It’s Thursday, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts class is in session.

After the roll call, Moody stowed the roster and spoke in a gruff voice, “Today, I’m going to teach you how to deflect curses. So, does anyone know how to redirect curses or the methods of casting curses?”

As the term suggests, transferring curses involves using magic to alter the trajectory of incoming curses, redirecting them elsewhere.

Hermione eagerly raised her hand.

“Miss Granger, go ahead.” Moody offered Hermione a chance to answer.

“Repello,” Hermione responded confidently.

“You’re right; Repello is indeed the most standard answer,” Moody nodded. “Almost all curses can be deflected with Repello. While the others could be easily defended from a simple Shield Charm. Now, does anyone have any other answers?”

Observing the lack of raised hands among the young wizards, Moody sighed inwardly.

While Hermione’s response was accurate, it was a textbook answer and didn’t exceed his expectations. Teaching in this class was not his primary focus; he was here for Harry Potter’s training.

Contemplating the limitations of the defensive technique he was about to teach, Moody pondered how Harry could compete with the other bug-level Champions and secure his place as the first to touch the Goblet of Fire.

Acknowledging the unlikelihood of anyone other than the Malfoy brothers providing alternative answers, Moody resigned to explore other possibilities.

During this moment, Hermione cautiously raised her hand. Although the motion was slower than her usual confident gestures, her hand didn’t reach the same height as before. It trembled nervously, revealing her inner hesitation and uncertainty.

“Huh?” Moody’s eyes displayed a hint of surprise. “Miss Granger, tell me.”

“Well, I’m not sure…” Hermione began with regret, fearing she might expose her lack of knowledge. Yet, thinking of the individual she aspired to emulate, she steeled herself. “That… Shield Charm?”

“Yes, just like I said. Protego, or what is commonly known as a Shield Charm, is one of the main ways to protect yourself from an oncoming Spells or Curses,” Moody turned his sight to Skyler, “But, I believe there are other spells that could be harnessed if you are creative enough to defend yourself from any kind of spells.”

Skyler’s eyes gleamed with realization. A burst of insight hit him, indicating that Hermione’s knowledge might diverge from the original book, especially with how Moody stared at him.

While in previous fan depictions, the Shield Charm was often portrayed as a basic spell suitable for first-year wizards. The reality was that this magic was remarkably advanced.

The Hogwarts curriculum specifically restricted its study to students enrolled in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class at Newt’s advanced level.

Contrary to common fan interpretations, the protagonists in the original book were able to master this spell through advanced learning.

Under Hermione’s guidance during the Triwizard Tournament, Harry learned it ahead of schedule. He later imparted this knowledge to the members of Dumbledore’s Army during his fifth year.

Notably, Cho and Marietta, both in their sixth year at the time and from esteemed families, had not even encountered this sophisticated magic.

In the British wizarding world, the majority of young wizards typically limit their magical education to the Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWL) level, equivalent to the fifth grade.

Only a select few wizard students with specific expertise or a keen interest in particular fields opt to enroll in the Newt advanced class for more comprehensive study and practice.

In the original book, even Hermione’s Defense Against the Dark Arts score merited only a “good,” leading readers in previous iterations to assume that Harry was likely the sole student in the class to receive an “Exceeds Expectations.”

Moreover, the widespread popularity of the defensive items sold by the Weasley twins in the original book underscored a significant gap in magical proficiency.

The Ministry of Magic, with its limited workforce of 600 or 700 individuals, placed a large order of 500 items, indicating that most employees were not adept at casting Shield Charm spells.

This suggests that unless individuals were inclined to join combat units such as reconnaissance teams, strikers, Aurors, etc., the majority of wizards tended not to prioritize advanced magical defense studies beyond the OWL level.

This limited understanding of the Shield Charm has led to many wizards lacking comprehensive knowledge of its capabilities.

The primary principle of the Shield Charm involves creating an invisible magic barrier in front of the body to counteract incoming magical attacks.

This basic understanding is common among wizards, but the curse’s potential extends beyond mere defense. When controlled with precision, the Shield Charm can redirect incoming attacks in various directions or even reflect them along the original path.

Wizards like Harry, born with a natural intuition for manipulating magic, can achieve this without extensive training.

