“You deliberately or unintentionally overlooked something,” Skyler asserted with certainty. “The reason you spared the ancestor goes beyond a mere reminder of your last shred of humanity, akin to your own sister. Don’t feed me the nonsense that your power suddenly increased too much—I wouldn’t have believed that even at the age of three.”

“Hey,” Armand’s lips raised slightly, “Interesting. What other reasons do you think it could be?”

“You don’t want to annihilate the entire clan!” Skyler declared decisively. “Horcruxes can anchor your soul in this world, but what else will you share your glory with if no one else is left? If the Malfoys were gone, you would look like a fool. Is what I would say, but that is not the reason, isn’t it?” He asked wittily.

Armand smirked at Skyler before nodding, “Continue.”

“Your true purpose for letting the other Malfoys live is so you can harvest their bodies as the necessary materials for your immortality.” Skyler continued.

“If you seek reincarnation and resurrection,” Skyler raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “you’ll need either the flesh and blood sacrifice ceremony in black magic or the Philosopher’s Stone in alchemy. The former requires using the flesh and blood of fathers, servants, and enemies, risking contamination with the curse of fate. The latter is a legendary existence, encountered only once in a lifetime. Apart from these, there is only one method I know of—”

“Bloodline fusion,” Skyler continued, “is the only known magic capable of perfectly resurrecting the body and restoring the possessed soul. It facilitates complete integration with the host’s body without generating any repulsive magic. The only constraint on this magic is that the possessed spirit and the host must share a blood relationship. This explains why you chose the Patriarch Ring as a Horcrux and your intention to leave the Malfoy family with blood descendants.”

Hearing this, Skyler felt a slight numbness. Once an outright dueling champion in his youth, Professor Flitwick found himself unable to resist the allure of the spell. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Okay!” Professor Flitwick didn’t return to his office but led Skyler to a remote abandoned classroom.

Professor Flitwick gracefully instructed Skyler to don all the equipment before commencing the duel.

However, he was about to witness a scene that would shock him profoundly: Skyler leisurely donned the Night Star Cloak, followed by Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Gravity Boots, and Ring of Guardian, and then retrieved an unknown magic book floating in the air in front of him. Finally, he held a wand in his left hand and a wand in his right hand.

“A staff that exudes obvious magic power fluctuations.” Professor Flitwick couldn’t help but regret his previous tutorship.

Despite Skyler’s youth, his performance in the Goblet of Fire was evident to all, and the array of extraordinary equipment made him an imposing figure. It would indeed be shameful for Skyler to fight back. However, the words had been spoken, and it was too late to say anything now.

Armand gently touched his palms and shook his head, “It’s so wonderful. All your guesses are correct; I almost thought you witnessed the whole process…”

“Tsk, tsk, that idiot Lucius II actually let it go. Instead of nurturing a treasure like you, he chose Draco, a loser, as the head of the family. To be honest,” Armand grinned and smiled evilly, “I really want to kill this idiot now!”

“How much? Years, how many centuries… I am like a humble wandering soul, relying on absorbing life force bit by bit to accumulate the power needed for resurrection…” Armand said bitterly, “Finally, it’s my turn. With the capital of resurrection, I was so happy when Draco, the boy, put on this ring…”

“In the beginning, he was indeed my target for seizing the body, with his young body, strong figure, and… He has pretty good facial features…” Armand smiled and continued, “In addition, as far as I know from his memory, although the current Malfoy family is not powerful, it still holds significant influence in politics and business. There are influential individuals, but they adhere to the practice of incestuous marriages and maintaining the purity of blood. Gaunt and Black have all declined one by one…”

“As long as I regain power in the Malfoy family, with my natural strength, it will be very easy. Soon, the only shortcoming of the Malfoy family will be rectified. The only problem is-“

“In the past century, as far as I know, there have been at least several wizards who have set foot in that field. When I woke up from my deep sleep and possessed Draco, I could even vaguely feel that there seemed to be some auras between heaven and earth that made me feel disgusted and threatening, and there was even a hint of familiarity in them. A feeling like, hum, it seems that I am not the only old guy who has managed to survive in this world by means of tricks!”

“In order to prevent these powerful people who may threaten me from noticing my existence, I decided to reincarnate and resurrect myself. I can’t attract anyone’s attention. I have to hide it from that idiot Lucius II -” Armand stared at Skyler closely, “and of course you, a clever kid.”

