from the formidable battle he faced against Aragog and her spiderlings in the Forbidden Forest.

With his right hand holding the wand, Skyler lowered it, engrossed in silent concentration as he tapped into the reservoir of magic power within him.

“Vinea Arctus!” In an instant, the wand in his hand rose swiftly before his eyes.

Executing deft movements, the wand danced across his fingertips with unparalleled speed, leaving ephemeral afterimages in its wake.

More than a dozen thick black vines suddenly sprouted vigorously from the ground surrounding the Swedish Short Snout. The growth rate of these black vines was nothing short of astonishing. In the blink of an eye, they multiplied into hundreds, ensnaring the giant Dragon and firmly anchoring it to the ground.

It is one of the spells that he has learned from spending his time reading the ancient books dated from the middle age knowledge of wizardry.

A resonant roar echoed through the sky as the Dragon vehemently struggled, attempting to free itself by using claws and fangs to sever the relentless vines.

However, the vines’ rapid growth impeded its efforts. Just as the giant Dragon managed to tear off a few vines coiled around its body, it endeavored to flap its wings, aiming to escape the impending peril.

However, more vines wrapped around its bloated body again, ruthlessly lifting it from the low air. Pulling it down, it fell heavily to the ground with a violent crash.

The Swedish Short Snout was now covered in wounds and went into a rage!

Among the fire Dragon species known in the world –

in terms of size and strength, the Ukrainian Iron Belly is undoubtedly the largest;

in terms of being the wildest, most aggressive, and with the longest attack distance, the Hungarian Horntail deserves the title, but if you want to argue about the destructive power behind the flames these Dragons spew, then the Swedish Short Snout would be the best contender.

The flames of the Swedish Short Snout are unique. It is the only Dragon species that can spit out blue fire. The temperature of the flames is enough to turn wood and bones into ashes in one second; and although it cannot resemble the Hungarian Horntail, the fire that sprays out lacks the ability to spit out a torrent like the Chinese Fireball Dragon, but the flame it spits is incalculably potent.

It would be scorching if you want to use an adjective for that kind of flame!

It can be seen that the flames of the Swedish Short Snout are the strongest among many fire Dragons, both in terms of the quantity of the flame and the quality of the flame!

The Swedish Short Snout lost its mind in anger. It roared one after another, and the dense silver-blue scales on its body began to glow with a faint blue light, and then it opened its mouth – it breathed fire!

The flashing, dazzling blue flame was like a high, wild, huge wave, overwhelmingly devouring everything in sight. A hot wind suddenly came out of the center of the arena, and even the spectators far away in the stands could feel the astonishingly hot wind blowing on their faces!

Astoria covered her mouth with a worried look, while Daphne and Murray looked calm. They obviously had a better understanding of Skyler’s strengths.

Morag also joked, “Merlin’s beard, look at this temperature. I’m afraid even the Goblin-wrought Silver by the goblins can be melted, right?”

Astoria’s two little hands held each other tightly and said, “Isn’t this dangerous? Can Skyler seriously handle it?”

Daphne patted her sister’s little hand and said calmly: “Don’t worry, he will be fine. Is his strength something that a mere fire Dragon can defeat?”

The once-sane Swedish Short Snout sprayed blue flames desperately around itself, and even its huge body was covered by the flames.

Under the influence of the raging fire, the criss-crossing vines turned into ashes in an instant upon contact. However, at the same time, the scales on the fire Dragon’s body were also melted by the raging fire, falling into pieces at a speed visible to the naked eye. Pieces peeled off the Dragon’s body.

After enduring all the hardships and injuries, the Swedish Short Snout finally broke free from the shackles of the vines, spread its huge wings, and flew into the sky!

It raised its head high and let out a long, deafening roar. The sharp sound broke through the sea of clouds and stung the eardrums of the audience, making everyone present eager to feel its anger.

Most Dragonologists and magical beast textbooks rank the Hungarian Horntail as number one in the ranking of Dragon dangers.

That’s because the Swedish Short Snout lived in uninhabited areas in the wild, and humans were not its main source of food.

Therefore, this Dragon rarely comes into contact with people, and the fatal accidents it causes are even rarer. It can almost be said to have the lowest mortality rate among all Dragons.

This creates the illusion that the Swedish Short Snout is not one of the dangerous dragons because of their exposure to Humans.

If you regard it as a safe Dragon because of this, then wait to be severely punished by the cruel reality.

Although the Swedish Short Snout rarely attacks humans, this does not mean that it is a good-tempered baby Dragon.

Only experienced fire Dragon experts will know that when a Swedish Short Snout becomes really angry, it is definitely an existence that cannot be dealt with lightly because it will let everyone know what fear truly means!

However, at this moment, Skyler’s long-prepared magic has been completed!

Skyler created his own protective magic – the Divine Aegis!

With Skyler as the center, the sharp wind roared, and the magic power emitting strong white light quickly gathered and swirled around Skyler, like a vortex surrounding Skyler in the protective barrier.

Then, the vague energy field gradually materialized, and a force field appeared faintly on it. The force field was moving – in the eyes of outsiders, Skyler seemed to be being held hostage.

However, the shield provided by Divine Aegis was wrapping Skyler’s entire body, giving him even a sense of comfort behind his own creation of Shield Spell.

