A brilliant green light erupted from the tip of Skyler’s wand. Swiftly shaking it, the luminous green transformed into a lethal beam hurtling toward Barbarossa. Faced with a formidable adversary, Skyler abandoned any consideration of resorting to dark magic.

Barbarossa had maintained his formidable reputation for an entire century, indicating a wealth of potent and terrifying trump cards. However, it was evident that Skyler harbored no intention of affording him the opportunity to unleash them.

With no room left for evasion and no defensive magic capable of thwarting the Killing Curse, Barbarossa, no matter how powerful, mysterious, or concealed, would succumb to death upon being struck by the lethal spell.

Even if he possessed a Horcrux and managed to survive, the tragic fate of perishing with a diminished life would be inevitable.

Unexpectedly, Barbarossa bellowed in anger and executed a response that Skyler had not anticipated.

His entire form transformed into a puddle of water, and the green light streaked over the watery mass, striking the ship’s hull behind Barbarossa and blasting a small hole.

Following this, the aqueous form created by Barbarossa shifted almost two steps to the right, ascended once more, and swiftly reverted to his original human shape.

“This is…” Skyler swiftly deduced the underlying principle of this magical feat. “Could it be the fusion of body transfiguration and elemental magic? Allowing the human form to directly morph into the elemental power closest to the essence of magic?”

The realization left Skyler truly astonished. He couldn’t help but speculate inwardly that Rowling herself might be a squib.

While she possessed some knowledge about the wizarding world and magic, her depiction of authentic magical battles in the original book appeared vague.

This could be attributed to her lack of understanding regarding the intricacies of magic. Perhaps she resorted to imaginative storytelling to capitalize on her works for financial gain?

Despite the setback in his lethal strike, Skyler remained undeterred. As a master of human body transformation, he comprehended the formidable challenges associated with such transmutations.

The adversary appeared to evade the death curse effortlessly, but such advanced transformations undoubtedly inflicted harm upon oneself. That the opponent had been driven to this extent suggested a potential avenue for victory.

Observing that his opponent had just reverted to human form and was still catching his breath, adapting to the transition from a liquid state to a human body, Skyler recognized an opportune moment to press the advantage.

Pointing forward with his left hand, the Slytherin pendant levitated in the air, emitting a resonant sound and radiating a vibrant green glow.

Parting his lips, Skyler hissed—

The pendant case opened—

Several inches in length, a miniature basilisk ghost materialized above the pendant like a three-dimensional image.

“Damn it! You’re one of the snake whisperers! Should be more careful around you slippery Malfoys!” Barbarossa exclaimed, panic flickering in his eyes.

At this juncture, he finally experienced a semblance of fear. The surreal spectacle unfolding before him defied his comprehension.

He comprehended the profound implications of the rediscovery of serpent language magic, especially considering the utilization of the pendant box. The unleashed force following the activation of the Snake Whisper induced genuine fear in him—a power capable of jeopardizing his very life!

Barbarossa hastily shut his eyes, uncertain whether the basilisk phantom possessed lethal eye contact akin to the real basilisk. He wasn’t willing to take that risk.

Simultaneously, he invoked a Shield Charm, casting a vibrant array of colors. A gleaming silver shield and armor manifested around him, bearing the emblem of a crowned skull—a symbol synonymous with pirate kings.

The miniature basilisk emitted a banshee-like scream, releasing a khaki light from its mouth that collided with Barbarossa’s armor spell.

Boom! A resounding crash reverberated.

The shields and armor, conjured by the Shield Charm, rapidly transitioned to a gray hue, as if morphing into stone. They then gradually disintegrated in midair.

The silhouette of the mini basilisk dissipated, and the pendant resealed itself, returning to its position behind Skyler. It now hung around the neck of a shadowy figure behind him.

Barbarossa, reopening his eyes, wore an expression of disbelief. His right hand, along with the wand below the wrist, had transformed into ashes, gradually dissipating in the air.

“Ahhh!” Enraged, he spat out a mouthful of blood, utilizing his remaining left hand to toss a small spherical object. It struck the round porthole of the ship, causing a similar distortion on the glass window.

The void quivered with waves, accompanied by the audible crash of waves against the shore. Barbarossa leaped through the porthole effortlessly, his entire form disappearing without a trace.

Skyler remained stationary and refrained from pursuit.

Unfamiliar with the intricacies of the ghost ship compared to his adversary, he recognized the potential danger of a hasty chase. It was likely that the opponent would retaliate by exploiting the internal structure of the ghost ship.

You see, Skyler employed the highly lethal Killing Curse, yet it merely punctured a small hole in the ghost ship’s wall. The self-healing feature of the ship has since repaired the small breach, leaving no discernible signs of damage.

On the other hand, Barbarossa effortlessly used a small object to navigate through the porthole, showcasing the vast difference in the two individuals’ understanding of the ghost ship.

Having successfully defeated the renowned Barbarossa with his trump card, Skyler felt immensely content with his achievement. He now possessed the confidence to confront anyone, even formidable opponents like Dumbledore or Voldemort.

Slytherin’s pendant, engraved with Slytherin’s snake language magic, could only be activated by those proficient in snake language.

After Skyler acquired the talent for snake language from Salff, he promptly examined the pendant. He successfully unlocked the pendant box by uttering “Open it” in snake language. An indistinct map was also engraved inside alongside the magic to summon the basilisk phantom.

With an enthusiastic expression, Fleur took Skyler’s hand, leading him on a delightful exploration of the Secret Witch Trail from beginning to end. She eagerly pointed out each store, providing insights into various products and sharing interesting facts.

In the company of the charming Lotus, Skyler, filled with joy, allowed Lotus to guide him, hand in hand, to explore the enchanting trail.

The snack establishments along the Secret Witch Trail surpassed those in Diagon Alley in terms of both variety and quality.

Fleur and Skyler indulged in numerous purchases, later finding a serene spot in the central garden. Seated side by side, they exchanged and savored various French pastries and candies.

Being a man of two generations, Skyler understood that Fleur’s favorable impression of him likely stemmed from his strength, fame, or perhaps even the fact that he had once rescued her sister in the Goblet of Fire.

Skyler found himself more intrigued by Fleur than by his own experiences. The enchanting sister, three years his senior, was hardly unwelcome. Few could resist the allure of the silver-haired Veela, and Skyler was receptive to any intimate gestures Fleur might exhibit.

Naturally, since only the blood of the same race was sacrificed, and without the flesh of the host or the bones of the ancestors, the resurrection of the basilisk shadow remained incomplete. Deprived of its mind, the shadow could not endure for an extended period.

However, this was inconsequential. Skyler already possessed two summoned beasts—Aquila and Demon Hunter. For him, the capabilities of the Basilisk Phantom were sufficient.

After all, there were very few individuals in this world who could compel him to utilize the pendant.


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Published On: March 29, 2024

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