Skyler activated his magic eye, unleashing the potent power coursing through his blood.

Suddenly, a surge of heat enveloped his eyeballs, causing them to feel intensely warm. From an external perspective, the whites and eyeballs of Skyler’s eyes transformed into a chilling red.

With a gentle exertion, a streak of red light shot forth from his eyes, colliding with a nearby rock and shattering it into fragments.

“Hmm? Chantless spell casting is already deadly, but spells being shot from the eyes just from the power of the mind?”

While it might sound impressive, how is this any different from wandless casting? Even for Skyler, who is proficient in casting spells with any part of his body, this ability seems somewhat impractical.

Skyler’s eyeballs were no longer as heated after expelling the fiery energy through the red light. Simultaneously, the red glow in his eyes subsided slightly, revealing the faint outline of two erect snake eyes behind the lingering red light.

He turned to look at Dobby, and an imposing pressure seemed to cascade towards the House-elf. Dobby suddenly felt as if the entire world was flipping upside down. His feet trembled uncontrollably, and his diminutive frame crumbled to the ground, where he remained, trembling in fear, reluctant to make a single move.

“Master! Please, calm down, Master!” Dobby pleaded, unsure of what transgression he had committed. At this moment, all Dobby sensed was fear and surrender.

Although Dobby believed it had somehow angered Skyler, in reality, this was not the case. The coercion emanating from Skyler was unintentional, a manifestation of ancient bloodline power and the inherent suppression between bloodlines.

The recent ceremony in which Skyler chanted the snake language was a refining process, purifying the blood and allowing it to return to its ancestral roots. The blood’s boiling sensation was a result of gradual sublimation, inspiring the most primitive, pure power within the blood vessels.

As previously mentioned, the earliest generation of wizards derived their abilities from the “power of chaos,” an ancient human adaptation to survive in a harsh environment.

During this period, no structured magical theory existed, and wizards primarily utilized magic power for rudimentary attacks. As battles unfolded, human wizards gradually uncovered various techniques for harnessing magic power, including controlling the spirit, altering matter, manipulating elements, and more. These discoveries laid the groundwork for the major schools of magic.

While the emergence of magic schools significantly enhanced the combat prowess of human wizards, it also introduced challenges. A notable issue was the growing dependence on magical skills, diverting attention from the pursuit of blood purity improvement.

Over generations, due to intermarriage and bloodline dilution, wizards, by the ancient centuries, no longer possessed the same level of raw power as their predecessors.

However, during this era, a notorious dark wizard proposed a controversial theory advocating the use of wizard blood to dominate other species magically. This individual would go on to become the infamous “Herpo The Foul.”

He advocated the reversal of the purification process within the wizard’s bloodline, aiming to utilize the inherent superiority of the bloodline for the domination of other species solely based on power. His initial experiment yielded significant success.

By tapping into his bloodline and uttering specific incantations, he discovered the ability to compel all magical snakes to surrender unconditionally. Subsequently, he formalized these incantations into a framework, coining the term “Parseltongue,” laying the foundation for the “Snake Whisperer” talent.

Empowered by this triumph, he grew more confident and dedicated himself to developing blood suppression methods for additional species. Collaborating with a wandering wizard named Dumbledore, they invented the “bird language” capable of taming all magical birds and animals. Unfortunately, their collaboration came to an end due to differing philosophies.

That Dumbledore, (Albus Dumbledore’s ancestor timing from when the era of chaotic magic) believed that there was no need to resort to blood suppression to ensure the obedience of birds. Instead, he proposed using the resonance of magical language to foster a closer connection, akin to a partnership, between the wizard and the magical creatures.

Viewing magical creatures as equal partners rather than slaves or familiars enslaved to wizards became a point of contention between Herpo and Dumbledore. Herpo, still in the early stages of developing his dark magic, was far from achieving the legendary status he would later attain.

Consequently, he couldn’t counter Dumbledore’s persistent belief in fostering mutual relationships with magical creatures. Eventually, unable to reconcile their differing perspectives, Dumbledore chose to depart discreetly.

This particular avenue of research was reluctantly abandoned by Herpo due to the loss of the crucial Dumbledore bloodline.

Following this, Herpo resorted to capturing mischievous elves, which were still wild during that era. Through blood magic, he transformed them into slaves, rendering them entirely subservient to the wizard’s blood, incapable of resistance.

It’s important to note that this differs from modern house elves who, though bound magically in their souls to their masters, are not completely unable to resist.

Unlike their historical counterparts, modern house elves can attack wizards other than their masters. For instance, in the original book, after breaking away from the Malfoy family, Dobby kills Lucius and is subsequently freed.

Skyler’s current condition mirrors a comprehensive blood suppression. Confronted with Skyler’s snake eyes, every house elf, even those that once rebelled or were wild, finds itself compelled to prostrate on the ground without any resistance. It can be asserted that even the slightest hint of disrespectful thoughts in their hearts triggers a direct counterattack by their own blood.

[ Malfoy’s inner talent of “Snake’s Eyes’ has been awakened!]

[The suppressive power of “all elves” awakened!]

[The suppressive power of “all snake monsters” awakened!]

Frowning, Skyler realizes that the unintentional emission of power from his snake eyes is unexpectedly potent when he merely cast a glance at Dobby. It takes him by surprise.

“Hold on a second, doesn’t this mean I am essentially the emperor revered by all elves worldwide? It’s worth noting that house elves represent only one subset of elf-like creatures described in the original books. I can bring them under my command now, interesting.” Skyler mused to himself.

Various other racial branches trace their origins back to ancient elves, including leprechauns in Ireland, nymphs in France and Greece, evil spirits in Germany, African Yumboes, Japanese Tanuki, and many more.

Skyler redirected his attention away from Dobby. Even though Dobby was unaware of the events, he sensed the immense pressure on his body dissipate suddenly and promptly stood up, expressing gratitude towards Skyler.

Turning his gaze to Salff, Skyler’s eyes displayed a noticeable reduction in the red glow. The two distinct snake eyes were now clearly visible.

A crimson light abruptly sparkled within the pupils, and Skyler’s mental and magical energies flowed involuntarily into his eyeballs, transforming into a warm line reminiscent of infrared rays. It pierced straight into Salff’s eyes, causing her delicate frame to stiffen instantly. Her gaze lost focus, indicating she was completely entranced.

Describing the current situation is quite challenging. Despite possessing knowledge of Legilimency, Skyler usually refrained from using it due to concerns about potential detection through various countermeasures. As a result, his proficiency in Legilimency could not be considered exceptionally high.

Delving so deeply into someone else’s mind was a new experience for Skyler. At this moment, his mental power felt like it was connecting to two currents, and Salff’s memories resembled a book that he could effortlessly flip through.

Human memories typically follow a sequential order, retaining every experience from birth to death. However, this technique crudely dissected it, transforming it into myriad images like frames from a dismantled movie.

A sudden realization struck Skyler, leaving him deeply disturbed by what he uncovered – this power was undeniably formidable.


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Published On: April 21, 2024

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