The cold morning class started with Herbology.

The lesson focused on the art of pruning Flutterby Bush. This peculiar plant, though unconscious, possesses a form of sentience akin to a jumping toadstool. When it senses the presence of a living creature, it vigorously shakes its branches, making it challenging for individuals to intercept its branches smoothly.

The Flutterby Bush only blossoms when diligently cared for over an extended period. Its flowers, a rare spectacle, unfurl once every hundred years. Typically blue and shaped like butterflies, other variations are not entirely ruled out. A unique aspect of its flowers lies in their variable floral fragrance, capable of changing according to the intended target it seeks to attract.

While the plant finds renowned usage in love potions, it is also frequently employed by witch hunters as bait or traps.

Undoubtedly, the class was intriguing, yet an air of distraction permeated the room, with most young wizards surreptitiously stealing glances in Skyler’s direction. The reason is that the impending Triwizard Tournament will commence in a few hours.

Contrastingly, Skyler, being a seasoned warrior, approached the game with a calm demeanor, content to pass the time as he pleased.

At noon, post-lunch, Professor McGonagall hastened toward him in the auditorium, accompanied by the visibly perturbed Harry.

The latter wore a grim expression, understandably so. Even with prior knowledge of the task, Harry faced nerve-wracking situations as depicted in the original book; now, he confronted the unknown.

Skyler suddenly felt a surge of empathy for Dumbledore. Is this the successor the Headmaster has painstakingly nurtured?

Harry’s nature is marked by kindness, simplicity, and unwavering loyalty. Yet, without the resilience inherited from his mother, he would never have become an exceptional talent, let alone assume the crucial role of a savior.

As mentioned in the original book, his courage is attributed to the near-miss adventures he faced (with Dumbledore overseeing from the shadows). He confronted Voldemort in his first year, battled the Basilisk in the second, and encountered over a hundred Dementors in the third… Regrettably, apart from the first-year escapade, all other accomplishments were overshadowed by Skyler.

“Skyler, it’s time for the Champions to go to the field to prepare themselves for the first part of the tournament… you must be prepared for the first task,” Professor McGonagall announced.

“Sure, Professor, no problem. I’m ready.” Skyler stood up, donning a sunny smile and meticulously adjusting his Supreme Wizard robe.

In its sleek mode, the robe hugged his body, accentuating perfect and robust muscle lines. The dark patterns on the garment emitted a subtle allure, rendering him incredibly confident, heroically poised, and strikingly handsome.

Daphne and Astoria rose simultaneously, each planting a kiss on his cheeks. Daphne whispered, “I am praying for your good luck. Return safely.”

“You are one fortunate fellow.” Professor McGonagall sported a rare smile. “And you seem to be in excellent spirits today. Are you feeling confident?”

“It’s all thanks to the professor’s meticulous teaching that I’ve reached the strength I possess today,” Skyler expressed with a grateful smile. “I’ll give it my all and won’t let the professor down—”

Surveying the entire auditorium, he raised his right hand high, forming a fist and cast the Sonorus Spell. His voice resonated loudly, “I won’t disappoint you! Hogwarts will triumph!”

Ravenclaw erupted in cheers under the spirited leadership of Morag and Cho. Waving Skyler’s face on small flags, Luna even conjured a horn from nowhere, blowing an exhilarating tune.

Hufflepuff joined in with vigorous applause under Cedric’s guidance. Susan Bones, along with Hannah Abbott, Megan Jones, and other rehearsed girls, stood in a neat line, passionately chanting, “Skyler! Skyler! We must win! Hogwarts! Skyler will be the true Champion! Skyler, take the trophy to Hogwarts!”

Truly, the Skyler Fans Club is paying off as he feels their support echo inside his heart, warming and giving him all the reasons to give his all.

Gryffindor’s Hermione gazed intently at Skyler, silently waving clenched fists and forming a “come on” expression with her mouth.

