He prepared to depart after Skyler utilized magic to stow away the six large stone tablets and the sulfates into the suitcase’s space.

However, he cast a solemn gaze at Gallup, who moaned weakly on the ground.

At this juncture, Gallup underwent a transfiguration that had never crossed Skyler’s mind.

Even if Gallup had perished on the spot, Skyler wouldn’t have been as astonished.

Gallup metamorphosed into a complete wolf, boasting a size similar to Silver Paw and thrice the dimensions of an ordinary European gray wolf.

However, Gallup’s fur color didn’t match the radiant, uniform silvery white of Silver Paw; instead, it presented a blend of gray and brown, resembling coarse bristles rather than the glistening coat of Silver Paw.

Skyler proceeded to cast a healing spell on Gallup, prompting him to regain consciousness.

Since Skyler inherited Hufflepuff’s “Source of Life” and “Creation and Regeneration” mysteries, his healing magic has naturally progressed to an advanced stage without requiring deliberate practice.

Any basic healing spell he wields is nearly sufficient to achieve the miraculous effect of revitalizing dead bones and rejuvenating withered wood.

This could be attributed to the activation and intelligence of his magical power. As his magical prowess expands, it instinctively absorbs and integrates vast vitality from his body, imbuing his magical power with robust vitality and resilience.

Upon Gallup’s awakening, Skyler observed a complete transformation into a beast. The creature no longer possessed the ability to communicate in human language; instead, it only emitted wolf-like howls.

Despite its current feeble state, it managed to crawl toward Skyler’s feet, gently nuzzling the boots with its wolf nose. Its eyes conveyed awe, submission, and obedience to its newfound master.

Given Skyler’s mental capabilities, he discerned that this behavior was genuine; it genuinely had no recollection of its past. In its weakened state, it relied on instinct to seek a formidable individual for protection and guidance.

Given the changed circumstances, Skyler, not harboring resentments, decided not to dwell on past grievances. He bent down, tenderly stroking the fur around the wolf’s neck, eliciting a contented purr from the gray wolf.

“Observing your response,” Skyler remarked, locking eyes with the creature, “it’s evident you possess intelligence. You understand my words, don’t you?” The gray wolf nodded in a seemingly human manner.

“Well, since you willingly acknowledge me as your master,” Skyler continued, “from now on, you’ll be my second pet, and I shall bestow upon you your true name—”

“As you’re a wolf companion, let’s name you ‘Beowulf’!”

[Pet “Beowulf” has been obtained!

Returning to Hogwarts brought back the usual monotony. Ordinarily, March and April would host three Quidditch matches, captivating the attention of young wizards. This year, owing to the Triwizard Tournament, the absence of Quidditch left students with ample time for their studies.

Since returning from Ireland, Skyler has spent most of his time concealed in the suitcase space. Aside from appearing during classes and meals, he utilized the Time-Turner to gain an additional four hours each day, delving into the Slytherin’s inheritance stone’s contents alongside Salff.

Occasionally, Salff grew fatigued, prompting Skyler to suggest sparring sessions in the Slytherin Chamber of Secrets with Daphne, Morag, Susan, Cho, Luna, and Astoria.

Despite having her own wand and establishing a “human-wand-one” bond, Salff required time to adjust to the nuances and bodily coordination of spellcasting. Her rebirth granted her the opportunity to study magic theory without a wand, aiding in the recovery of intuition and neurological responses for actual combat. This proved essential for adapting to her reshaped physical form and practicing spellcasting techniques, particularly those refined by Skyler countless times.

On the flip side, while Salff’s spell-casting skills and reflexes still lack maturity, her robust magical knowledge and Auror-level magic power enable her to hold her own in intense battles against the combined forces of six girls. Salff proves to be an ideal candidate for training the group.

The benefits, however, extend beyond Salff alone. The six girls experience notable progress through frequent practical exercises, with Cho, Luna, and Astoria making particularly significant strides.

Daphne and Morag, having received intensive training and meticulous guidance from Skyler earlier, exhibit impeccable spellcasting speed, shooting accuracy, and spell connection smoothness.

Even in terms of physical fitness, where explosive power and endurance may be limited, their agility and dexterity shine, allowing them to outmaneuver opponents by dodging and seizing opportunities for effective attacks.

Although naturally gifted, Cho, Luna, and Astoria lack the same level of combat experience. Consequently, their progress is more noticeable as they acclimate to the demands of actual battles.

Susan’s talent may not match the natural gifts of the other five girls, yet she embodies the essence of a true Hufflepuff—unyielding in her pursuit of improvement.

Undeterred by the challenges, Susan’s determination to grow stronger intensifies, which is evident in her rigorous practice sessions. Despite enduring the most severe injuries and consuming numerous potions for recovery, Susan’s short-term progress might not rival that of her peers.

However, with her unwavering will and persistence, Skyler is confident that she will surpass them in the near future.

