In this moment, Skyler has harnessed the magical power within Sarff, propelling his own magical energy to the level of an Auror in one decisive surge. The abundant magic power has sharpened Skyler’s demeanor, presenting a momentum not weaker than that of his quasi-mage adversary.

Simultaneously, the Supreme Wizard’s Robe, Night Star Cloak, Crown of Wisdom, and Slytherin’s Pendant materialized on him in an instant. Both the crown and the pendant emitted rays of light, akin to laser beams, linking with Skyler’s wands. The wands produced a lively sound, moving like lightning in the air, creating afterimages.

A streak of red light shot out rapidly, transforming into fireballs mid-air, trailing behind with a long tail and hurtling away accompanied by the sound of the rushing wind. The spectacle resembled a miniature meteor shower.

Barbarossa took a step back, creating some space in front of him as his wand materialized. With a broad circular motion, he conjured a substantial wave, reaching the height of an adult, forming a dense and sturdy water wall grounded before him. Fireballs rapidly bombarded the water wall, emitting a sizzling sound, and a white mist rapidly enveloped the entire room.

Concurrently, a wave surged from the spot where Skyler stood. This wave cascaded over Skyler’s head, morphing into a water sphere resembling molten glass that descended onto him, encasing him within.

Skyler’s form appeared as a faceless, undulating silhouette for several seconds, flickering vaguely within this “water cage,” as if struggling to break free from the oppressive mass. Then, suddenly, eight flexible and robust tentacles sprouted from behind Skyler.

The tentacles writhed and surged wildly, their long, pink flesh filling the entire water sphere, causing it to stretch and contort violently, akin to a balloon on the verge of bursting.

The water collided with the ground with a splash, dispersing droplets that wet the smooth, glossy floor. Skyler stood amidst the aftermath, soaked from head to toe, with water droplets still trickling from the tips of his hair.

In this skirmish, both parties remained in the testing phase, refraining from launching an attack potent enough to terminate the other.

Superficially, the confrontation appeared evenly matched.

However, in reality, Skyler utilized previously exposed strengths, while Barbarossa showcased his mastery over the water element. Not everyone possesses the ability to layer an additional level of transformation upon elemental magic. Precise control over a specific element is imperative for such a feat.

When Dumbledore employed a similar water prison spell in the original work, it could incarcerate even Voldemort. The Dark Lord himself required several seconds to break free from the enchantment.

Dumbledore’s utilization of this spell against Voldemort marked a pivotal moment in their conflict, as it inflicted substantial pain on the Dark Lord and prompted him to abandon the fight, opting instead to make a decisive escape.

This underscores the exceptional nature of the water prison magic’s potency. Barbarossa’s proficiency in executing this spell indicates his highly advanced skills in elemental transformation magic.

In essence, Skyler strategically capitalized on this round. However, the conductivity of water, a key element of the strategy, posed a deterrent for him to employ the “Fulmen Volans,” his trump card against Armand II. This factor mitigated some of Skyler’s advantages.

Maintaining unyielding eye contact, Skyler and Barbarossa confronted each other with resolute expressions, their movements deliberate and measured.

Wizarding battles seldom revolved around casting Avada Kedavra, a spell reserved for madmen. The incantation consumes a considerable amount of magical power, and its effectiveness hinges on precise targeting.

Not only can it be evaded, but it can also be thwarted by a robust physical defense. Dumbledore, for instance, once used a statue to withstand Voldemort’s deadly curse.

Wizard combat, while dynamic, adheres to fundamental principles revolving around two core tactics: depleting the opponent’s magical power and restricting their evasion and defensive capabilities.

Engaging in a war of attrition favors Barbarossa, given his superior magical prowess compared to Skyler. Moreover, with Eleanor held hostage, Barbarossa remains confident that Skyler will not attempt a desperate escape.

In terms of reinforcements, the handful of students from Durmstrang is deemed sufficient to handle any potential threats.

