“It’s healing magic? It is the same magic as the Arc of Time and belongs to ancient magic. There seems to be only one known mage that uses it. It is also a lost magic. You can’t just say it like that casually.” Lucy ranted about Jerry’s laidback behavior.

“Erza, I think what Lucy said makes sense. You can’t just watch these villagers get killed.” After rescuing Gray, Jerry rolled his eyes and began to help.

He knows that although Erza sometimes values ​​rules, she is not completely ignorant, especially when it comes to human life. After hesitating for a moment, Erza swung her sword and cut off all the ropes with a few strokes.

“In this case, I’ll complete the mission first, but the punishment after you go back is unavoidable!”

Natsu and the others were about to cheer but heard the word “punishment”, and they immediately backed down again.

“Look, there is a big mouse in the sky.” A demon with a single horn opened the curtain and pointed out with a look of horror.

“A mouse?”

Jerry walked out of the room with everyone and looked up at the sky. A huge mouse was carrying a large iron bucket, spinning rapidly with its long tail and flying high in the sky. On the huge mouse, there are three mages.

“All of you and the mages shall die!”

Following the laughter of a red-haired woman with two ponytails above, the mouse slammed the iron bucket in his hand, and countless green liquids covered the village below as if it were raining.

“What’s that, jam?” Lucy found that the green liquid was very similar to jam.

“I’m afraid not!”

With a wave of Jerry’s hand, a huge portal opened in the air and took all the green liquid into it. A similar portal opened over the forest not far from the village, and those green liquids fell.

Everything that was contaminated by those liquids, whether it was trees or land, was corroded. The dense forest not far from the village was corroded into a giant pit in the blink of an eye.

This scene made the villagers in the village feel their legs go soft. If the green liquid just fell onto them, it is estimated that the entire village will be corroded.

Seeing that liquid didn’t do anything, the three mages and the giant mouse landed in the village’s open space.

“I didn’t expect that you still have mages who know space magic, but it’s useless. Every one of you shall die!” The two-ponytail mage ruffled her hair, her tone full of confidence.

The short blue-haired male mage next to her echoed indifferently with his hands behind his back, “Fifty villagers, five mages. Twenty minutes should be enough!”

“We are well-known mages who once belonged to the Lamia Scale Guild!” The last mage with a dog face showed his claws.

The races that exist in this world are not only humans, there are also many other races, but humans are the majority. The one with the dog’s head on the opposite side is obviously not a human mage.

Looking at the trio, Jerry shrugged, took a step back, and gave way to Erza, who was standing behind.

The magic power of these three is not low, but it is a little stronger than Lucy’s. But they were worse compared to Natsu and Gray, let alone Erza.

Erza didn’t even use her armor, only her magic sword. She rushed towards the three mages and the big mouse in a flash. The swings flashed like lightning, and the three of them fell to the ground.

Erza, in her perfect condition, is so terrifying. You don’t need a wide range of coverage magic, you just need to rely on melee combat, even Jerry himself doesn’t feel that he could defeat Erza.

Even if he made his body bigger and stronger and increased his fighting ability, with Erza’s speed and attack power, she could still break his defense. This is one of the reasons why he is interested in her magic.

They will dress him nicely and greatly enhance his melee capabilities. Of course, only in close combat.

If Jerry exerts his full strength, even if he does not use a large-scale magic coverage attack, just teleporting to widen the distance and releasing various magics will render Erza useless. If he uses real-time magic to stop the time around Erza, he can instantly kill her.

Compared to Makarov although his magic power is only slightly better than Makarov, he was confident that he would have a 90% chance of defeating Makarov.

The reason why it is 90%, not 100%, is because he heard from people in the guild that Makarov’s most powerful magic is not his giant magic but a super-strong magic called “Fairy Law.

The power is extremely terrifying. He hadn’t seen this magic, so he left that 10% chance out.

“Jerry, let’s go to the temple, finish the mission, and go back early.” Erza said to Jerry without looking at the three people and one mouse.

Jerry nodded and waved to open a portal to the island’s central temple. Hearing the story of Gray and his master from Lucy, Jerry had a thought.

If nothing else, maybe he can revive her using magic. It is not an exaggeration to convert his magic to saving someone’s life.

Instructed the villagers to tie the three mages and the big mouse and come back to deal with them after they had finished all the mages in the temple. Natsu and others appeared in the temple through the portal opened by Jerry.

At this time, Lyon was leading a group of his men to hold the Moon Drip magic, and a huge magic circle rose above the temple.

The power emitted by the moon attracted by the magic circle all gathered together and then condensed into a drop of purple liquid through the magic circle. It fell on the frozen demon Deliora below the temple.

A ring of fire suddenly appeared on the top floor of the temple. Jerry, Erza, and the others walked out one after another.

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