The Swedish Short Snout erupted blazing blue and purple flames from its mouth and slammed its body against the barrier with its claws in front.


“KIEEEEEEEK!” The Swedish Short Snout let out a tragic scream that resounded through the sky.

The whole Dragon somersaulted backward and lay on the ground in a state of embarrassment.

However, it still could not stop the subsequent impact force that rebounded. It’s entire body was not affected by the impact.

It rolled away in a controlled manner in the opposite direction, creating large swaths of smoke and dust.

Around Skyler, the shiny protective shield still stood tall without any particular damage suffered!

There were a uniform of cheers from the surrounding auditorium – “Skyler! Must win! Hogwarts! Skyler! True Champion! Hogwarts will win!”

Skyler slowly spoke. Even though there was noisy noise all around, his voice still clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

Rather than speaking, it is better to say that he is singing – he loudly opens his mouth and chants the mysterious ancient language.

His voice is deep and powerful, akin to singing, and each word and pronunciation reverberate like thunder at the edge of the sky, shaking the eardrums of everyone present.

The audience fell into a momentary silence, with even Dumbledore standing up directly in the referee’s seat, his usually calm old face showing a rare expression of shock and confusion.

Although Professor McGonagall is the Head of Gryffindor House, Skyler is still her favorite student.

She cares about Skyler as much as anyone else. Unable to contain her concern, she asked, “Albus, talk to me. What’s currently going on with that child?”

Dumbledore initially frowned tightly but then relaxed his brows. He shook his head and said, “I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds like Dragon language, probably the lost Ancient Dragon Language… the Dragontongue…”

Madame Maxime and several nearby professors looked on in disbelief.

In today’s era, let alone the Ancient Dragon Language, there are almost no wizards who can speak the Dragontongue.

Karkaroff snorted loudly and said with a look of contempt, “Albus, feel free to brag about it! You don’t even know the language yourself, but one of your students could speak of it? Be more proud about it rather than trying to beat around the bush. Rather than showing it off, you’d rather play clueless with us? Since when did Hogwarts become this arrogant?”

Several professors and Madame Maxim, familiar with Dumbledore’s personality, frowned upon hearing Karkaroff’s words.

Just as Professor McGonagall was about to refute, someone on the field exclaimed in surprise!

Every Hogwarts student must have read the textbook “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (a mandatory reading for first-year students). In this book, the author, Newt Scamander, explains that fire Dragons are the most dangerous magical creatures, and no species of fire Dragon can be tamed.

Wizards may attempt to subdue fire Dragons through coercion or torture. For instance, it is rumored that Gringotts used such methods to train a fire Dragon.

When exposed to a specific noise, the Dragon recalls the pain and becomes compliant. A knowledgeable Goblin can then use this noise to pass by the Dragon safely, making them an effective guardian for underground vaults.

However, this doesn’t constitute true taming!

Once a fire Dragon breaks free and takes to the sky, it ceases to be subdued and might seek revenge.

“Fire Dragons cannot be tamed” is considered an ironclad rule that wizards have learned from numerous lessons over the past thousand years.

This notion has become deeply ingrained in the hearts of all wizards, and everyone firmly believes in it. However, this iron rule was shattered today, witnessed by hundreds of Hogwarts teachers and students!

Skyler’s delivery of the ancient Dragon language is grand and majestic, resonating with thunderous echoes and creating a rumbling and explosive atmosphere.

Each syllable carries the inherent majesty of the ancient Dragon, imposing the superiority of the draconic lineage upon the unruly Swedish Short Snout. The creature, once defiant, now lay subdued on the ground, its head, limbs, and body rendered immobile, emitting only feeble and pitiful cries.

It’s the true submission of a Dragon!

Inherent in all fire Dragons and sub-Dragons, the submission of oneself toward another entity could only be achieved if the Dragon itself respects the other party. If the Dragon deemed the other party worthy of their loyalty, then the might of the Dragon itself, which is sealed inside their blood and carried from their ancient bloodline, would be a hundred percent loyal to their contractor.

Naturally, the Dragontongue is profound and has been lost for an extended period. Even Professor Binns’s records do not constitute a complete inheritance. Thus, Skyler hasn’t fully mastered the language, having only scraped the surface of it.

Nevertheless, Skyler carefully selected a piece of ancient Dragon language for this critical moment, specifically prepared to exert the necessary restraint and coercion.

Deciphered by archaeologists, these words are believed to be the parting thoughts of the last ancient Dragon, akin to a prophecy when translated into human language. The probable meaning of this paragraph might be, “In the cycle of existence, life has withered, but don’t despair, stick to hope, darkness will eventually pass, night will not last long. When dawn breaks again, courage, he will rise again…”

The Swedish Short Snout, now entirely incapable of resisting, witnessed Skyler don a relaxed smile.

Approaching the subdued fire Dragon, he extended his hand, gently patting its head as if soothing a puppy. Then, with the golden egg in hand, he raised it triumphantly toward the referee’s seat.

Once again, the previously hushed audience erupted into a deafening roar that resonated through the sky.

Having accomplished his task, Skyler opted not to return to the tent. Instead, he strolled closer to the auditorium, intending to observe the performances of the next three Champions.

While competition rules prohibit those yet to participate from leaving the tent without authorization to prevent unfair advantages, there’s no mandatory requirement for the Champion who’ve completed their events to return to their tents.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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