After a prolonged silence, Moody abruptly addressed, “Mr. Skyler Malfoy, what’s your perspective?”

Skyler felt a bit taken aback. Given the past conflicts between him, Draco, and Moody, and considering the Malfoy family’s connections, their relationship with the veteran Auror duo was far from amicable.

The Malfoy brothers had maintained a low profile in the class despite their considerable magical prowess. Even Draco, understanding the importance of discretion, refrained from voicing such opinions in class, let alone Skyler.

“I find Miss Granger’s point quite valid. It’s akin to the repelling spell and disarming spell in a duel. The repelling spell merely pushes the opponent away, but mastering the disarming spell skillfully allows you to not only disarm the adversary but also send them flying. If you’re adept enough at the disarming spell, there’s no need to learn both; mastering it well is sufficient.”

Skyler paused, stating, “And from my understanding, both the Shield Charm and disarming spells can be grasped by fourth-year students despite being upper-level teachings designated by the Ministry of Magic’s Education Department. I’ve heard stories from the 1970s, during the impending war, where the magical prowess of fourth-year students at Hogwarts surpassed ours. Numerous instances prove that fourth-year students possess sufficient magical proficiency and theoretical knowledge to learn these so-called ‘advanced magics.'”

Moody let out a snort, a trace of disdain evident in his tone, though only Skyler caught it. He remarked casually, “In that case, let’s alter today’s lesson to focus on learning the ‘Shield Charm’!”

“There are various Shield Charm; for instance, Mr. Malfoy employed one during his encounter with the fire dragon. However, today, we’ll delve into the most common and widely used variant, known for its stable effects. The incantation is Protego, and there’s one key element to this spell – speed.”

“The Shield Charm demands an exceptional nerve response speed, enabling the judgment of the incoming spell’s direction the moment the opponent launches an attack. Subsequently, the Shield Charm is used to intercept it. Those proficient in Quidditch, particularly beaters and goalkeepers, are likely to have an advantage in mastering this spell.”

“To swiftly and effectively learn this magic, practical practice is essential. I’ll divide you into two groups now, Malfoy brothers. Attend to your romantic pursuits after class; presently, obey my instructions during class—”

“Mr. Draco, you and Mr. Potter…” Moody continued.

Draco smiled faintly upon hearing Harry’s name following his, paired so that he could take advantage of the current study situation and cause damage to him.

“Mr. Skyler, you are paired with Miss Granger…” Skyler frowned slightly, but Hermione exclaimed.

Skyler and Daphne exchanged glances, communicating silently, then walked toward each other. Daphne had already mastered the Shield Charm and was acquainted with the “Shield and Shadow” inherited from the Malfoy family.

Daphne focused her training on Pansy, both being pure-blood descendants, with Pansy having a slight edge in their first-grade strength.

However, the tables have turned, and Daphne can now handle three Pansys effortlessly. Pansy’s dedication to pleasing Draco and getting involved in campus gossip hindered her strength within Slytherin.

After Moody organized the pairs, he declared, “Alright, everyone has memorized the spells, and now it’s time to practice. Remember, limit the use of hexes to the Jelly-Legs Curse and the Ear-Shriveling Curse!”

Setting aside Draco’s intentions to crush and torment Harry, Skyler could only hear Harry’s continuous screams, implying a challenging training session.

Still, Skyler couldn’t help but acknowledge Moody’s meticulous planning.

In this scenario, it was indeed the most efficient approach to unlock Harry’s potential. Given Harry’s natural talent, he would likely master this magic in the shortest time.

“Well…” Hermione glanced at Skyler with hesitation, “Should we… begin?”

Skyler smiled, “Let’s not rush. Your insights in class today were quite thought-provoking. Did you come up with them yourself?”

Hermione responded in a soft voice, “Well, you are already very powerful… I don’t want… to fall further behind…”

“Alright then!” Skyler swiftly changed the topic, “Before we start, I want to clarify that the Shield Charm isn’t an infallible defense, and relying solely on it carries risks. Take me, for example…” Skyler waved his wand, and without uttering a spell, two streams of light emerged—one in front and one behind. “If you can cast two spells simultaneously, then-“

“The initial attack is sufficient. The Shield Charm won’t hold against a second attack; do you comprehend?” Skyler spoke with gravity.