However, this attrition strategy is constrained by time. Prolonged engagement, coupled with excessive noise, risks provoking Karkaroff or even Dumbledore.

While Barbarossa is confident in dealing with Karkaroff once Skyler is neutralized, the prospect of facing Dumbledore raises concerns. Barbarossa fears that the consequences of a confrontation with Dumbledore would outweigh any potential gains.

Skyler was reluctant to engage in a protracted war of attrition, recognizing the impracticality of such a gamble. Within Durmstrang’s ghost ship, the internal space is effectively sealed off from the outside world. As the male students basked in the sun on the deck for hours, there was a considerable delay in realizing any disturbance within the students’ bedroom level.

Given Barbarossa’s formidable strength, prolonged combat would only favor him, making it unwise to rely on external assistance.

Despite differing motivations, both adversaries shared a common determination for swift resolution.

Giants, inherently cruel and bloodthirsty beings, teetered on the brink of extinction due to cannibalistic practices in the previous century.

The few survivors, numbering around a dozen, aligned themselves with a mysterious figure.

During this dark period, they became infamous for participating in some of the most brutal Muggle massacres. While many giants who served the Dark Lord perished at the hands of Aurors combating the forces of darkness, Fridwulfa was not among them.

“Concrete spell?” Barbarossa remarked with gravity, “You can already unveil the true nature of elements? But do you believe that breaking through my water wall defense is as simple as that?”

Simultaneously, Barbarossa flourished his wand, conjuring successive walls of water that not only obstructed Skyler’s path of attack but also commenced advancing toward Skyler’s location, gradually constraining his spatial mobility within the enclosed area.

“It’s not over yet!” Skyler’s wand made a slight flourish, causing the white magical stream to transform into a swirling airflow, eventually manifesting as a gray, ethereal female figure—the true form of the wind element, Sylph.

Echoes of girlish laughter reverberated in the air as Sylph swiftly caught up with the salamander, transmuting into a pair of translucent wind wings that affixed to the salamander.

Wind assisted fire, and fire bore the force of the wind. The fusion of wind and fire elements generated a destructive power greater than the sum of its parts.

The salamander emitted a fierce roar, contorting itself into a rapidly spinning vortex of flames that collided with the water barrier before Barbarossa!

Before the outcome of the salamander’s assault became apparent, Skyler had already initiated the next wave of attacks. The eight tentacles behind him coiled in various directions around Barbarossa.

Ultimately, the tips of each tentacle bifurcated into four small appendages, each inscribing a Guruni magic talisman in mid-air.

“What?” Barbarossa exclaimed, “Can you wield magic through your tentacles?” Despite his extensive combat experience and composed demeanor in the face of danger, Barbarossa was genuinely taken aback by Skyler’s astounding display.

However, his hand movements were anything but sluggish. His wand danced with remarkable speed, directing successive walls of water in front of him. Simultaneously, he shifted his steps cautiously, bracing for the impending counterattack.

The salamander’s fiery vortex proved potent enough to disintegrate the four water walls. The walls collapsed with a resounding crash, transforming into cascading clear water that spread across the floor before transitioning into vapor and dissipating into the air.

At this juncture, only a solitary water wall remained on the battlefield, and Barbarossa was initiating the transformation into additional barriers.


“It’s too late!” A steely glint flickered in Skyler’s eyes. He brandished his wand and bellowed: “Avada Kedavra!”

Meanwhile, Ludo Bagman sat among a group of goblins, lowering his voice to convey a message hastily. The goblins responded by crossing their arms, adopting a menacing stance. In the midst of the conversation, Bagman cast a quick glance toward the bar, spotting Harry.

He promptly rose and approached Harry, leading him away from Ms. Rosmerta to a secluded spot at the end of the bar. The two engaged in a hushed conversation for an extended period.

Ultimately, Bagman appeared somewhat disappointed and slightly annoyed as he bid Harry farewell before departing.


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