Bathory and Annis realized there was little left for them to contribute, so they bid their farewells and departed. Bathory seamlessly vanished into the shadows, while Annis melded with the fallen dead leaves on the ground.

The vampire royal family and the dominatrixes each possessed their own distinctive magical legacies, complete with unique magical systems. Proficient in magic akin to “Apparition,” their abilities remained unaffected by the wizard’s “Anti-Apparition Curse,” similar to house-elves, phoenixes, and portkeys.

Meanwhile, Salff remained deeply engrossed in the enchanting resonance with her wand. Skyler stood at a distance, utilizing his magical eyes to scrutinize the fluctuations in the surrounding magic.

Nearly half an hour was passed in this manner.

Salff gently opened her eyes, resembling the allure of peaches, and bestowed a charming smile upon Skyler.

Undergoing significant transformations after absorbing the mysterious power and aura from the snake-wood snake-horned wand, Salff now exuded a captivating charisma.

Every expression, whether a furrowed brow or a joyful smile, held an enchanting allure. Her eyes, as deep as the stars, radiated a sparkling beauty, captivating anyone who gazed into them.

Skyler’s body swayed imperceptibly, and a cold snort escaped him. It was evident that his mental fortitude remained unshaken. “Save your simple tricks; they hold no sway over me.”

Following the showdown with Eleanor and Catalina after the Triwizard Tournament, Skyler recognized his weaknesses in this domain.

Consequently, he dedicated himself to honing his mastery over the magical eyes. As a result, he developed increased resistance to spells cast by way of ocular techniques.

Skyler felt that he couldn’t afford to lose another battle between himself and Catalina the next time they met; he is truly grateful that Eleanor recognized the value of forming a relationship between them.

Salff, discontent etched on her face, flattened her mouth and retorted, “You—” As she observed the subtle threat in Skyler’s gaze, she suddenly bit her lower lip, fell into a contemplative silence, and then lowered her head. After a prolonged pause, she bitterly mumbled words only audible to herself, “What a confounding demeanor! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!”

“Let me borrow your wand. I wish to witness the alterations in the wand’s soul and magical potency as it forms a connection with its owner,” Skyler stated, extending his hand.

Still gnawing on her lip, Salff reluctantly handed her wand over to Skyler.

The moment Skyler gripped the wand, a melodious “ding” resonated, and the pendant box cradled in his arms autonomously soared into the air, hovering before him. Both the wand and the pendant box emitted a luminous green glow, establishing a connection between them.

In an unexpected turn, the pendant box unfurled, revealing a faint pattern against the sky. Its form resembled that of a map.

Upon discovering his aptitude as a Snake Whisperer and opening the Slytherin Locket for the first time, Skyler discerned not only the magical ability to summon the basilisk shadow but also the presence of a nebulous map inside.

Skyler endeavored to decipher the map and locate the indicated destination, yet the lack of substantial clues thwarted his efforts, leaving him without success despite his analytical and reasoning attempts.

Skyler remained mindful of the legends bequeathed by the four founders of Hogwarts.

Setting aside other matters, let’s delve into the complete acquisition of Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s legacies by Skyler.

Within Ravenclaw’s inheritance, Skyler discovered a clandestine chamber housing an extensive collection of rare books, Aquila, and the Essence of Wisdom. The Essence of Wisdom not only granted him the ability of “Illuminating Insight” but also unraveled its own enigma.

As for Hufflepuff’s legacy, Skyler encountered Isa, a “frozen” magical talisman, an alchemical crucible infused with food and alchemy magic, revelations about the origin of elves, and the font of life. These revelations offered insights into the notions of “creation and regeneration.”

Drawing parallels between the two inheritance experiences, Skyler is convinced that Slytherin’s legacy extends far beyond a mere chamber of secrets and a basilisk. He postulates that Slytherin himself must have left behind additional legacies, and the map likely directs to the location of one such inheritance.

With the plethora of blessings Skyler has amassed, only a handful of inheritances hold significant value for him. Among them, Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s legacies undoubtedly claim prominent positions in his esteem, ranking high in his priorities.

As elucidated earlier in this narrative, Slytherin bequeathed two legacies to his progeny, the Gaunt family—a snakewood basilisk horn wand and a pendant worn around his neck. In the early 12th century, the formidable Gaunt family faced a division when two equally powerful brothers went their separate ways.

The younger brother sought refuge in the McGillicuddy Mountains of Ireland, founding his own family and establishing an alternate lineage within the Gaunt bloodline.

The unfolding tableau before Skyler underscored the realization that unveiling the map’s secret and acquiring Slytherin’s true legacy necessitated possession of both the snakewood basilisk horn wand and the pendant.

Yet, such an endeavor within the Gaunt branch had become unattainable. Simultaneously, it planted the seeds for the eventual decline of the Gaunt family.

Despite being endowed with the talent of snake whispering, the Gaunt family found themselves relegated to a dilapidated ancestral dwelling. Clutching a ring and a pendant box, they clung to these remnants as tokens of their bygone splendor.

In the original narrative, Harry, a destitute child accustomed to the confines of the broom closet, even entertained the notion of whether Gaunt’s ancestral home could be considered habitable upon witnessing its appearance in Bob Ogden’s memories.

Described in the original text, the walls adorned with moss, missing roof tiles revealing exposed rafters, and the encroachment of nettles surrounding the house, with small, dirt-laden windows, portrayed the profound desolation experienced by the last generation of the Gaunt family.

In stark contrast, not only did the illustrious Malfoy family bask in glory, but even Sirius, who had been disowned and only inherited from his uncle, managed to dissipate a substantial sum of money after his demise, bequeathing a considerable fortune to Harry.

Ironically, it was the familial schism that precipitated the eventual downfall of the Gaunt family.

Skyler refocused his thoughts, parting his lips as he gestured towards the map with the snakewood wand and began to recite the decryption spell in the snake language: “In the name of a pure-blooded person, I command you to unveil your secrets!”

The map initiated a mesmerizing rotation in response, emanating a radiant glow. Over the span of a few moments, the map underwent visible changes, revealing the contours of mountains and rivers.

Eventually, the metamorphosis ceased, leaving a distinct green, snake-shaped mark on the map amidst the mountains.

Skyler immediately recognized the location—it was the McGillicuddy Mountains in Ireland, the very place where Gaunt’s second son sought refuge when the family underwent their separation!


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