Among the still-seated young wizards, her movements were notably conspicuous. Ron, seated beside her, displayed a hint of disgust, but given the improvement in their relationship, he refrained from criticizing.

Slytherin’s young wizards rose collectively, admiration and awe evident on their faces as they gazed at Skyler.

Draco approached, delivering a hearty slap on Skyler’s shoulder, smiling, “You got this, Brother! Along with our parents’ prayer, I too am wishing the best outcome for this tournament. I can’t wait to see you crush them!” Draco concluded his greeting by offering Skyler his fist.

Skyler smiled before taking the invitation of Draco’s fist bump. They hugged each other tightly after that. At that moment, the sinister aura enveloping Draco is nowhere to be felt… They are just brother bonded by their blood, wishing each other for the best.

In the professor’s chair, Professor Flitwick, a diminutive man, stood on his seat and applauded vigorously, sending an encouraging glance Skyler’s way. Professor Sprout beamed with joy, casually scattering a plethora of petals with seven colors and seven flavors.

Professor Trelawney, head held high, clutched a goblet filled with sherry while Snape, momentarily setting aside his usual aloofness, joined in the applause with the other professors despite maintaining his typically cold countenance.

Skyler smiled genuinely, lifting his head and closing his eyes, fully immersing himself in this moment. Regardless of the game’s outcome, today would forever remain etched in his memory.

Named Skyler Malfoy and identified as a Slytherin, at this moment, this minute, this second, he was nothing more than a student representing the whole Hogwarts.

Dumbledore, observing from a distance in the professor’s chair, experienced a flicker in his eyes, unable to suppress a sigh. Despite his mental preparedness and early attempts to win over Skyler, he found himself taken aback by the extent of Skyler’s popularity among students. After all, Skyler was just a fourth-year student, and he couldn’t recall Voldemort being held in such high regard during his own fourth year.

Furthermore, Skyler hails from a family notorious for its hostility towards mixed-blood and Muggle wizards. To say it’s notorious might be an exaggeration, but the current atmosphere tells a different story. Even Hermione, a Muggle-born and a close friend of another champion, Harry, passionately cheers for Skyler. What’s the meaning behind this unexpected unity?

Dumbledore’s eyes gleamed with wisdom. He sensed that all of this might just be the starting point for Skyler. Presently, Skyler could effortlessly transcend the divisions of houses and blood statuses, rallying everyone’s will and hearts. If he emerges victorious in the competition…

It appears that Dumbledore’s earlier gesture of kindness in sending “Abatel” was indeed remarkably foresighted!

Guided by Professor McGonagall, Skyler, and Harry walked along the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest, heading towards the location where the Fire Dragon awaited.

The outside weather proved quite chilly, with gusts of cold wind brushing against their faces. Harry’s complexion grew even paler.

Skyler utilized the constant temperature feature of the Supreme Wizard’s robe, shielding himself from the cold. Instead of feeling the chill, he experienced a pleasant warmth.

As they neared the area where the event was set to take place, a tent stood tall, strategically positioned to shield the Fire Dragons. The entrance of the tent faced them, becoming increasingly visible.

“You must enter with a few fellow champions,” Professor McGonagall instructed, her gaze now fixed on Harry, her voice slightly trembling. “Potter, wait for your turn. Mr. Bagman is also present inside. He will guide you through the steps. Good luck.”

“Thank you,” Harry responded in a subdued and distant tone.

Inside the tent,

Catalina reclined leisurely on an opulent chair made of unicorn leather. Adorned in a pristine white wizard robe, her jade-like skin seemed even more ethereal.

Her eyes remained tightly shut, with fluttering eyelashes and a gentle rise and fall of her ample chest, exuding an enchanting and languid beauty. It was as if she had fallen into a profound slumber, akin to Sleeping Beauty in Muggle fairy tales.

However, through Skyler’s magical sight, he could discern the frequent fluctuations of magical power within her body—ebb and flow, strong and weak. It seemed as if the magical power in her blood was undergoing successive micro-magic upheavals.

