He threw a punch in Yor’s direction, but she swiftly dodged it and kicked him in the shin, which made him stumble.

“Argh!” He groaned and tried to throw another punch.

“I told you, I’m busy right now.” Yor dodged it again and threw another kick.

He was about to stand up, but then he saw her coming and threw another punch, but he missed. Then, Yor grabbed his wrist, pulled him towards her, and punched him in the face.

The impact was enough to send him flying into the wall. He slid down, knocked out, and couldn’t even stand up straight again.

The other two guys that were with him were stunned by what they saw and couldn’t move.

“What are you standing around for? Get her!”

One of them threw a punch, which she blocked. She grabbed his arm and swung him around. Then, she threw him at the other one, which caused both of them to fall to the ground.

They were still able to get back up. But this time, they decided to charge together.

They tried to attack her from both sides. But Yor was able to block both of them, and then, she grabbed one of their heads and slammed it to the wall next to her.

The impact was enough to make the guy knock out. The other one was a bit slow, so Yor grabbed his collar and looked at him with her dead eyes.

“Please, just let me go. I’m sorry!” He pleaded and trembled in fear.

“You should have thought of that before.”

Then, she slammed his head into the wall as well.

The whole thing lasted for a minute, and no one really noticed it.

Yor took a quick look at the surroundings to make sure no one saw it, and when she was satisfied, she continued her pursuit of the tattooed man.

She made it to the corner, and as she turned it, she saw the man walking down the roadside like it was his typical night stroll. Nothing of a worry, nor did he act suspicious.

Yor kept tailing the tattooed man and was careful not to be caught. She didn’t know whether or not the tattooed man had already noticed her presence or not.

She kept following him for several minutes after walking around the block from a distance. Then, she noticed the tattooed man had started walking toward an area where barely any people were around.

At this point, Yor had a hunch that this tattooed man already knew her presence and was purposedly coming to this quiet area to lure her out.

She knew she couldn’t keep tailing him from behind, or he’d know that she was following him the whole time.

But this could be seen as a chance for her to ambush the tattooed man, given there was no one else around, and she could take him down quickly without alerting anyone else.

The tattooed man had come to a construction area where there was an empty lot, and he walked into it. He was just standing there as if waiting for something or someone.

Yor was watching the man from a vantage point on another building, and she could see him clearly. She assumed that the tattooed man was waiting for his accomplice and a meeting was about to happen.

If her guess was true, then she could definitely track down the people who kidnapped Anya.

Suddenly, the tattooed man moved and walked toward one of the construction equipment, and Yor could see him grabbing something.

Then, the tattooed man turned around and pointed a gun in her direction.

“You really thought that you could just tail me without me noticing?” The tattooed man said.

Yor’s eyes widened as she was already caught by the tattooed man.

“It’s over for you, lady. Now, show yourself.”

Yor stood up, went down several meters from his position, and raised her hand.

“Well, this is quite the predicament.” The tattooed man smirked.

“I’m surprised that you managed to find me even though we barely met at that place. What are you hoping to find me for here?” The man asked as he pointed his gun at Yor.

“I know your group are the ones who took Anya. I only want you to give her location, and you’ll be spared.” Said Yor coldly.

“Ah, so you’re here to rescue your daughter? Isn’t the instructions in the letter that we gave you clear enough? Or did you really think you could save your daughter without even knowing where she was?”

Yor stayed silent and did not answer what the man had just said.

The tattooed man shrugged his hand, “Either way, you kind of broke our deal and negotiations. I might as well take you in so that we could extort more money from your husband.”

The man then raised his gun and pointed at her again.

“Don’t move, or I will shoot you.” He warned.

Yor still stood where she was. The man was about to apprehend her and take her away. But before the man gets close to her, she kicks the dirt on the ground with all of her might to make a screen for her.

The action surprised the man, so he pulled the trigger. But because the dirt blinded him, his shot missed her by a large margin.

The moment Yor kicked the dirt, she quickly ran away to the side and tried to find a cover. She could hear the man shouting and shooting his gun.

“Where the hell did you go?!”

Yor had hidden herself behind a pile of sandbags, and she took a quick peek.

Two other men had shown up out of nowhere. They had guns, too. And they were also looking for her. He had called for backup beforehand, which was why he was not afraid to call her out.

“Find her! She’s not far away from here!” The tattooed man shouted.

They were all walking slowly, trying to search the area. The man’s voice was getting closer and closer to her.

She heard one of them walking closer to the sandbags where she was hiding, and when that man was in front of her, she jumped out of cover.

The man was startled, but he was about to shoot her. Yor had to act quickly, and she kicked the man on the legs. The kick was so powerful that the man fell down, and the man’s gun fell down to the ground.

Before the man could scream or shout, Yor quickly put her hands on the man’s mouth to silence him. She took out the stiletto that she hid on her thigh and sliced the man’s neck clean.

As she finished taking down one of the henchmen that appeared, she was spotted by the other one.

The man quickly turned around and pointed his gun at her, “There you are!”

Yor jumped backward just as the man pulled the trigger. She threw her stiletto right at the man’s shoulder, immobilizing him to stop shooting.


He dropped his gun and pulled the stiletto from his shoulder, and Yor took that chance to jump at him and do a roundhouse kick on him.

The impact from the kick was so strong that it instantly flew the man out and hit one of the construction pillars that was there.

Only the tattooed man left. He saw that two of his men were already taken out by her and started to shoot in her direction.

Yor quickly avoided the bullet and threw her last stiletto, aiming at the tattooed man’s head. He saw the stiletto flying toward him at a fast speed.

He moved his head to the side and it was a close one, the stiletto only grazed his side and there was a line of blood that could be seen on his head.

Yor quickly kicked the gun in his hand, grabbed one of his hands, and started to pin him down on the ground. The tattooed man tried to fight back, but Yor had already got the upper hand, and he was overpowered by her.

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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