He bid his farewell to her and walked out of the hotel room.

As the door was closed, Fiona where she was sitting for a moment and held her beating heart. Her heart beat rapidly as she remembered when he asked her for help and trusted her.

She couldn’t contain her excitement and felt very happy about it. She was trying so hard to suppress her emotions in front of him, but now she couldn’t help herself but felt very happy about it.

‘He was relying on me. He was asking for my help. And I am the only one he could rely on now.’ She thought.

She calmed herself down and regained her composure again. Now, she must do her best to satisfy what he wants, which is to locate the surrounding area that could probably be Anya’s potential location.

She walked to her bag, took out some items, and prepared herself for the investigation. She looked at the picture that was given by him and started to analyze it.

‘Twilight is relying on me. I have to make him proud and show him that I am a trustworthy partner.’ She thought as she walked towards the door.


The time was 5 PM. Yor was walking toward their hotel room and thinking of a way for her to find out and investigate the perpetrator of the kidnapping herself.

She decided that she would not rely on him and go her own way.

Not because she doesn’t think that he will do anything nor he can find Anya’s whereabouts. But to speed up the search, him doing his own way of investigation, and she does her own way of tracking down the kidnapper.

All she has for the lead for her own investigation is the tattoo of that letter sender. It was the only lead that she could use.

But she was a bit worried if he had found out that she had left the hotel without his knowledge. She definitely doesn’t want him to know that she has taken the initiative herself, so she must return before Loid or Noah returns.

She entered the hotel room and started to prepare herself for her mission.

She put on her black dress and a pair of gloves, took a black jacket, and put on a pair of shades. She took her purse and walked out of the room.

Her first clue was the tattoo on the man, and she thought it would be best to ask several tattoo parlors that are around the area.

If the people she asked are not the ones who made the tattoo, she would just keep moving to the next place and do the same thing until she finds the person or a lead that she can use.

Because there should be someone who would do that kind of work for someone or a possible crime gang. Given most of the tattoo parlors are owned and often used by some groups.

She arrived in the city’s center and walked towards a nearby tattoo parlor. The entrance to the shop was a bit dimmed as she walked into it.

It was a small shop, and there were not many customers at the time. A few men were wearing leather jackets, and three tattooists were doing their jobs.

She walked over to the cashier and greeted the woman who was sitting on the chair, “Hello.”

The woman looked at her and replied, “Welcome. Anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, I was wondering if you had someone with this kind of tattoo or made this tattoo.” She showed the tattoo that she scribbled on a piece of paper, and it can be described as a really good illustration of what she had seen.

The woman took the paper and examined it for a while.

“Can’t remember that we have someone who ordered nor made a tattoo like that. It is quite a nice design, though.” The woman replied back.

“Do you know any place that has the same tattoo as this or someone who could have done this?” She asked again.

The woman thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think so. Maybe you should check the other places, or maybe someone had done it, but it’s a bit too simple to be remembered.”

She thanked her and bid her farewell, and then she walked out of the store.

She walked to a couple of other places and asked the people there, but they had no idea nor knew anyone who could have done it.

This struck her as something suspicious, so she waited at a nearby bus station and waited for one of them to leave the place. Yor was planning on following one of them and dug out more information from them “the hard way” if she needed to.

Luckily, a guy who seemed to be one of the tattoo artists walked out of the place and was heading somewhere. She followed him.

She kept a good distance behind him and walked slowly. Although she was not sure if he was a criminal or not, she felt that it was suspicious that he was denying the tattoo when she showed it.

After a 15-minute walk, the man entered a nightclub that was nearby. She was not sure if she should enter or not. But after some deliberation, she decided to go in and look around.

You entered the nightclub, the place was filled with music and people dancing to the music.

She went straight to the bar and ordered a drink. She scanned the room and spotted the man that she was following earlier. He was now standing in a corner and talking to someone else.

She couldn’t see who the other person was since he was standing facing away from her. But one thing for sure was that she could see the same tattoo on the wrist of that other person.

“What should I do? Should I get closer or wait for a chance?” Yor contemplated while she was drinking the drink that she ordered.

She thought about going to the bathroom and disguised as one of the partygoers, but she gave up that thought as it would be too risky.

As she was thinking about what to do next, a random man came and sat next to her and tried to talk to her.

“Hey, why is a beautiful lady like you drinking all alone? How about a drink or two together?” He smiled and said.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I am waiting for someone.” She refused.

“Oh, come on, don’t be shy. We could have a fun time tonight. Come on, how about we dance for a bit?” He grabbed her hands and tried to pull her.

Yor was already annoyed by his attempt, so she used her strength and broke free from his grip. Then she grabbed his hand and twisted it.

He was not prepared and got slammed against the counter.

“Aghh! What the hell are you doing!?” He groaned and said.

“Sorry, I told you I am waiting for someone. Just go away.” She said calmly.

“You bitch! You dare hit me!?” The man stood up and was about to raise his hands against her.

Yor was already ready and was prepared to throw a punch back at him.

But the bartender looked at him, and he immediately stopped and backed away.

The man looked at Yor as he was holding his head, “You’re gonna pay this later.”

Then he walked away from her and left the nightclub.

Yor sighed and turned her attention back to the man that she was tailing, but then she saw the person he was talking to had left.

She didn’t expect them to leave already and was surprised. She quickly paid for the drink and walked towards the exit, but the man who was talking to the suspect had already disappeared from the table they were sitting at.

Knowing this, Yor tried to make her way out of the nightclub. When she got outside, she tried to look around to see if there was any clue or where they might have gone.

She could see the guy with the tattoo was walking down the sidewalk and was about to take a turn at the corner.

Yor hurried her pace and tried to catch up with him, but then she was stopped by a group of people who were blocking her path.

It was the guy that was trying to get close to Yor at the bar. He was also with his two friends and was glaring at her.

“Hey! Did you really think that you could get away with it that easily?” The guy said and cracked his knuckles.

“Please, just move out of my way. I’m busy.” Yor said as she was looking for the man.

“Not until I teach you a lesson.”

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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