He understood that, with closed eyes, she was focused on cultivating the power of “Duelist Heart” within her bloodline, oblivious to the arrival of someone in the tent.

Eleanor stood upright, delicately caressing the wand in her hand, her gaze fixed on it with soft and intense concentration as if she were fondly stroking a cherished companion.

Skyler furrowed his brow. Through his magical eyes, he could clearly perceive the gradual dissolution of the sealing enchantment placed on the wand.

These two individuals were about to embark on their initial task, facing a real challenge. Were they going to succeed? Would they attempt to confront and defeat the Dragon?

As for Harry, he stood motionless, resembling a stone statue. Skyler offered a faint smile in Harry’s direction, but Harry responded with a smile that seemed more akin to a grimace.

Well, his reaction was much more in line with expectations.

A tremendous roar echoed from outside the tent. The deafening sound indicated the presence of a formidable creature.

At that moment, Bagman entered the tent, wearing a smile. Catalina’s eyelashes fluttered as if sensing something, and she opened her eyes.

The entire tent suddenly illuminated, as if bathed in the radiance of swordlight. Invisible waves of sharpness rippled through the air, grazing against the exposed skin of those present. A subtle chill could be felt by everyone.

Bagman’s complexion paled, and he promptly retracted his earlier statement.

After waiting a few moments for his color to return, Bagman continued, “Alright, now that everyone is here, it’s time to brief you on the situation!” His expression changed again, now reflecting excitement. “Did you hear the commotion outside? That’s the adversary you’ll be facing… the Fire Dragon!”

“I’ll be passing this bag to each of you in turn,” he announced, raising a bag and shaking it towards them. “You’ll be selecting the Fire Dragon models you’re going to face! They come in different types. Oh, and one more thing… By the way… Your primary objective is to retrieve the golden eggs!”

“Ladies first,” he added, extending the bag to Catalina with his hefty arm.

Catalina reached into the bag and pulled out a small, lifelike Dragon model—a green Dragon body, brown pupils, and a number attached to its elegant slender neck: No. 2. It was a Welsh Green Dragon.

The Welsh Green Dragon was considered one of the more docile among the various Dragon species. The corners of Catalina’s mouth lifted slightly, and a smile glinted in her eyes. She seemed quite content with her luck.

On the other hand, Eleanor revealed a bright red Chinese Fireball Dragon. The number tied around its neck was No. 3. Shaped like a colossal lion, the Chinese Fireball Dragon was known for its courageous and fierce nature.

While not the most robust Dragon species, it posed a formidable challenge. Especially when injured, it would turn violent, disregarding life and death, significantly escalating the danger.

At this moment, Eleanor displayed no expression on her face. She didn’t even blink. It appeared that no matter the type of Dragon she chose, her heart remained unswayed.

Skyler reached into the bag and pulled out a silver-blue Swedish Short Snout, an attractive silvery-blue dragon whose skin is sought after for the manufacture of protective gloves and shields.

On the other hand, Harry drew the short straw—unveiling a Black Hungarian Horntail with the number four.

Known for its aggressiveness and danger, the Hungarian Horntail carried the most sinister reputation among the four Fire Dragons. Even Harry, hailing from the Muggle world and new to the wizarding realm, was aware of its infamous notoriety.

At that moment, Harry’s face turned ashen, devoid of any trace of color.

“Alright, you’ve all got your Dragons!” Bagman announced. “The number on your neck indicates the order in which you’ll face the Fire Dragon. Understand? Now, I’ll leave you for a moment as I explain to the audience. Mr. Malfoy, you’re up first. Enter the field as soon as you hear the whistle. Clear?”

“Perfectly clear, Mr. Bagman, don’t worry!” Skyler responded with a confident and calm smile.

The Swedish Short Snout awaited, signaling the beginning of Skyler’s journey in the Triwizard Tournament. “Here I come, Swedish Brachysaurus!” Skyler shouted inside his heart.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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