After finishing their food, they went to sleep. As Yor lay down next to Noah, her thoughts were occupied by the thought of how is she going to get Anya back.

But like he just said, she should forget about it for a moment and clear her thoughts from that. She will spend her whole day just to have fun while at it tomorrow.

It was a nice gesture and compassionate act from Noah’s side that he’s caring not only for Anya’s well-being but also her mental state. She was touched by this.

She looked at Noah, who was already asleep and wrapped her arms around his body. She hugged him and closed her eyes. Spooning Noah from behind, she felt a sense of warmth coming from his body, giving her comfort.

She slowly drifted into sleep.

The next morning, Noah and Yor were still in bed, and both were still sleeping soundly. It was around 9 AM when the sun shone brightly on the windows.

They were both under the sheets, and their limbs were entangled. It was a nice, quiet morning for both of them.

Noah woke up first from his sleep. He can still see that Yor is still hugging his arm. He smiled a little and moved closer to her.

He wrapped his arms around her body and kissed her forehead. Yor woke up and looked at him.

“Good morning.” Noah said as he greeted her with a smile.

“Morning.” Yor smiled back, and she was still half asleep.

Noah leaned closer and kissed her lips, “We should get up. We have a day waiting for us, don’t we?”

Yor nodded and tried to get up from the bed. She just sat there for a moment, trying to collect her consciousness. Noah took a shower first and got changed. Yor also took a shower after Noah had finished his shower.

Both of them had already dressed nicely for today’s occasion. Noah wore a cream-colored sweater with brown pants, while Yor was wearing a red cardigan and jeans.

They were ready for their “date” and spent the day together. Noah took out his phone and looked through the map. There was a specific place where he wanted to take her.

They arrived at the restaurant, and Noah held the door open for Yor. The smell of fresh coffee and baked goods filled the air. They sat at a cozy table by the window, and Noah ordered their breakfast.

After a few minutes, the waiter came back with their order. There were waffles and pancakes, accompanied by a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

Both of them started to enjoy their breakfast, and Yor kept tasting many different kinds of desserts and pastries they served.

Noah looked at her while he was just enjoying his coffee. The look on her face was full of joy every time she took another bite of food. It was an endearing sight for him to see her like this.

He smiled and took a sip of his coffee. After a few minutes, they both finished their breakfast and decided to go to another place that he had planned before.

Noah guided her to the place, and it was a place not far from their hotel. There was an aquarium gallery that was located in the city.

The entrance to the gallery was filled with many people. There were mostly families that came to the place to have fun. Yor were fascinated by the amount of people here.

They paid for their tickets and went inside the aquarium. The aquarium was huge, with a massive water tank at the center. The aquarium was divided into two parts, the top and the bottom.

The top part is where they can walk freely and look at the fish from above, while the bottom is where you can enter the water and swim around the water.

There are many kinds of fish that can be seen inside the aquarium, and each of them has its own unique shape and color.

They walked around the aquarium and enjoyed the view. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the sunlight illuminated the water tank, and the fish swam around.

It was a nice, relaxing experience, and the aquarium was a place where one could enjoy the view. They both had a great time there, and it was a wonderful experience.

The time was 4 PM, and he had an idea to bring Yor to the Skylar Building venue once again, where the cosplaying event was being held on the third day.

It was Mainly because a concert was being held there and he thought it would be a great experience for both of them.

As soon as they arrived, the venue was already filled with a lot of people. They had to wait for a little bit before they could get in. Once they got in, the concert was already starting.

There was a band that was playing on the stage, and the crowd was cheering. Noah and Yor were standing next to each other in the audience field.

Yor was a bit confused about what was happening since this was her first time going to a concert, while Noah was just smiling at her.

He took Yor’s hand and started to dance. Yor was surprised by his action and was a bit embarrassed, but she didn’t refuse and started to dance along with the music.

The people around them were dancing, and the atmosphere was really cheerful. They were enjoying the moment and having a lot of fun.

It was a perfect day for both of them, and it was a good thing that they were able to forget about their worries for a while and enjoy their time together.

The concert was still playing, but both of them were getting tired, so they decided to move away and went to the food court area.

Both of them bought several snacks and drinks from the food court and started to find where to sit. But the tables in the food court were full.

So, they went outside where the nearby park was located and found a bench near the lake. It was already dark, and the sky was clear. There were a few stars in the night sky.

Both of them were sitting together, eating the snacks and drinking their drinks. The air was a bit cold, but there was a comfortable feeling.

After a while, Noah looked at Yor as she was enjoying her drink. She had a smile on her face.

“What?” Yor asked.

Noah smiled, “Nothing. Just enjoying the view.”

She chuckled, “You know that you’re looking at the wrong way, right?”

“I know where I’m looking at, and I stand by what I’m seeing.”

Yor looked at him, and she had a faint blush on her face. She smiled a little and looked away.

“For what?” Noah raised an eyebrow.

She twirled her fingers and looked down toward the lake that was shining below the moon’s light, “For taking me out here and spending the whole day with me. I know it was just a small distraction for me, but I really appreciate it.”

Noah chuckled and touched her left hand, “You don’t need to thank me for that, Yor. I’m just doing what’s best for you right now. Besides, you know that I’m always here if you need me.”

Yor turned her face toward him and saw that Noah was already staring at her with a sincere look in his eyes.

“I’m grateful that I have you. Thank you.” She said with a small smile on her face.

Their faces were only an inch apart, and it was like a magnet pulling them together.

The distance between them was closed, and their lips met. It was a tender kiss, and their bodies were pressed against each other.

It was a very passionate and loving kiss. It was a magical moment. Both of them were enjoying it, and they didn’t want to let go of each other.

Their lips were still connected, and their bodies were pressed against each other. They were both embracing each other tightly.

They broke apart and looked at each other.

“Why don’t we continue it somewhere private?”

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Published On: November 30, 2023

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