“Lucius II, it’s okay to call him as an idiot. After all, I hid in Hogwarts and had no contact with him at all. On the contrary, you who live close by day and night are more threatening. I have to say that I see something in you that is far beyond your age. You should have the necessary intelligence and scheming,” Armand said. “It has become an extremely difficult task to resurrect the body without your sight. The most troublesome thing is that with my Legilimency attainments, I can’t even read your thoughts and memories. In the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, you also showed a strong willpower that is enough to resist the Imperius Curse -“

“Boy, I have to say, you gave me a big problem. Ah!” He sneered, “However, this also gave me a new idea -“

“I have been observing you for a long time…” He licked his lips, his eyes full of an extremely strong desire, “Boy, do you know how enviable your talents are?”

“In your body, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a considerable part of the blood power has been awakened… although it is not as strong and powerful as me back then, it is already precious today when the bloodline has withered after centuries. Not to mention… In addition to feeling the strong power of chaos belonging to the wizard, I also vaguely sensed the faint power of the dragon… What kind of fortune are you making?”

“The power in your bloodline is already so extraordinary. What shocks me even more is that the spiritual power in your consciousness is amazing. When I used Legilimency on you, my consciousness was outside your head. It’s like hitting an invisible wall. Let alone invading your spirit, I haven’t even seen the door to your spirit. This is a legendary realm. I suspect that you may have broken through the shackles of your spirit. Have you reached the state of releasing your spiritual power?

“Your body is still full of strong vitality. This is the secret of Druid’s life magic that respects nature! The size of your magic pool is more than double that of wizards of the same age, and your magic power is extraordinary, very extraordinary…”

“In October, I noticed that a brand new power suddenly emerged from the world. It is a kind of mutual feeling that wizards who have set foot in that realm can have. At that time, the first person I suspected was you… because I saw the illuminated Draco constellation, which is the destiny constellation corresponding to the Malfoy family. And among the remnants of the Malfoy family, you are the only one who is most likely to cause changes in the constellations!”

“At that time, I thought you were just like me, killing your closest relatives…” Armand smiled coldly, “I actually still had the feeling of ‘I am not alone’… But I can’t feel even a trace of darkness in you! Your soul has not even corrupted a bit! How did you do it? At this point, my curiosity toward the knowledge you possess intrigues me more than continuing our little argument…”

Though Armand II is a dark wizard in his heart, he is still a wizard with the thirst for knowledge that Skyler possesses.

“On the day of the Yule Ball, speaking of this, I have to thank the girl from the Moreau family. She finally let you, the little fox, reveal her trump card…” Armand’s eyes have begun to show greed and desire, “Aha – it’s actually the magic eye! This is unbelievable, but it is also reasonable. Your birth itself violated the law of Malfoy’s single inheritance. In this case, what’s so surprising about your ability to awaken the Magic Eye?”

“It’s a pity that you didn’t get the family’s inheritance about the magic eye – I guess after my ‘death,’ the family destroyed all the information about the magic eye. So your Magic Eye is still in its early stages of adapting after you’ve awakened it, but even so, your Magic Eye can grow to the point where it can compete with the Grindelwald family’s ‘Phantom Eyes.’ What a terrifying talent this is!

“Blood, spirit, vitality, magic, talents, and the indescribable realm!” The red in Armand’s eyes became more vivid and terrifying. “Many people have longed for this throughout the ages but cannot obtain. Realm and creation! And they all appear in your body. What’s even more terrifying is that you are not yet 15 years old!”

In comparison, Draco’s body seems so weak and pitiful —And this thin bloodline power, this weak magic power, makes it impossible for me even to activate the power of the magic eye. I can’t even exert half of my strength in my heyday!” Armand’s breathing began to become rapid, and he roared like a beast from his throat, with a cruel and fierce light reflected in his pupils, “Since that day, I have not stopped thinking about this for a moment – damn it, Lucius II! How wonderful it would be if you were the one to inherit the ring!”

The naked upper body that originally belonged to Draco seemed to be suddenly covered with black spiritual snakes, which were actually black energy attached to the body.

Skyler could tell from the engraved magic marks that this magic mark was a kind of curse seal magic similar to magic armor, which could greatly improve the body’s magic resistance.

Veins popped up on Armand’s face, and his ferocious pupils protruded. He roared in a low voice, “I’ve been thinking about it day and night, trying every means to get it, and it’s always been you!”

“As long as I get it! With your body and your knowledge… Even your so-called Headmaster Dumbledore has nothing against us; think about it, Skyler!”

Only a ferocious look remained in the shadows on the childish face that originally belonged to Draco!


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