However, for most wizards, mastering the complete execution of the Shield Charm represents a considerable challenge unless they are willing to invest in diligent study and practice.

With Moody explaining the course in front of the class, he tries to give the students alternatives on how to face other wizards if they’re being limited with their choices.

As for how Skyler managed to master the Shield Charm in the second grade and enhance his exclusive defensive magic in the fourth grade—well, that’s a mystery yet to be unveiled.

Skyler’s proficiency with the Shield Charm isn’t due to a protagonist’s halo but stems from his dedicated efforts in accumulating magical theoretical knowledge since the age of four.

His mastery of the secrets of the four pure-blood families places him on par with, if not above, his classmates from the outset, transcending typical wizarding hierarchies.

Even among other pure-blood heirs, Skyler possesses a heritage that surpasses theirs, leaving discussions of half-blood and Muggle wizards in the dust. It’s a case of winning from the starting point.

Considering how Skyler could easily come toe-to-toe with even wizards from the old times, it’s not even a anymore to say that he is already one of the best Wizard in his own age.

When it comes to Hermione, her knowledge of the Shield Charm aligns with her passion for learning.

Yet, her ingenuity in considering the Shield Charm not just as a defensive measure but as a means to redirect spells showcases an advanced understanding of magic.

This Hermione seems to have evolved beyond the bookish persona seen in the original narrative.

Gone is the Hermione who, despite witnessing the effectiveness of the Half-Blood Prince’s notes, rigidly adhered to textbook teachings. The change is strikingly out of the boundary.

With Skyler’s presence in their current life, their character qualities have been diluted to a certain level because Skyler keeps stealing their spot to shine.

Skyler found himself momentarily lost in thought, recalling the intricately crafted quill Hermione had gifted him during the Christmas season a few months ago.

“I truly love Hermione from the books, but the reason I’m in love with her is not because of her look. And that thing is lost right now… I don’t know what to do with this,” admitted Skyler. Admitting to himself, he acknowledged harboring feelings for Hermione.

It wasn’t Hermione’s Muggle heritage that held him back the most. Skyler vehemently despised backward thinking associated with blood purity in pure-blood families.

He recognized that encouraging intermarriage with wizards from different backgrounds was crucial to preserving the pure-blood class in the long run.

The true obstacle, however, was Hermione’s character. Unlike the generous Daphne, the gentle Morag, or the innocent Astoria, Hermione possessed strong principles, pursuits, and ideals.

Her path diverges significantly from the blood and darkness that characterized Skyler’s journey, causing Skyler to maintain a certain distance.

Skyler appreciates his girlfriends’ tolerance, understanding their relationship’s limitations. Hermione’s persistent and rigid nature could clash with Skyler’s darker aspects, making it a positive choice to maintain distance.

However, a lingering thought surfaces – what if Hermione’s character diverges from the original book? This would lead into a chaotic developments for the main story.

Moody applauds Hermione’s response, awarding Gryffindor ten points. “But, I’ll give you points for effort. Ten points to Gryffindor!”

He strategically introduces the Shield Charm, foreseeing that Hermione, the intellectual leader, might encourage Harry to learn it.

Moody recognizes that Harry’s mastery of this magic would contribute to his plan, initiating the study on “Repello” for the day.

“Professor, do we really need to learn Repello rather than Shield Charm, which is proven to be more effective against hostile wizards when they send their curses and jinxes? I believe sharpening our knowledge with one spell rather than trying to learn many different spells would be a way better option.” Hermione confidently interrupts, questioning the necessity of learning “Repello” when the more effective “Shield Charm” is available.

In her argument, real battles prioritize mastering powerful spells rather than a broad knowledge of spells. She advocates for efficiency, suggesting focusing on the Shield Charm, as it provides a safer defense.

Hermione questions the need to spend time on less effective spells when priority should be given to those with immediate practical use.

“Seems like I don’t need to worry much about her; Hermione is still Hermione, after all!” Skyler silently applauds Hermione’s wisdom in recognizing the trade-offs and prioritizing practical magic over unnecessary spells.

Having already mastered the magic discussed, he appreciates her practical approach to learning. Moody, observing this, lowers his head in contemplative silence on the podium.


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Published On: April 28, 2024

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