The secret magic power contained in the lock-unlocking spell was used by the wand to instantaneously open the store’s closed door. To be completely honest, if it were only the normal world, Jerry could use this unlocking spell to become the world’s top thief and lead a stylish life without having to worry about food or clothing.

It’s unfortunate that this is the Marvel world and the purple titan can’t be stopped with an unlocking spell alone.

Jerry pushed open the door and walked inside. After looking around a while, he saw himself standing in front of the cash register, dressed in a black wizard hat, a black mask with only the eyes showing, and a loose-fitting dark wizard robe. He took $200 dollars from his pocket, placed them on the table, then turned around and walked away.

He opted by this route rather than spending the money to buy it outright, primarily out of concern that his buying history would be discovered through the clothing’ fashion.

Despite being a wizard, he is not a retrograde wizard who was born and reared in the wizarding world. Therefore, he never undervalues the influence of technology in this society. Particularly, given that this is still the Marvel universe, several technologies here are much advanced from those used today.

Actually, the best battle robe is his Hogwarts school outfit, but when he came back, he was worried that the robbers would notice something unusual, so he just brought a necessary magic wand.

Jerry shut the shop door and headed toward high-crime neighborhoods while walking in the dark and wearing a pitch-black wizard robe. Haas Witt, Jerry’s father’s full name, is a sheriff with the Queens Police Department. He is responsible for keeping Queens District law and order every day.

So, as long as he is a little cautious, he still has some ideas about where crimes frequently happen in Queens because he is the son of a sheriff. In truth, there haven’t been any significant issues and Queens’ security situation is generally solid. Only a handful of significant incidents resemble this bank robbery.

He once overheard his father Haas discussing the security situation in New York with some of his coworkers. It claimed that a ghetto in Manhattan had the highest crime rate right now. There are only eight streets there, but there are more crimes committed there every day than there are in all of New York.

Jerry doesn’t have any immediate plans to earn a tiny red star there, though.

First of all, it is rather distant from his residence and is part of the Manhattan region. Since there are no reliable transportation options, traveling back and forth is really inconvenient.

Second, the spells he is familiar with are all auxiliary because he has only recently came into contact with magic. Although he has the Refreshing ability, there are certain negative side effects.

To be honest, there is a fair amount of risk involved in visiting a location like that. Risk-taking is not necessary at this time, and it won’t be too late to leave when the going gets tough later.


“Hey, this is a good start!”

When Jerry saw something unexpected in a little 24-hour supermarket across the street, he hadn’t traveled very far from the store. It is actually a tiny supermarket. Jerry believes that calling it a little store would be more accurate.

The owner of the little supermarket, an elderly Chinese woman who was probably close to sixty years old, was confronted by a young man brandishing a gun at this moment.

“Hurry up, you old hag!”

The elderly woman was furious, but she lacked the courage to fight back. She placed a tiny bag on the cashier’s desk at the local grocery and filled it with the entire day’s sales.

The young person is obviously a repeat offender, but he didn’t even cover his face since he understood that as long as the target was a little establishment like this, the issue wouldn’t be too severe.

They feel that it is appropriate to bully individuals who have suffered the same injuries as themselves but they dare not confront those who have injured them.

A short person blocked the entrance to the tiny supermarket just as the youth scooped up the bag off the table, which included stray bags worth thousands of dollars, and was going to leave.

“Get out of the way, little bastard, or I’ll stuff your head in your ass!”

The youngster was not being courteous when he approached the child, who was wearing a mask and a bizarre black wizard robe.

It’s unfortunate that the child dressed in the black wizard robe didn’t appear to be scared. Instead, he said calmly, “Please set down the bag in your hand!”

“So, you asked for a death wish!”

He lacks the courage to shoot and kill individuals, but it is obviously no problem to teach them a lesson. He therefore inserted the money bag in his left hand into his pocket before raising and firmly pushing it forward.

To make the child aware of the hazards of society and to tell him that the man who hasn’t even grown his hair should stop meddling in his own business, he planned to push the child who was blocking the door to the ground before kicking him several times hard.

“Don’t hurt the kid.” When she noticed this, the elderly woman behind the counter exclaimed.


Jerry observed the young man pushing his hand before rapidly raising his hand, precisely grabbing the other’s middle finger, and breaking it forcefully without dodging.

“Argh!” The young man was ready to shoot Jerry when he let out a scream and raised the pistol he had been holding in his right hand.

“Spongify!” Jerry initially raised his wand and used a softening spell because he had anticipated it for a very long time.

“What!?” The young man made a noise as he stared at the dough-soft pistol in his right palm.

Since Jerry’s strength is inferior to that of the enemy without the super state, he naturally seeks to attack the enemy’s weak points. The young man tossed the weapon aside and knelt down on the ground, covering his balls because he had no time to respond because the pistol had become soft.

Jerry skillfully whacked the young man’s neck as he was kneeling on the ground after letting go of the young man’s fingers. He believes it is best to avoid activating the super state when it is not required because consumes the red star and has negative side effects later.

“God, oh God!” When the elderly woman saw that Jerry had knocked the thieving young man to the ground, she was compelled to shout in Chinese.

“This is your money, Grandma, so take it!”

Jerry yanked the young man’s money bag out of his arms and threw it down on the desk. Then, after looking through the young man’s pockets, he discovered many dozen dollars, which he then placed in his own pocket.

“Grandma, you may phone the police and have this robber arrested. These are my rewards.”

“Okay…Okay, my child, I appreciate it.”

The elderly woman turned away after taking one look at the odd child dressed in the wizard’s robe. After a brief moment of surprise, she loudly thanked him. But as she regained consciousness, she discovered that the young kid dressed in the wizard’s robe had just spoken to her in very fluent and natural Chinese.

Could it be that this little boy is from China like her?

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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