Morning arrived, and the sun shined brightly in the sky.

Noah and Yor had just woken up, the sun rose from the horizon, and it shone over their faces through the window.

Yor was the first one to get up, and the sunlight shone on her face. She groaned, slowly opened her eyes, and sat up.

She stretched her body and yawned. She stretched her body and yawned. She was a bit sleepy, but her eyes were fully awake. She then looked beside her, and she could see that Noah was still asleep.

Her lips curved upward, and she leaned her head closer to him. She kissed his cheek softly and patted his head, “Good morning, dear.”

Noah was still asleep, but his body moved a little, and his mouth also moved a bit. “Good morning.”

She smiled at him and got up. She was preparing to change her clothes and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Her mood was a bit better than yesterday. She still remembered some of what happened last night.

It was a bit embarrassing, but she was glad that he was there for her.

She had her shower and put her clothes on, then she walked back to the bedroom, and Noah was already up. He was sitting on the bed and smiled at her.

“How are you feeling now?”

Yor let out a smile, “I’m feeling a bit better now. Thanks to you.”

“I’m glad to hear that. We should get some breakfast, and then we can search for her again together. Let’s find something that could lead to her whereabouts.” He said as he stood up and walked towards her.

He patted her head and kissed her forehead.

Noah went to the bathroom as he was about to take his morning shower, but a moment later. Yor found something lying on the floor.

It was a letter.

She squinted her eyes and saw a piece of a letter on the ground. She picked it up and read what was written in the letter.

The moment she read what was written on it, her expression turned weird. She frowned, and her eyes fixated on the letter while scrunching it.

‘For both Yor Forger and Loid Forger.

Meet me at the Skylar Building, outdoor venue, at 3 PM.

I have something that might interest both of you in regards to Anya.’

Her eyes trembled as she kept reading the letter. She didn’t know who was the one who sent the letter and how it was possible for it to be here.

The person who sent this letter should’ve known their whereabouts and knows the whereabouts of Anya.

Yor gritted her teeth and muttered, “If the one who sent this letter knows any information about Anya’s situation. It is not impossible for them to be the one who abducted her.”

“What is it?” Noah came out of the bathroom with a towel hanging around his neck. He was just about to take his shower, but he saw Yor was saying something.

She was standing there, holding a piece of a letter. Noah approached her and read what was written on the paper, his eyes narrowed.

“Where did you get the letter?”

He frowned and took the paper from her hand. It was clear that whoever was the one who sent this must have known that they were there and knew about Anya’s whereabouts.

Yor’s eyes trembled. She was thinking of several possibilities about what the sender wanted. She felt a bit skeptical about what was written in the letter, and they went for this approach.

Noah looked at her. He knew that deep within her eyes, there was a cloud of mixed emotions when she read that letter.

The person who sent this might not have had good intentions. He could feel it, and if the sender had seen what was happening with Anya’s situation, they might have been involved with the whole situation, or they could help them.

But for Yor, her priority was finding Anya and bringing her home safely.

He put his hand on Yor’s shoulder, “Don’t think about it much, okay? We’ll see what the sender wants to say, and if they could lead us to find her, it would be great, right?”

He tried to assure her that this was not a trap or something bad.

Yor let out a soft nod.

“Good,” He looked at the clock on the wall, and it was still 7 AM, “We need to get you a new clothing first since you didn’t bring one here. After that, we’ll have breakfast since there is still plenty of time before 3 PM. How about that?”

“Okay.” She said, a hint of a smile appeared on her lips.

Noah smiled at her and ruffled her hair a bit. He took a quick shower and started to put on his Loid Forger costume again, as the place of meeting was Skylar Building, where the cosplaying event was held. He needed to wear the costume as he was an invited guest of the event.

After getting ready for their day, they both went to the nearby shopping center, where they could buy some clothing and had their breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

The food was quite delicious, and the store had a variety of clothes and fashion. Yor picked out some nice dresses and other clothes for her and changed her clothing into those.

The two of them then headed towards the Skylar Building, and the time was 11 AM. They still have about an hour left for the appointed time.

They decided to stroll around while waiting for the person to come. Although they didn’t know what kind of person they were searching for, they assumed that the person would come up to them directly.

They spent some time walking around the building and went to the outdoor venue where the cosplaying event was being held.

Many people were gathering at the venue. The whole venue was covered with decorations. There were a lot of tables and chairs, and many people were dressed in fancy clothes. Some were wearing cosplays, while the others were just dressing up nicely.

To everyone’s eyes, both of them looked like a cosplaying couple. Even though Noah was just cosplaying as Loid Forger, and Yor is actually Yor Briar herself.

They both strolled around the venue, trying to see if the sender was around the area. Yor was looking around, her eyes scanned through every single person she saw.

But there were several people coming in their direction with their phones and cameras.

“Oh my god, both of you looked so amazing. Can I have a picture with you guys together?”

“Yeah, both of you looked really good. Can we have a picture with you, too?”

Many people approached them and asked for their pictures. Yor were surprised that a lot of people wanted their pictures with them.

Yor glanced at Noah. She was confused as to why there would be random people asking for a picture of both of them. She never experienced this kind of encounter in her life.

Noah gave her a look that they should act it out since they have nothing better to do to kill the time. Yor was confused, but she followed him and played along with his plan.

They took one picture after another together, Noah posed, and Yor just smiled at them. One of the girls exclaimed as she was about to take a photo with both of them.

“Oh, wow. Talk about moving fast, am I right? I can see that you’re with her now this time.” said one of the fans. It was the fan Noah met yesterday.

Noah let out a chuckle. The fan didn’t know that the Yor is not a real person in this world.

“Yes, she is my wife, and I’m here with her this time.”

The fan laughed, “That’s so sweet. I wish there was Anya this time that would complete you guys as a family.”

Hearing this, Yor was startled. She looked at the fan, “What did you just say?”

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Published On: November 25, 2023

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