The obsidian energy enveloping Armand underwent a swift transformation, manifesting as an opaque black mist that rapidly diffused throughout the entire room.

Simultaneously, the magical radiance emanating from the tip of Skyler’s wand morphed into four distinct hues, each streaming towards Armand’s head, hands, and lower body in a graceful curve.

This marked the initiation of Rosier’s clandestine elemental magic—an amalgamation of the four elements culminating in a formidable assault.

The sentient black energy enveloping Armand exhibited a degree of autonomy, engaging in a defiant struggle against the four-color cursed streamers.

Upon impact, the streamers erupted in a dazzling display reminiscent of fireworks, scattering sparks, ice crystals, and electric arcs in all directions.

Armand, pushed back several paces, bore the marks of the spell’s formidable force, evident in the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

Simultaneously, tentacle-like strands of the dark energy materialized from the ground where Skyler had stood. In an instant, these tendrils ensnared Skyler’s limbs, forcibly separating and immobilizing them into a contorted, oversized human form.

“Hmph -” Armand wore a malevolent smile, “My victory has been decided, and your mobility is nonexistent. Though I’m aware of your proficiency in some peculiar transfiguration skills, it’s no Animagus. My guess is that, despite the potency of your technique, it’s confined to altering your human form, am I correct?” Armand’s deduction was spot-on.

The Aetherform involves delving into the realm of the soul, enabling the caster to preserve their human soul and consciousness even while assuming the guise of an animal.

Conversely, the inner capability employs the melding and reshaping of the physical body and magical power. This allows the caster to wield the distinctive magical attributes of mystical creatures post-transformation, such as the aquatic nature and water element affinity inherent in the “Dracotaur” form.

However, this magical art isn’t without its constraints. The transformed entity must retain most human characteristics, particularly ensuring the brain remains unaltered. Otherwise, the individual risks forfeiting their human cognitive faculties and truly devolving into a creature.

“That’s accurate -” Skyler sneered, “but spellcasting isn’t limited to single gestures alone, allow me to let you have the tase of multicasting! The Secret of the Metamorphosis – the Art of Tentacles!”

Eight tentacles swiftly extended from Skyler’s back, spiraling in all directions around Armand. Eventually, the tips of each tentacle were divided into four slender strips resembling miniature, flesh-colored fingers.

These fingers deftly waved through the air simultaneously, and each tentacle etched a Guruni magic talisman in a mere instant. The magic talisman comprised four kaunaz and four isa.

Armand gawked at the spectacle, his eyes widening in incredulity.

He had never witnessed Skyler’s spellcasting technique, nor had he ever heard of such a method.

The proficiency required for Guruni spellcasting was exceptionally demanding. Even Armand himself had only mastered two Guruni magic talismans, and that didn’t account for Skyler seamlessly executing the highly complex human body transformation technique.

To his knowledge, human body transformation techniques, like the Metamorphosis from the Black family, typically altered superficial features such as hair color, facial features, and body shape. They were designed for purposes like disguise and infiltration.

Armand was aware that Skyler’s version of the human transformation technique extended beyond conventional boundaries, allowing for the creation of tentacles and other alterations.

After all, during the underwater battle at the lake’s bottom, he had witnessed Skyler’s remarkable aquatic capabilities, evident in the expulsion of black ink and adept maneuvering beneath the water. But – what’s the point of him being able to cast spells with his tentacles?

Doesn’t the flow of wizards’ magic power follow fixed routes in the human body? Magic power is generated from the blood and enters the magic pool in the soul. It is then transformed into a flow of magic power into the hand through precise mental control in the brain and resonates with the wand in the hand so that the magic power can be transformed into a magic effect through the waving of the wand and the spell.

When Skyler casts the Guruni spell, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t need a wand.

What’s the matter if he doesn’t even need to use his hands? This simply goes against the theoretical basis of magic that Armand has believed in throughout his long life!

Why do the parts transformed by the human body transformation have magic affinity? Could it be that what Gamp has said in the law of transformation over the years that “transformation cannot produce magic” has been wrong?

Before Armand could come back to his senses, Skyler shouted loudly: “Let you taste the combination of ice and fire!”

The secret of Guruni’s spell combination – Arcane Symphony

The four isa runes emitted a dazzling white light, and the water vapor in the air condensed into snow-white ice crystal frost at a speed visible to the naked eye. Like four icicle dragons, it spread very quickly in the direction of Armand.

The four Kaunas runes created a blazing orange fire, and as the hissing sound was heard, sparks were rubbed in the air, turning into four salamanders bathed in fire, sprinting towards Armand in the air as if they were walking on flat ground.

“How dare you! You are courting death, Skyler!” Armand shouted angrily. He stretched out his hands, clasped his fists together, and recited the spell “Shield of Light and Shadow!”

A semicircular silver shield covered his entire body, and Sherlin immediately recognized that this was the “Shield of Light and Shadow,” one of the secret spells of the Malfoy family. The “Blade of Light and Shadow” released when the two brothers joined hands to fight Moody was the magic of pairing.

The ice dragon and the salamander slammed into the shield with their claws bared.

The shield shattered inch by inch, but Armand inside had completely turned into a black mist, just like Obscurus in the Fantastic Beasts movie, roaring towards him.

Armand came out and avoided the bombardment of the ice dragon and salamander.

The black mist roared toward Skyler, and the front end of the black mist slowly transformed into Armand’s ferocious face. Two thick arms also appeared on both sides of the black mist, and they suddenly grabbed Skyler’s shoulders.

Skyler’s pupils turned blue in the blink of an eye. The looming “Guardian” talisman was reflected in the depths of his eyes. He opened his mouth and spat out a blood arrow composed of blood. The blood arrow was struck in mid-air, transformed by the magic power released by the pupils!

The blood arrow turned into a vermilion blood shield, and the shield’s surface was also engraved with “Guardian” runes that emitted a strong light. The sudden appearance of the shield caught Armand unexpectedly, and he hit the blood shield hard before he could turn!

The scene where one of the blood shields and the black mist was smashed into ashes did not appear.

The corners of Skyler’s mouth raised slightly. At the moment when the black mist and the blood shield came into contact, the blood shield suddenly liquefied and turned into a large wave of blood, wrapping the black mist and turning it into a red ball.

The black mist was cut off from the outside world, and the tentacles of black energy that originally bound Skyler also dissipated automatically.

Skyler’s eyes sparkled, and his pupils changed back and forth among the four colors of orange, green, azure, and milky white. He activated all his magic power, concentrated all his attention, raised his wand, pointed it at the blood cells, and shouted: “Liberatio Anima!”


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