Jerry approached the leader before the man with the bazooka.

“I see.” The man in the suit realizes at this point that he cannot defeat this wizard because he is likewise skilled in magic.

Simply said, he is immune to the opponent’s power of mind control, allowing him to keep one or two of the most crucial information while sacrificing a few less crucial ones to play around with first.

As the leader, he has significantly more savings than his followers, yet even if he withdraws a portion of them, they would practically equal the current assets of his followers.

Could he trick the youngster in front of him?

After a short while, Jerry regarded the man in the suit and mumbled, “Are there any more?”

Laughing along with him right away was the man in the suit, “No, this time we genuinely understood what went wrong, and move on. We must change, stop killing people and try to live a nice life.”

Not killing people? Jerry had no faith in it at all. This time, he emptied all of their savings. If they let them go, they will head to the dark web to accept jobs in order to hustle for cash even harder.

“But I don’t think you’ve given it everything.” Jerry smiled as he regarded the man in the suit.

After being momentarily surprised, the man in the suit instantly experienced a really unpleasant feeling in his heart.

“Let’s find out.”

He saw that Jerry raised his wand and pointed it at the man in a suit, “Quietus!”

Currently, the top of the suitcase’s lid was partially open due to the network cable. He casted the leader a Quietening Charm out of concern that he would shout too loudly and wake up Haas and Aisha.

Jerry cast the Quietening Charm, and then he shouted, “Crucio!”


The man in the suit’s countenance changed suddenly, and an anguish he had never felt before—a pain that seemed to come from his soul—hit him at once and left him feeling as though he was about to pass out in a matter of seconds.

He went through genetic enhancement test in the Siberian training camp before, but this time the pain was a hundred times worse than that one.

His mouth started to scream in terror, but when it finally came out, it was more like a whisper, and his entire appearance was quite weird.

When the other three noticed this, they couldn’t help but shiver. They initially thought that they were never considered to be killed. They were not particularly terrified. At most, they believed they would be taken to prison.

Because they already formed an opinion about the Wizard when they accepted this duty. This youngster is incredibly upright and never killed someone.

In other words, even in the worst scenario, they failed to murder the wizard and were captured by him. They were, at most, turned over to the police and imprisoned with other criminals.

People like them cannot be held in prisons, and it is not too difficult for them to escape. The true reason they decided to accept this order despite learning about the wizard’s many peculiar powers is likewise this.

They are 70% certain that they can kill the wizard and obtain a good reward based on their original strategy and the evaluation of the wizard’s prior abilities.

However, it now appears that the wizard girl is a good person and that the wizard boy, who is equally knowledgeable in magic, is not.

“Any other things?” Jerry questioned the man in the suit once more after breaking the Cruciatus Curse.

“No, for real. Nothing is left of me!”

The man in the suit gritted his teeth. He anticipated that the enemy would stop torturing him in this way.

“Crucio!” Jerry kept raising his wand.

The man in the suit blundered. Jerry had no intention of sparing them and giving them to the cops. How could Jerry let go of these few individuals who came here to kill him, knowing that these few individuals didn’t even hesitate to kill a young girl?

They might all have terrible pasts of their own, hope to accumulate enough wealth to retire and live a calm life, or simply have no choice but to be in this line of work. But none of this is related to Jerry in any way.

To earn more red stars, he simply needed to take all of their money and donate them to the “Save the Children Foundation.”




Even with his strong will, the man eventually lost it after a few rounds and ultimately opened his mouth to divulge all of his account numbers and passwords.


“I’ve already covered everything with you. I promise there is nothing left at all!” The man in the suit was clearly at his breaking point at this point since tears and snot were streaming down his face.

“I still don’t believe you because you lied to me just now. Let’s carry out some more rounds.” Jerry shrugged and continued the Cruciatus Curse on the man for a few more rounds.

The man in the suit started to flinch and Jerry knew that he finally had enough of it.

“Be honest so that you won’t suffer the same fate.” Jerry approached the red-haired woman after dealing with the man in the suit.

A shift in the redhead’s complexion prompted her to say, “I’ll tell you everything, there will be absolutely no hiding, please don’t use that on me.”

Jerry nodded. Because of what had already occurred, he believed that the red-haired woman should not try to hide anything anymore, therefore he refrained from applying the Imperius nor Cruciatus Curse on her.

After a few rounds, Jerry slowly shut down the laptop after donating the red-haired woman’s whole money to the “Save the Children Foundation.”

“That’s it then. Time to deal with you guys now.”

The red-headed woman suddenly thrust her chest out forcefully, as if sensing something, in front of Jerry’s gaze, fully exposing her gorgeous shape, which was enhanced by the rope bound.

“Little boy, just let us go. We really don’t dare to do it next time. In fact, if you’d like, my sister will stay and serve you for a bit so you may taste something new.”

As soon as she was done speaking, her eyes were sparkling as she stuck out her tongue and licked her pretty red lips. Eleven or twelve-year-old boys have already started to become a little naive and impulsive.

As long as the boy standing in front of her considers removing the restrictions placed on her. When he comes near to her body, she then has the courage to strike him.

Jerry looked at the red-haired woman with a hot figure and a beautiful face in front of him, and slowly raised the wand in his hand, “Avada Kedavra!”

The red-haired woman was perfectly hit by the green light that was projected from the wand. The red-haired woman’s heart stopped abruptly, and her pupils instantly dilated as if her soul had been ripped from her body in an instant, leaving her without breath.

“Don’t you even dare to do that kind of trick, knowing that I’m a child.”

How could Jerry have missed what she was trying to do to him when he was facing a woman who used a sniper rifle to shoot him in the head?

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Published On: March 31, 2023

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