While Skyler appears indifferent to the performances of the six girls, he keenly observes their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing their individual merits, he sees potential in each of them.

Yet, Skyler remains uncertain about how to broach the topic of Salff with his three girlfriends. Despite his strategic prowess in calculating hearts and minds, emotional involvement renders him hesitant and indecisive in making such personal revelations.

While allowing Salff to engage in combat with the girls ostensibly serves their collective benefit, Skyler also finds a personal satisfaction in their harmonious interactions. Currently, their relationship appears to be flourishing.

Beowulf, having fully recovered through Skyler’s healing magic, now thrives within the simulated environment of the suitcase space. Skyler has meticulously transformed it into an ecologically balanced setting, complete with hares, wild deer, and other creatures for Beowulf and Silver Paw to hunt.

Speaking of Silver Paw, due to a lifetime of consuming the nutritional and magical potions provided by Skyler, he surpasses Beowulf in strength despite their similar size. Silver Paw’s might is exemplified by effortlessly swatting Beowulf several feet away with a single strike.

Beowulf proved to be an intelligent wolf, quickly recognizing that Silver Paw held a special place in his master’s heart. Swiftly, Beowulf acknowledged Silver Paw as the alpha.

Silver Paw, raised in the suitcase space with only Buckbeak as a playmate, found the hippogriff quite aloof. Now, encountering another wolf for the first time, and one willing to be its younger sibling, Silver Paw’s calm demeanor masked a deep sense of joy.

As the only two wolves in the suitcase, they soon engaged in daily bouts of jumping and play, fostering a remarkable bond.

Researching the monolith proved to be time-consuming, but with the aid of the time-turner, this obstacle was easily overcome.

As days unfolded, April arrived. Skyler successfully deciphered the six magic spells on the stone tablet during this period. They are:

The first spell, “la la la la,” can render the opponent helpless for 5 seconds. Remarkably, this magic doesn’t require a wand; a simple incantation is sufficient. While it may only induce temporary confusion, its well-timed use makes it a potent trump card.

The second spell involves the giant snake’s “la-la-la-la,” which transforms the subject’s “la-la-la-la” or “la-la-la” into a form of “la-la-la-la.” Apart from possessing a physically formidable body capable of twisting steel, the giant snake employs the power to bite with a venomous Lala effect.

The snake’s venom, though not lethal, has a unique property ideal for incapacitating the target. It Injected into the recipient’s bloodstream through the snake’s bite, this venom transforms the individual into a showy, la-la la adorned creature, rendering them impervious to the effects of “la la la la.”

The third spell involves “la la la la la la,” a transformative magic that turns the caster into multiple instances of “la la la la.” The effectiveness of this spell depends solely on the caster’s proficiency in “la la la la,” with the potential to achieve a multitude of “la la la la” if their magical skill is advanced.

The fourth spell enables the use of an external body as a decoy, diverting the actual “la la la la” from the mouth. This serves as a trump card in evasion, allowing the caster to withstand the impact of even the legendary “la la la la.”

The fifth spell, “Ten Thousand Snake Formation,” allows for the prearrangement of traps on the ground. This represents Skyler’s first encounter with trap magic in the wizarding world and introduces a strategic aspect to his magical repertoire.

This magic can be cast on an area roughly the size of the Great Hall at Hogwarts, leaving no traces on the ground. Activation occurs at the caster’s thought, releasing thousands of small snakes that emerge from the ground, attacking all creatures within the spell’s range indiscriminately, burying them alive among the snakes.

These five combat magics, particularly the “Ten Thousand Snake Formation,” possess practical applications. The latter, resembling a prototype of war magic, could potentially influence a large-scale conflict when employed by multiple snake whisperers, impacting tens of thousands of individuals.

Unfortunately, the sixth and final magic brought Skyler dissatisfaction, as it required no consumption of magical power.

This magic demands the caster to sacrifice half of their lifespan. In Skyler’s case, assuming a potential lifespan of 100 years, casting this spell would reduce it to a mere 50 years. More distressingly, if a wizard with a shorter lifespan attempts this magic, it could lead to certain death, with the effectiveness of the spell remaining uncertain.

The most potent sealing technique, capable of sealing all beings, be they wizards, living creatures, or the undead, comes at the high cost of one’s life – “The Eight Snakes Sealing Technique!”

A shadow of unease once again settled over Skyler’s heart.

Was Slytherin’s disappearance solely for the purpose of performing this magic?

Given that this magic doesn’t require magical power or a wand, and considering the invincible seal, it suggests that Slytherin’s formidable adversary might not be deceased but rather sealed away.

As magic inherently lacks a straightforward means of breaking such seals, the possibility arises that the sealed adversary may discover a method to escape despite a millennium of confinement.

For the first time, Skyler found himself distressed by the consequences of his extensive knowledge – understanding too much sometimes proves to be a burden.


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