“It seems that the others have failed. I’ll take care of this myself.”

Lyon frowned when he saw Gray and the Fairy Tail mages reappearing, leaving a few people to continue the magic ritual of the Moon Drip, and then rushed up.

At this time, a masked and short mage was hiding in the crowd but quietly left the roof of the temple and hid in the dark.

“This is troublesome. I didn’t expect the Fairy Tail mages to react so quickly. I’m afraid Lyon and the others couldn’t fight them.”

Elsa and the others here are unbeatable. Erza has equipped her armor, Natsu’s body is lit with flames, Gray starts to cast his magic, and Lucy Summoned Taurus.

Just when the two sides were about to start a battle on the top of the temple, Jerry Apparated instantly in the middle of the two sides.

“Don’t fight yet. I have an idea. Maybe both of you can listen to it first and then decide whether to fight or not.” Jerry’s voice sounded.

Although Erza and the others did not understand why, based on their trust in Jerry, they immediately stopped. Lyon thought for a while and also signaled the group of mages behind him to stop.

For him, it is naturally good to drag on for a while now and let the Moon Drip ritual last a while longer.

Seeing that both sides stopped, Jerry coughed, “Maybe I can try to revive Ms. Ur.”


“How is that possible?”

“That’s impossible!”

Gray, Lyon, and the others were shocked to hear that.

“You know, I know a little bit of Arc of Time. If my assumptions are correct, I should be able to rewind the time the demon below and Ur sealed it back to ten years ago. In this way, Ur can recover from her state.”

After explaining to Erza and the others, he said to Lyon again, “Ur is back and restored to her previous condition, then Deliora will also return to the peak state of ten years ago. Your wish to fight it one-on-one can be realized.”

Hearing Jerry’s words, everyone on both sides was stunned.

Erza and the others came here to prevent Lyon from resurrecting Deliora and lift the villagers’ curse. After all, Deliora is a powerful being that even ordinary mages cannot defeat.

But now, Jerry has made another suggestion. Ur can be resurrected, but it needs to unleash Deliora in its prime condition.

Rationally, they shouldn’t release such a terrifying demon like Deliora because it may cause a great disaster. But emotionally, Ur was Gray’s master. Gray’s original purpose in joining Fairy Tail was to see if he could find a way to save Ur.

“Of course, I want to save her. But do I really want to fight that Deliora?”

After a while, Natsu raised his hand to express his opinion first. “Yes!”

Happy nodded.

“Although it sounds terrible, maybe we can beat it.” Lucy’s body trembled, but she still voted in favor.

Erza, after struggling for a while, said firmly,

“Although it’s irrational to do so, we Fairy Tail mages will never give up any of their companions.”

Gray’s eyes were a little wet.

When Jerry said that he could save Ur, of course, he needs to ask their permission first because if it’s not, then a lot of people would suffer the catastrophe without their agreement. That’s why he hesitated. He was afraid that the next battle would put his partners in danger.

“If you can really bring back Ur and make Deliora appear, then I agree with your plan.” Lyon also made a decision.

Three years ago, he led all the mages who lost their relatives because of Deliora to form a group and move to this island. They want to melt the ice and kill Deliora.

It was his childhood wish to surpass Ur. Killing Daliola to prove his strength and surpassing Ur was his biggest goal. But when he heard that Ur could be resurrected, he saw a glimpse of hope.

“Using your magic to bring back Ur and Deliora? That’s impossible. The Arc of Time won’t have any effect on creatures at all. Besides, yours isn’t really an Arc of Time. Yours are just a bit of time magic that can repair some buildings. “

At this moment, the short masked wizard hiding in the dark who listened to Jerry’s words has a very disdainful look on his face.

After the two sides reached an agreement, Lyon also asked the mages to stop the magic ritual and let Jerry do his thing.

“Is this Deliora?”

Before Jerry came to the big hole at the top of the temple, he did not cast his magic first but looked at Deliora. Daliola was wrapped in a thick layer of ice at this time, and it seemed to be only about ten meters high.

Compared to the previous monster, which heights more than 300 meters, Deliora is only a dozen meters. But in terms of strength, Deliora is much stronger than that flute monster.

“Because the time is going to go back ten years ago, I have to cast the magic for at least ten hours. So try not to disturb me in the process.” He explained Erza, Lyon, and the others behind him.

Jerry floated above the hole and started to cast his spell.

The time magic that affects the law of time in the past is much simpler when it comes to freezing, reversing, and accelerating the time of an item, creature, or area. Many such magics, whether it’s Harry Potter, the Kamar Taj, or Clow Reed’s magic system, can be referenced.

Jerry has focused his energy on time magic over the past few years, and rewinding Ur and Deliora to ten years ago is not too difficult for him.

He has used it once in his world. He has been using time magic to speed up time and help the Kree zombies to evolve quickly.

He has an experience in this matter beforehand.

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