He saw the message that came from his phone. It was mainly the voice that was talking through him before. He got up from his bed and cleaned himself.

He put on his clothes, went out of his room, and headed back to the hotel roof again. The air was cold, the wind was blowing, and the sky was filled with stars.

“Alright, I’m here. Can we talk about what I am really going to face here?” Noah said as he looked around the empty rooftop.

(It may sound weird, but give me a time. I can assure you that everything is going to be fine on your part. It’s just that you’ll be the one that has to take care of them.)

(Check the app on your phone, there should be new things that have been just processed.)

Noah checked his phone and saw several things had just been added to the app. The buttons that were previously grey had changed color.

[Avatar] [Traits] [Objective] [Tracker] [Comms] [Finish]

“Okay, I’ve seen these new things that are being put on the app, but I have no idea what they’re going to do and how it is going to help me.” Replied Noah as he scrolled through the app.

(All of these will be your utilities panel. I’m sure you already know how the [Avatar] works, but to make it clear. It will change your whole appearance to the character that the Objective that you are currently working on. In this case, Yor’s mission, so you’ll be taking an appearance of Loid.)

He frowned, “So no one would know that I looked like Loid now, only her? While others would look at me like my normal appearance?”

(Precisely. Not only Yor herself, but Anya and other characters that are related to the Objective will see you as that, even your enemy.)

“My enemy? What do you mean by that?” He was a bit skeptical of what the voice just said.

(During these times, there will be characters sent from the other world to here. It could be your companion, and it could also be your enemy. Some characters will give you an objective that you need to finish, and some won’t. They’re there either to aid you or become your enemy.)

(The [Objective] will show you the main mission or things to do before you can send them back. Once everything is done, every character will be transported back to their world.)

“Wait, wait, wait,” He raised his hand, “I have so many questions.”

(Just ask, and I’ll explain them. I can’t do much other than help you by giving some information since most of the work must be done by you.)

He showed a look of concern, “How the hell am I going to do all of that? Like, realistically. I’m just someone who does cosplays and all. If you said there will be more, I’m afraid I can’t do anything later.”

(That’s where the [Traits] function came to help. The system will give you certain traits to give you an advantage over something. You can check it now since you already have one.]

Noah looked back at his phone and went to push the [Traits] button. A list of his character traits can be seen.

[Unlocked: Enhanced Durability and Endurance]

[Locked: ???]

[Locked: ???]

There is only one thing that has already been unlocked and others that are still not yet unlocked.

(You currently unlocked one trait from Loid, which is not bad to familiarize yourself with.)

Noah thought it was a not bad starter trait for him, he can definitely use it so that he won’t be easily fatigued.

“Okay, how do I unlock the rest of the traits? Since they’re locked, and there isn’t any clue on unlocking it.” He asked as he pondered around the panel.

(The more you spend your time with your companion, interacting with other characters, and making progress on the Objective will unlock you. Increasing the chemistry between you and the characters is the fastest one. You may do anything to increase both of your chemistry. Although, the thing that both of you did sure greatly increased your chemistry.)

Noah let out a nervous chuckle. He knew that this voice just made a comment about him having sexual intercourse with Yor. While it was indeed sudden, he thought it was a good way to relieve her stress and calm down her mind.

(The system will notify you if you have new traits unlocked, and you can check it on your own since you have the app.)

“I’ll… keep that in mind.” He cleared his throat, “Next question, what is this tracker thing?”

(It essentially notifies you that a character has appeared. It will give you a hint about the next character you need to find since they will have an objective for you. It’s essential to finish them all first before you can send them back using the [Finish] button.)

“So when a new character appears, I’ll just have to find them and help them at that point, correct?” He asked again.

(Correct. For some reason, they only appear in a place where no one would notice their presence. i.e., cosplaying events. Also, supplemental characters can appear without your notice since they’re only there for aid or be your enemy, so be ready for unexpected things.)

(Well, take Anya, for example. While she does exist and appear, we can’t track her. Because she’s a supplemental character, but if there was a character like Yor appeared, you need to find her. Oh yeah, you can track them once they’re identified.)

He was getting a bit accustomed to the things he was given in this app, so he nodded. There was a lot, but he’s sure that he just needed to get used to it since it will be his main thing.

(Lastly, the comms. This is just for both you and me since you will have a conversation with me whenever you need something. I can’t talk to you directly unless you go to a higher location, and I have to rely on messages. Just think of it as a way to call me.)

He nodded and already gathered the gist of this app. All he needed to do was track if a new character appeared in this world, find them, help them since they’ll give him an objective, and send them back.

Although he knew that he would be dragged into a deep rabbit hole of these characters’ long conflict, he had no choice but to accept it.

He checked on the [Objective] panel, and his task was shown.

[Find any information regarding Anya’s whereabouts.]

His objective was only that, and it wasn’t a big problem, but he still needed to do something about it.

(For now, just go back to your room and take a rest. If you need any help, just call me. Just call me Echo next time.)

“Thanks, Echo. Will do.”

Noah nodded and started to leave the roof. He could feel the breeze from the wind and felt his body a little cold, so he hurried back to his room.

Opening the door, he could see that Yor was still asleep. She was sleeping soundly, and her expression was very peaceful.

She was hugging the blanket tightly, and he just couldn’t help but smile at the sight. He walked towards the bed and patted her head.

“Good night, Yor. We will find Anya tomorrow, and I promise we’ll find her.” He whispered.

She moved a little, but it wasn’t much, it seemed that she was sleeping deeply. He was glad that she calmed down and went to rest.

He then lay next to her and fell asleep.

Tomorrow, both of them would need to continue their search for Anya.


It was 6 in the morning.

The hallway of the hotel was practically not busy, but there was a man in a black suit walking down the hallway. He used a face mask to cover his face and black sunglasses.

He walked to a certain door and stood there, looking around his surroundings. He was making sure no one was coming towards him.

The man squatted, pushed a piece of the letter in front of one of the room’s doors, and walked away. The letter went into the room, and no one noticed that a piece of the letter came into the room.

There was only a sentence that can be seen from that letter.

(To the Forger family.)

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Published On: November 23, 2023

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