“Ah,” Hermione exclaimed, “So, what do we do? How do we handle it?”

“Attack and evade,” Skyler asserted, “A good defense is a strong offense. Consistent attacks hinder the opponent’s ability to counterattack. This, of course, demands swift spell casting. The second aspect is evasion. Utilizing nerve responses and physical agility to dodge not only avoids the assault but also enables you to retaliate with your wand. A balanced duel often involves a constant shift between offense and defense.”

“I understand,” Hermione replied softly, biting her lower lip (Skyler had noticed many girls doing this lately and had a foreboding feeling), and inquired, “Why are you telling me this?”

“I’m not a fool,” Hermione stared directly into Skyler’s eyes. “In reality, I’m aware that I’m a Gryffindor and a Muggle-born wizard. I belong to your opposing side…” Hermione’s voice quivered slightly, but she pushed herself to continue, “Over the past few years, since entering the wizarding world, I’ve lost touch with anything beyond the campus. Pure-blood families have held influential positions on the school board, the Hogwarts board, the Ministry of Magic, the Wizengamot, and more for many years. It’s because of people like you, the vested interests, that half-bloods and others are suppressed to maintain your grip on power. Muggle-born wizards…”

“Is this the reason why you rejected me?” Hermione finally gathered the courage to pose the question that had lingered in her mind for a long time and that she had always wanted to ask.

Skyler, adept at multitasking, can also utilize the “Illuminating Insight” to observe every classroom occurrence. The young wizards were engrossed in sparring, some nursing injuries, covering their ears, or massaging their legs, moaning in discomfort. Hardly anyone spared a moment to observe the other group except for one person –

Mad-Eye Moody.

While it seemed Moody was circulating the class, aiding students in their exercises, his magical eye incessantly swiveled, scrutinizing Skyler’s actions. Every time a student was on the verge of danger, he would only look at them for a bit before turning his focus back to Skyler.

Realizing he was being monitored, Skyler sighed and remarked, “Discussing our matters is futile.” His tone turned icy as he continued softly, “I’ve conveyed what’s necessary; now, draw your wand. Show me the progress you, the top student of Gryffindor, have achieved in these four years.”

Hermione had evidently self-studied the Shield Charm before class. Proficient in its application, she exhibited a speed surpassed only by Skyler, Daphne, and Draco in the entire classroom.

“Locomotor Wibbly!” Skyler cast his first attack toward Hermione, followed by the Ear-Shriveling Curse.

“Protego!” Hermione shouted, preparing a barrier right before the spell hit her body.

Skyler experimented with various cunning attack angles, yet Hermione adeptly blocked each attempt.

“Prepare yourself!” Skyler’s cold shout echoed. With a wand flourish, three streams of light diverged in left, center, and right directions, encircling Hermione simultaneously.

Skyler wants to test whether or not Hermione could apply the newly learned knowledge about dodging and casting the Shield Charm.

Hermione’s response was swift. Executing a graceful turn, her movements reminiscent of a fluttering butterfly, she skillfully evaded the left stream of light.

Then, with a deft backhand wave, she exclaimed, “Protego!” A lifelike shield intercepted the middle stream of light, cleverly rebounding it towards the right stream. The two spells met mid-air, nullifying each other in an intricate dance of magical cancellation.

This stunning counterattack left all the young wizards in the classroom in disbelief, pausing to gaze at Hermione with wide eyes.

Skyler’s formidable reputation made enduring his level of attack a testament to Hermione’s extraordinary combat skills. Even Harry and Ron, who were always closest to Hermione, found themselves momentarily stunned. When did Hermione become so formidable?

Hermione responded with an arrogant snort, as if her accomplishment were trivial. Despite her nonchalant demeanor, her flushed face revealed her excitement.

Glancing at Harry, beaten by Draco, Ron disheveled by Blaise, and Neville accidentally blown away by Seamus, she couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. Gryffindor’s collective strength seemed to be growing apart from Slytherin.

Wasn’t it firmly stated that Gryffindor is the greatest house ever?

In her heart, she pondered, what would it be like now if she had chosen to enter Ravenclaw?


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Published On: May 16, 2024

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